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My God in whom are all the springs..
44 Vow to the Lord a noble song...

My God my Father, blissful name. 250 Now when tho dusky shades of riglit.... 421
My God my King thy various praisc.. 40
My God, my life, iny love.
197 O angel of the land of peaco.

My God, my portion and my lovo. 1850 backward looking son of time..

My God permit me not to be. .
21710 blest Creator of the light...

My God tho covenant of thy love 143 bow thine ear eternal One.

My God tho spring of all my joys. 18810 city of the Lord begin....

My gracious Lord I own thy right.. 1730 como loud anthems let us sing.
My gracious Redeemer I lovo...
205 O could I find from day to day..

My heart lies dead and no increase..... 239 O could I speak the matchless worth. 202
My homo is in heaven my rest is not... 408 O could our thoughts and wishes fly... 184
My Lord if thou one moment leave...... 158 O dearest Lamb, take thou my heart.. 183
My opening eyes with rapture see.. 2 O deem not they are blest alone..

My refugo is the God of love...
328 O'er tho dark wavo of Galilee....

My Sabbath suns may all have set.. 7 O'er the gloomy hills of darkness.

My Saviour can I follow thee...

145 O'er tho realms of pagan darkness. 315
My Saviour let me hear thy voice... 183 O exil'd paradise, O how wo long for..... 405
My Saviour iny Almighty friend.. 182 O fairest born of love and light....

My Saviour thou thy love to me.

171 Of all tho joys wo mortals know.. 103
My Shepherd's name is Lovo..

211 Of all the thoughts of God that are. 311
My sorrows like a flood..
261 0 for a closer walk with God...

My soul be on thy guard..
192 O for a glance of heavenly day.

My soul como meditate the day
350 O for a shout of sacred joy.

My soul go boldly forth....
2770 for å sweet inspiring ray.

My soul, repeat His praise.

31 O for a thousand tongues to sing.. 177
My soul review the treunbling days
145 to for the happy days gone by.

My spirit longeth for thee..
2850 for those solitary hours..

My spirit on thy care..

260 Oft when the waves of passion riso. 271
My spirit sinks within me Lord.
24010 gift of gifts, O grace of faith...

My sufferings all to thee are known.... 135 O God bencath thy guiding land...

My thoughts on awful subjects roll...... 107 0 God by whom the seed is given..
My times of sorrow and of joy......... 253 O God my refugo hear my cries...

O God of Bethel by whoso hand..

Nature hath seasons of repose.
23 O God our help in ages past.

Nearer my God to thee...
283 ( God thou art my God alono.

New every morning is the love.. 419 () God wo praiso thico and confess..

No bitter tears for thee be shed..

340 o happy day that fix'd my chcice.. 292
No change of time shall ever shock. 430 happy saints that dwell in light...

None loves me Saviour with thy love.... 168 () ho whom Jesus loved has truly spokca. 323
Not all the blood of beasts..
198 O holy Father just and true.

Not for the pious dead we weep. 251 O holy, holy, holy, Loril-Bright.

Not in the church-yard shall he sleep.... 348O holy, holy, holy, Lord-Thou...

No track is on the sunny sky..
9: O how cheating, O how sleeting..

Not seldom clad in radiant vest.
235 O how happy are they......

Not to the terrors of the Lord..
223 O low purely, O hoiy surely...

Not worlds on worlds in phalanx deep... 417 O how soft that bcd must be...

Now all chafing fears shall cease.

15 O how the thought of God attracts. 189
No var nor battle's sound...

67 O if my Lord would leave the skies.. 166
Now begin the heavenly theme.. 206 O if my soul were form'for woe. 103

Now be my heart inspired to sing.. 3280 if thero bo an hour that bring... 310-
Now be the Gospel banner...
299 O it is joy in ono to meet.

Now for a tune of lofty praise..
85 O Jesus, life-spring of the soul.

Now I have found the ground wherein.. 171 O Jesus, light of all below.

Now host with host assembling.
317 O lay not up on this vain Carth).

Now in the heat of youthful blood. 101 O let my trembling soul bo still...

Now let our cheerful eyes survey
87 O Lord another day is nown.

Now let our souls en wings sublime... 160 () Lord had'st thou been here, but when. 2503
Now let our voices join...
1930 Lord how happy should we be..

Now that the sun is gleaming briglit.. 423 ) Lori I would delight in thec..

Now the Saviour standeth pleading. 119.0 Lord my best desires fulfill.

Now to the haven of thy breast... 244



?, O Lord our oyes havo waited long.. 330.0 throw away thy rod......

258 .
O Lord tlıy counsels and thy care....... 2400 turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die. 121
O lovo divino how sweet thou art. 203 0 'twas a joyful sound to lear...

O love of pure and heav'nly birth.. .... 136 Our blest Redeemer ere he breathed.. 93
O most delightful hour by man.........

355 Our Christ hath reached his heavenly... 141
O mother dear Jerusalem....

398 Our country is Immanuel's ground.. 400
O my dear Saviour when thy cares.. ... 143 Our Father in heaven we hallow thy. 442
O my God by thco forsaken.
270 Our heavenly Father calls..

Once I thought my mountain strong.. 147 Our Lord is risen from the dead..

Once more my soul the rising day. 423 Our pathway oft is wet with tears.. 245
One prayer I have, all prayers in ono. 253 Our souls by love together knit.

Ono sole baptismal sign...
19 Our willing feet shall stand....

One there is above all others..
209 O what amazing words of grace..

On Jordan's rugged banks I stand.. 412 0 what stupendous merey shines.. 305
O no we can not sing the song.
252 O when shall I see Jesus...

On the dewy breath of evening.

4300 when shall we sweetly remove........ 386
On the mountains' top appearing.

314 O where are kings and empires now...... 289
On the night of that last supper.
291 O where can the soul find relief..

On Thibet's snow-capp'd mountains.. 317 0 where shall rest be found...

Onward Christian thro' the region.. 279 O worship the King all glorious above... 49
Onward, onward men of heaven.. 313 O ye immortal throng....

Oppression shall not always reign. 307 O Zion tune thy voice...

O praise ye tho Lord preparo your glad.. 48 O Zion when I think of thee.....

O puro reformers not in vain..

O render thanks to God above..

41 Palms of glory raiment bright..... 402
O sacred day of peace and joy.

2 Parting soul the flood awaits thee... 381
O sacred head now wounded...
18 Peace to thee O favor'd one.

O Saviour whoso mercy severe in its.. 378 Peace troubled soul, whose plaintive..... 243
O say not think not heav'nly notes. 293 People of the living God....

O seo low Jesus trusts himself...
336 Perfect in love Lord, can it be..

O sing unto my soul my love.
91 Pilgrim burden'd with thy sin.

O sinner bring not tears alono.

189 Plung'd in a gulf of dark despair... 182
O source divine and life of all..

25 Pour blessed Gospel

, glorious news for... 320
O spirit freed from carth..

358 Praise, everlasting praise be paid... 45
O spirit of the living God..
300 Praise the Lord who reigns above.

O strange infirmity to think..

341 Praise the Lord ye heavens adore him...
O sweet as vernal dews that fill..
353 Praise yo Jehovah's name...

O tell me thou lifo and delight of my soul. 233 Praise yo the Lord immortal choir... 30
O that I could forever dwell...

133 Prostrate dear Jesus at thy feet..... 104
O that I knew the secret place..

139 Prayer is the soul's sincero desire... 220
O that my load of sin were gone.

O that the Lord's salvation...

282 Quict from God how beautiful to keep... 421
O the delights the heavenly joys. 412 Quiet Lord my froward heart..... 267
O the immense the amazing height. 42
O there will be mourning..
128 Raise your triumphant songs.

O the sweet wonders of that cross.. 133 Rejoice for a brother deceas'd.

O thou Almighty Father...
213 Rejoice in God alway.

O thou by long experience tried..
36 Rejoico the Lord is King..

O thou eternal King most high.
81 Repent the voice celestial cries..

O thou eternal source of love..

255 Restore O Father to our times restore.... 320
O thou from whom all goodness flows. 256 Return my roving heart return....

O thou holy God come down..
62 Return ( wand'rer return..

O thou in whose presence.
232 Return () wand'rer to thy home.

O thou the first the greatest friend.. 256 Ride on ride on in majesty....

O thou that hear'st the prayer of faith.... 130 Rise crown'd with light, imperial Salen.. 320
O tlou the leaven's eternal King. 417 Rise glorious conqu’ror rise...

O thou to whose all-searching sight. ... 157 Rise my soul and stretch tly wings. 370
O thou who driest the mourner's tears... 245 Rise O my soul pursue the path... 173
O thou who hast spread out the skies. 389 Rock'd in the cradle of the deep... 415
O thou whose own vast temple stands... 298 Rock of ages cleft for me.

O thou whoso tender mercy hears.. 254



Roll on thou joyful day....
326 Soon as I heard my Father say..

Roll on thou mighty ocean..

316 Soon in the grave my flesh shall rest. 397
Source of being source of light..

Safely thro' another weck...
14 Speak gently it is better far.

Salvation ( the joyful sound...

181 Speak with us Lord, thyself reveal. 153
Saviour breathe an evening blessing.. 430 Spirit leave thy house of clay...

Saviour now receive him...
364 Spirit of power and might behold.

Saviour of all what hast thou dono. 137 Stand the omnipotent decree..

Saviour visit thy plantation...
275 Stand up and bless the lord.

Saviour when in dust to thee...

140 Stand up my soul shake off thy fears. 105
Saw ye my Saviour, saw ye, etc.... 129 Star of peace to wand'rers dreary:. 309
Say how may earth and heav'n unite.... 42 Stay thou insulted spirit stay....

Say sinner hath a voice within........ 101 Still, still with thee....

Say why should friendship grieve for.... 346 Stoop down my thoughts, that use to rise 107
Scorn not the slightest word or deed..... 337 Stop poor sinner stop and think... 127
See daylight is fading o'er earth and o'er. 71 Sweet day so cool, so calm, so bright. 102
See from Zion's sacred mountain.... 314 Sweet evening hour.

See how great a flame aspires.

308 Sweet is the prayer whose holy stream.. 221
See how the mounting sun....
428 Sweet is the task O Lord...

See Israel's gentle shepherd stand.. 293 Sweet is the time of spring..

See the clouds upon the mountain.. 17 Sweet is the work my God my King. 1
See the leaves around us falling.. 374 Sweet Sabbath bells I love your voice... 5
See the light is fading.
439 Sweet Sabbath of the year...

See the Lord of glory dying.

75 Sweet the moments rich in blessing. 209
Sce the ransom'd millions stand..

309 Sweet was the time when first I felt. 140
See the shining dew-drops...

438 Swift as the arrow cuts its way.... 349
See the stars from heaven falling.. 392
See th' eternal judge descending. 115 Tarry with me O my Saviour...

Self love no grace'in sorrow sees. 203 Teach mo my God and King.

Send kindly light amid the encircling.. 280 Tell me not in mournful numbers. 272
Servant of God well done...
359 Tell us wand'rer wildly roving....

Shall man O God of life and light.. 312 That awful day will surely come..

She lov'd her Saviour, and to Him.. 330) That day of wrath that dreadful day.. 98
Shepherds hail the wondrous stranger. 62 That man in lite wherever placed..

Show pity Lord, O Lord forgive... 134 That mystic word of thine O Sovereign.. 215
Silently tho shades of evening.

430 That warning voice O sinner hear.. 118
Since first thy word awakend my heart. 23 The Almighty reigns exalted high.. 43
Since o'er thy footstool hiere below... 29 The billows swell, the winds are high.. 230
Sing, sing his lofty praise.....

95 The bird let loose in castern skies... 185
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name. 47 The breaking waves dash'd high..

Sing to the Lord most high....
35 The broken ties of happier days..

Sing to the Lord that built the skies. 43 The bud will soon become a flower, 221
Sing ye redeemed of the Lord..

176 Tho chariot, the chariot, its wheels. 121
Sin like a venomous disease.

107 The darkened sky how thick it lowers.... 237
Sinner art thou still secure...

111 The dawn is sprinkling in the east. 414
Sinner come mid thy gloom.
122 The day approacheth ( my soul...

Sinner hear the Saviour's call..
127 The day is past and gone..

115 Sinners the voice of God regard.. 105 The dead are like the stars by day..

Sister thou wast mild and lovely.... 395 The deluge at the Almighty's call. 164
Slavery and death the cup contains... 333 Thee we adore eternal name.....

Slowly by God's hand unfurl'd..... 431 Theo will I lovo (Lord my strength.... 241
So fades the lovely blooming flower. 345 Thee with the tribes assembled...

Soft be the gentle breathing notes.. 167 The festal morn, my God is come.. 376
Softly fades the twilight ray.

15 The floods O Lord lift up their voice. 240
Softly now the light of day...

261 The glories of our birth and stato.. 344
Soil not thy plumage gentle dove. 423 The glorious universe around....

Soldiers of Christ arise..

192 The great Archangel's trump shall sound. 313
Some seraph lend your heavenly tongue.
3. The harvest dawn is near..

Songs of praise the angels sang..

200 The head that once was crown'd with... 86
Son of the carpenter receive..

138 The heavens declare thy glory Lord.... 22
Sons of men behold from far.
309 The leaves around me falling.....



The Lord descended from above..

46 The time draws nigh when from the... ... 350
The Lord low fearful is his namo.

47 The turf shall be my fragrant shrine... 234
The Lord how wondrous are his ways.. .. 42 The voice of free grace..

The Lord into his garden comes... 376 The waters of Bethesda's pool. ... 237
The Lord is great, ye liosts of heaven.. 49 The winds were howling o'er the deep... 140
The Lord is King, lift up thy voice. 45 The winter is over and gone....

The Lord is my shepherd, he makes me.. 233 The word descending from above. 159
The Lord is my shepherd, no want shall I. 90. The world eludes my fond desire.

The Lord is risen indeed...

92 They pass refresh'd the thirsty vale.. 9
The Lord Jehovah reigns, And royal. 11 They that havo made their refuge God.... 53
The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne. 19 They who seek the throne of grace..

The Lord my pasture shall prepare. 21 Thine carthly Sabbaths Lord we love...... 2
Tho Lord my shepherd is....
197 Think gently of tho erring one...

The Lord of glory is my light..
239 This child we dedicate to thee...

The Lord our God is full of might.
39 This God is the God we adore.

The Lord the Judge before his throne.... 106 This is the day the Lord hath made.

Tho Lord will come and not be slow... 335 This place is holy ground....

The Lord will come, the earth shall. 312 This world is poor from shoro to shore.... 248
The Lord will happiness divine.. 143 Tho' all the world my choice deride....... 133
Tho mighty angel to whose hand. 306 Tho' faint and sick and woru away......

The mighty God who rolls the spheres... 38 Tho' hard the winds are blowing. 272
The mellow eve is gliding...

434 Tho' now the nations sits beneath.. 303
The morning dawns upon the place.. 77 Tho' sorrows rise and dangers roll.. 169
The morning light is breaking.
316 Thou art gone to the grave..

Tho mourners came at break of day...... 341 Thou art my hiding-place O Lord. 221
The once lov'd form, now cold and dead... 354 Thou art o God the life and light.

Tho perfect world by Adam trod.
297 Thou art the way and he who...

The pity of the Lord...

31 Thou dear Redeemer dying Lamb.. 175
The prince of salvation in triumph is. 323 Thou hast been called to God rebellious.. 120
The promises I sing...

51 Thou hidden love of God whose bright... 137
The ransomed spirit to her homo. 393 Thou hidden source of calm repose. 171
Thero is a calm for those who weep. 347 Thou judge of quick and dead...

There is a fountain filled with blood. 181 Thou Lamb once slain, whose flaming.

There is a glorious trorld of light. 401 Thou Lord wlio rear'st the mountain's.... 43
There is a happy land far, far, away. 410 Thou O Lord in tender love..

There is a harp whose thrilling sound. 393 Thou O my Jesus thou did'st mo.

There is a holy city..

406 Thou only sovereign of my heart...... 132
There is a land my che hath seen... 394 Thousands O Lord of hosts to-day. 247
There is a land of puro delight.

400 Thou sweet gliding Kedron by thy silver. 71
Thero is a little lonely fold...
289 Thou that dost my life prolong.

- There is an hour of peaceful rest. 248 Thou very present aid..

There is a place of sacred rest.
399 Thou who art enthron'd above....

There is a stato unknown, unseen. 397 Thou whom my soul admires above...

There's a friend above all others.

270 Tho' waves and storms go o'er my head... 243
There's nothing bright above, below. 63 Thro' all the changing scenes of life.. 179
There's nothing round these painted.. 391 Thro' every age eternal God.....

There's rest in the grave..

410 Thro' life's vapors dimly seeing.... 398
Tho rosy light is dawning..

20 Thro' sorrow's night and danger's path... 348
The Saviour calls let every ear..
103 Thro' the day thy love has spared us.....

The Saviour what a noble flamo.
80 Thro' thy protecting care...

The Saviour said yet ono thing more.. 298 Throughout the hours of darkness dim.... 417
Tho scono around me disappears..

66 Thus far the Lord hath led mo on.
These glorious minds how bright they.... 399 Thy gracious presence O my God.

Tho silver chord in twain is snapp'd. 391 Thy happy ones a strain begin.

Tho songs of Zion oft impart.

353 Thy home is with the humble Lord. .... 185
Tho spacious firmament on high..
25 Thy mercy heard my infant prayer.

The spirit in our hearts...
108 Thy way is on the deep O Lord..

The starry firmament on high.
22 Thy will be done in devious way.

Tho sun of righteousness on me..

170 Thy will be done I will not fear.
The swift declining day...
428 Time is winging us away...

The tempter to my soul hath said. 241 | 'Tis by the faith of joys to come...


.. 418




'Tis by thg strength the mountains stand. 426 We've no abiding city here.....

'Tis finish'd so the Saviour cried.... 76 We wait in faith, in prayer we wait... 423
'T is gone that bright and orbed blaze.... 416 What a strange and wondrous story.. 413
"Tis midnight, and on Olive's brow...... 76 What blessed examples do I find.

'Tis my happiness below.

147 What equal honors shall we bring.... 163
'Tis not the skill of human heart.

162 Whatever broiles disturb the strect..

415 brande
To-day tho Saviour calls.
128 What glory gilds tho sacred page.

To God the only Wise....
199 What is life, 'tis but a vapor..

To heaven I lift mine eyes..

212 What is our God, or what his name. 37
To heaven I lift my waiting eyes..

219 What is the world, a wildering snare.. 130
v To Him who tittle children blest.
295 What poor despised company..

To Jesus the crown of my hope.. 386 What shall I render to my God.

To keep the lamp alive...
231 What sinners valuo I resign...

To-morrow, Lord, is thine...

359 What's this that steals upon my framo... 373
To our Redeemer's glorious name. 181 What tho' the stream be dead...

Toss'd upon life's raging billow... 275 What various hind'rances we meet.. 217
To thee my God and Saviour.

151 What would we give to our beloved.. 341
To theo my shepherd and my Lord.. 190 When adverse winds and waves ariso. 243
To thy pastures fair and large...

27 When all thy mercies () my God...
To weary hearts, to mourning homes. 242 When as returns this solemn day.

To your Creator God..

50 When brighter suns and milder skies. ... 426
Trembling before thine awful throne. 157 Whence do our mournful thoughts ariso.. 253
Triumphant Christ ascends on high.. 86 Whene'er I tako my walks abroad...... 445
Triumphant Zion lift thy head.... 300 When forced to part from those wo lovo.. 390
'T was God who hurld the rolling spheres 33 When forth from Egypt's trembling..... 47
'I was in the watches of the night..... 247 When gath'ring clouds around I view... 242
'Twas on that dark that doleful night.... 77 When God of old came down from...... 93

When God reveai'd his gracious name... 175
Unheard the dews around mo fall. ....... 425 When grief and anguish press me down.. 245
Unite my roving thoughts unite.. 185 When groves by moonliglit silence keep.. 235
Unshaken as the sacred hill.

250 When here ( Lord wo seek thy face.. 296
Unveil thy bosom faithful tomb.. 344 When human hopes all wither..... 273
Upon the Gospel's sacred page.
22 When I can read my title clear.

Up to the fields where angels lie. 156 When Israel of tho Lord beloved..

Up to the liills I lift mine eyes.

52 When I survey the wond'rous cross.... 74
When I the holy gravo survey....

Wait O my soul thy maker's will.. 237 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay.

Wake the song of Jubilee..

308 When Jesus' friend had ceas'd to be..... 134
Walk in the light so thou shalt know.... 257 When Jordan hush'd his waters still.. 72
Watchman tell us of the night.:

308 When languor and disease invade.. 252
We are living we are dwelling.... 312 When life as opening buds is sweet. 345
Wearied with earthly toil and carc.. 7 When marshall'd on the mighty plain.... 163
Weary of wandering from my God. 136 When morning's first and hallowed ray.... 423
Weary souls that wander wide...... 112 When musing sorrow weeps tho past. 253
We bid theo welcome in the namo.. 297/ When my Saviour shall I be......

Weep not for the saint that ascends. 389 When on Sinai's top I see.

We givo immortal praise...
325 When on the giddy cliff I stand..

Welcome delightful morn...

19 When on the midnight of tho cast.. 420
Welcome O Saviour to my heart. 145 When overwhelm'd with grief...

Welcomo sweet day of rest..

12 When power divino in mortal form. 238
Welcomo welcome dear Redeemer.. 208 When shall the voice of singing..

Welcome welcomo quiet morning... 17 When shall wo all meet again.

Wo lovo thee, Lord, and we adore. 55 When shall we meet again....

We miss thee in thy place at school..., 445 When sing and fears prevailing riso... 167
We praise theo Lord if but one soul... 333 When spring unlocks the flowers.. 435
Were not the sinful Mary's tears. 102 When streaming from tho eastern skies.. 427
We're on our journey home..

407 When the great judge supreme and just... 324
We're traveling home to heaven above... 124 When the harvest is past and the summer. 122
We shall see a light appear....

407 When the spark of life is waning... 270
Wo speak of the realms of the blest. 387 When the vale of death appears..

We suffer with our Master here.
377) When the worp spirit wants repose......


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