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Behold what wondrous grace..

199 Come, Holy Spirit, come.

[Lel)...... 195
Behold where in a mortal form..

80 Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove.... 153
Be joyful in God all ye lands of the earth. 20 Come in thou blessed of our God... 216
Beneath our feet and o'er our head.. 351 Como let us anew our journey pursue.... 433
Beneath the star-lit arch...

360 Come let us ascend my companion and... 433
Be still, be still, for all around.
3 Come let us gladly sing ....

Be still my heart, these anxious cares.... 236 Come let us join our cheerful songs.. 181
Be thou O God by night by day..... 419 Come let us join our songs of praise. 180
Beyond, beyond that boundless sea.. 32 Come let us lift our joyful eyes.... 177
Beyond the starry skies....

92 Come let us sound her praise abroad.. 335
Beyond where Cedron's waters flow. 131 Come my fond, fluttering heart...

Blessed are the sons of God.
268 Come my soul thy suit prepare..

Blest be tho tie that binds..

227 Como now yo wanderers to your God.... 133
-Blest bg the dear, uniting lovo..
224 Come O Creator Spirit blest...

Blest day of God most calm, most bright. 7 Como O my soul in sacred lays..

Blest hour whon mortal man retires. 4 Come on my partners in distress.

Blest liour when virtuous friends shall... 354 Come O thou traveler unknown.

Blest is tho man whoso softening heart... 334 Come O thou universal good.

Blest morning whoso young danning ray. 10 Como! said Jesus' sacred voice...... 113
Blow yo tho trumpet blow....
116 Como shout aloud the Father's grace..

Both heaven and carth do worship theo.. 162 Como sinner to the Gospel feast... 103
Break forth in song yo trees.
318 Como thou Almighty King..

Brethren, whilo wo sojourn hero. 229 Como thou desiro of all thy saints.

Brightest and best of the sons of the.. 90 Como thou fount of every blessing.. 204
Bright glories rush upon my sight.. 413 Como thou long-expected Jesus..

Bright was tho guiding-star that led.. 391 Como to tho ark, come to the ark.

Bright woro the mornings first impeari'd. 251 Como to the house of prayer...

Broad is tho road that leads to death.... 100 Come to the land of peace...

Brother, rest from sin and sorrow.

350 Como trembling sinner in whoso breast.. 139
Brother, tho' from yonder sky.
362 Como wandering sheep, 0 come..

Brother, thou art gone beforo us. 384 Como weary souls, with sins distressed... 99
Burst yo emerald gates and bring. 404 Come ye disconsolato...

By cool Siloam's shady rill...
293 Como yo sinners heavy laden...

Como yo sinners poor and necdy..

Call Jehovah thy salvation....
16 Como yo souls by sin afflicted...

Calm on the bosom of thy God..

354 Come yo that know and fear tho Lord... 39
Calm on the listening car of night. 69 Como yo that love the Lord....

Cease here longer to detain me.. 374 Como yo that love the Saviour's name... 176
Cease yo mourners, cease to languish. 374 Como yo weary souls oppressed.... 113
Center of our hopes thou art..
207 Commit thou all thy griefs.

Champion of Jesus! man of God.
3:19 Cross, reproach and tribulation..

Check grow palo, but heart bo vigorous.. 315 Crown his head with endless blessing.... 209
Child of sin and sorrow.

Children of God who faint and slow. 255 Daughter of Zion, : wake from thy sadness. 230
Children of the heavenly king..
228 Daughter of Zion from the dust..

Christian brethren, ero wo part... 265 Day of judgment day of wonders.

Christian, seo tho orient morning.. .... 313 Day of wrath that day of burning. 364
Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'cr... 375 Dcar as thou wer't and justly dear... 355
Christ leads mo thro' no darker rooms.... 249 Dearest of all the names abore....

Christ, of all my hopes the ground.. 201 Dear friend, those presence in the house. 187

Christ wlioso glory fills tho skies...
Closo softly, fondly, whilo yo weep.
Come all yo saints of God...
Como at the morning hour..
Come, children, drink tho balmy dew...
Come, dearest Lord, and feed thy sheep..
Come, desiro of nations, come..
Come every pious heart...
Como, gracious Spirit, heav'nly dovo.
Como bither all yo weary souls

201 Dear Jesus ever at my side..

310 Dear refuge of my weary soul.

222 Dcar Saviour if these lambs should stray. 292
428 Dear Saviour we are thine..

99 Dear Saviour, when my thoughts recall.. 140
7 Deathless principle arise...

385 Defend the poor and desolate..

210 Depart awhile cach thought of care. .... 304
59 Depth of mercy can there be.....

98 Descend from heaven immortal dove..... 393


Dismiss us with thy blessing Lord... 5 Gales from heaven if God so will.

Docs the Gospel word proclaim... 147 Gently, gently lay thy rod.

Do I not love thee O my Lord?.. 188 Gently glides the stream of liso.

Down the dark future thro' long. 321 Gently Lord, O gently lead us.

Doxologies ..
446 & 447 Gird on thy conquering sword..

Dread sovercign let my evening song. 425 Givo me the wings of faith to rise. 399
Drooping souls no longer mourn... 117 Give thanks to God most high..

Dying souls fast bound in sin..

117 Give to tho Lord ye sons of fame... 44
Gire to the winds thy fears.

Early my God without delay....... 6 Glorious in thy sainst appear.

Earth has engrossed my love too long... 401 Glorious things of theo are spoken.. 312
Earth's transitory things decay.
345 Glory, glory to our King...

Earth with her ten thousand flowers.. 27 Glory to God on high...

Enthron'd is Jesus now....

92 Glory to God whose witness train... 187
Ere to the world again we go.

5 Glory to theo my God this night.... 416
Eternal Spirit wo confess..

59 Glory to theo whose powerful word.. 415
Eternity, eternity...
415 God bless our native land...

Everlasting, changing never..
327 God in His templo let us meet..

Every day hath toil and trouble.... 339 God in the hig! and holy place..

Exert thy power, thy rights maintain.... 303 God is a nano my soul adores.

God is gone up on high......

Fading, still fading.....
... 437 God is love, his mercy brightens.

Fairest Lord Jesus..
207 God is the refugo of his saints.

Fairest of all the lights above..
37 God made all his creatures frco.

Fair shines tho morning star.
116 God moves in a mysterious way..

Faithi, lopo and charity, these three. 159 God my supporter and my hope...,

Farewell bright soul a short farewell. 393 God named Love, whose fount thou art. . 157
Farewell dear friends I must be gone. 392 God of eternity from thee.

Far, far o'er hill and dell...
307 God of my life and all my powers.

Far from mortal cares retreating..

16 Goul of my life through all its days. 157
Far from my thoughts vain world begone. 235 God of my life thy boundless grace...... 132
Far from tho world O Lord I fee.... 220 God of my life, io theo belong..

Father divino this deadening power.. 321 God of my life to theo I call...

Father, how wide thy glory shines. 33 Gol of my life whose gracious power.... 159
Father I long I faint to sec....
399 God of our salvation.....

Father of mercies send thy grace.. 334 God of the sunlight hours how sad..
Father, they who thee receive..

27 God's glory is a wondrous thing..., 307
Father, whate'er of carthly bliss.. 250 God tho all-terrible, thou who ordainest.. 321
Few are thy days and full of woo. 257 God the eternal awful name.

Few, few and evil are thy days.. 352 God the Lord a King remaineth..

Firm as t!rc carth thy Gospel stands.. 2-17 Go messenger of peace and love..

For a season call'd to part..
229 Gone are thoso great and good.

369 Forever with the Lord..

191 Go preach my Gospel saith the Lord... 305
Forgive my folly...
280 Go, spirit of the sainted dead...

For the mercies of the day.
15 Go to dark Gethsemane...

Forth from the dark and stormy sky. 5 Go to the gravo in all thy glorious primo.. 367
Forth in thy namo O Lord we go.. 414 Go to the pillow of disease...

Fountain of grace, rich full and freo..... 167 Go to thy rest fair child...

Friend after friend departs......
366 Go tuno thy voice to sacred song..

Friends of tho poor the young the weak.. 335 Go watch and pray, thou can'st not tell.. 126
From all that dwell below the skics.... 103 Go when tho morning shineth..

From Calvary a cry was heard..
70 Go yo messengers of God.....

From day to day before our eyes. 301 Grace, like an uncorrupted seed..

From every earthly pleasure..
151 Grace, 'tis a charming sound...

From every stormy wind that blows.. 234 Gracious Jesus Lord most dear..

From Greenland's icy mountains.. 299 Great God as seasons disappear..

From his low bed of mortal dust.. 345 Great God how infinite art thou..

From the cross uplifted high..... 111 Great God thy penetrating eyo

From theo my God my joys shall rise. 131 Great God to thico my evening song.

From the recesses of a lowly spirit. 120 Great God we sing, that mighty hand.... 166
Full of trembling expectation.... 273 Great God what do I sco and hear. 342

.... 424




.... 291

Great God, whom heaven, and earth, and. 303 Here cares and angry passions ceaso....
Great God whose universal sway.. 304 He reigns, the Lord the Saviour reigns... 41
Great Redeemer, friend of sinners. 381 Here we meet to part again....

Great ruler of all nature's frame..
56 le sendeth sun, he sendeth..

Great ruler of the earth and skies.

303 He who on earth as man was known. 87
Great shepherd of thine Israel... 217 High in the heavens eternal God..

Great shepherd of thy peoplo hear.. 221 Iligh in yonder realms of light..... 363
Great source of being and of love.. 23 High on a hill of dazzling light..

Green pastures and clear streams. 263 Holy Father thou hast taught me.

Guide me 0 thou great Jehovah..... 278 Holy Ghost with light divine...

Holy, holy, holy Lord, Be tlıy.

Hail morning known among tho blest.... 81 Holy, holy, holy Lord, Live.

Hail my ever-blessed Jesus...
382 Holy Saviour, frienet unseen. 134,A#4,241

241 )
Hail sovereign love that form'd the plan.. 173 Holy Spirit Lord of light.....

Hail sweetest, dearest tie that binds. 223 Hosanna to the living Lord..

Hail the day that sees him rise.
89 Hosanna to the Prince of light...

Hail thou happy morn so glorious... 97 Hosanna with a cheerful sound..

Hail thou once despised Jesus..

97 How are thy servants blessed O Lord. 55
IIail to the brightness of Zion's glad.. 310 How beauteous are their feet...

Hail to the Lord's anointed....

317 How beauteous were the marks divine.... 72
Hail to the Prince of life and peaco.
85 IIow beautiful the morning....

Hail tranquil hour of closing day.. 425 Ilow blest are they whose transient.. 345
Hallelujah best and sweetest,

395 How blest is he whose tranquil mind.... 216
Happy soul thy days are ended.

391 How blest the righteous when he dies... 317
Happy tho heart where graces reign.. 183 How blest the sacred tie that binds.. 216
Happy the spirit released from its clay. 411 How blest thy creature is O God.... 13
Hark a voice divides the sky..... 362 How calm and beautiful the morn.... 91
Hark a voice from heaven proclaiming... 327 Ilow charming is the place....

Hark, hark the Gospel trumpet sounds... 301 How condescending and how kind..
Hark, hark tho notes of joy......

70 How dear is the thought that the angels. 48
Hark how the Gospel trumpet sounds.. 301 How deep and tranquil is the joy... 218
Hark how the watchmen cry.
198 How did my heart rejoice to hear.

Hark my soul it is the Lord.
265 lIow doth the little busy bee...

Hark ten thousand harps and voices..... 90 How dread are thine cternal years. 175
Hark the glad sound the Saviour comes.. 69 How firm a foundation yo saints of the... 230
Hark the herald angels sing.
62 Ilow gentle God's commands.

Hark the song of jubilee....

309 How happy aro the new-born race... 203
Ilark the sounds of joy and gladness.. 313 How happy every child of grace.

Hark the voice of love and mercy. 9 7 How happy is tlie pilgrim's lot.... 377
Ilark those happy voices saying. 129 Ilow happy üney who safely hous'd.. 354
Ilark what celestial sounds...
70 How heavy is the night....

ilark what mean those holy voices. 01 llow high thou art, our songs can own... 159
Hark what mean those lamentations.. 315 How long sometimes a day appears.. 34
Haste 0 sinner to bo wise.....
113 How lost wast my condition...

llast thou midst life's empty noises. 339 How oft, alas, this wretched heart.

Hast thou wasted all the powers.. 265 How pleasant, how divinely fair..

Hath God, cast off forever...
154 How pleased and blest was I..

Have we no tears to shed for him.
73 Ilow pleasing is thy voice...

Head of the Church triumphant.. 287 How precious is the book divine.

Head of the hosts in glory...
94 Ilow rich thy favors God of grace.

Health of tho weak to mako them strong.. 137 How short and hasty is our life..

llearken Lord to my complaints.. 266 How sweet and awful is the place... 290
Ilear, O sinner, mercy hails you..

115 How sweet and heavenly is the sight.... 225
Hear the heralds of the Gospel..

115 How sweet, how calm this Sabbath morn.
Hearts of stone relent, relent.

112 low sweetly flow'd the Gospel sound....
Hear what the voice of heaven proclaims. 349 How sweet the hour of closing day.. 420
Heaven is the land where troubles cease. 413 How sweet the melting lay.....

He dies the friend of sinners dies....... 74 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.... 191
He knelt, the Saviour knelt and pray'd... 78 How sweet to leave the world awhile....
He lives, the great Redeemer lives. 164 How sweet to reflect on tho joys that.... 409
Here at thy cross my dying Lord....... 135 How swift the torrent rolls....



How tedious and tasteless the hours..... 389 I travel all the irksome night....

How vain are all things here below. 254 I want a heart to pray..

Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber... 441 I was a wand'ring sheep.

Hush, the loud cannon's roar..... 322 I worship thee sweet will of God.. 247

I would not live alway......

tam the man that hath seen amiction... 356
I am weary I am weary...

276 Jehovah reigns, he dwells in light...... 37
I asked the Lord that I might grow. 135 Jehovah reigns, his throne is high.. 53
I ask not now for gold to gild...
339 Jerusalem my glorious home..

I can not always trace the way.
415 Jesus and didst thou condescend..

I can not call afiction sweet...
248 Jesus and shall it ever be....

I faint, my soul doth faint...
259 Jesus at thy command..

If a man dio shall ho live again.... 357 Jesus blessed mediator..

If death my friend and mo divide.. 376 Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour..

I feel within a want......
285 Jesus full of all compassion...

If human kindness meets return.
290 Jesus I love thy charming name.

If life in sorrow must be spent..
239 Jesus immortal King arise..

If life's pleasures charm thee.
285 Jesus I my cross have taken.

If on our daily course our mind.
165 Jesus in sickness and in pain.

If through unruffled seas.
260 Jesus lives and so shall I.

I left the God of truth and light.. 155 Jesus lives, thy terrors now.

I'll praise my Maker with my breath. 329 Jesus Lord we look to thee.

I long to behold him array'd..
388 Jesus lover of my soul....

I love thy kingdom, Lord...
227 Jesus my all to heaven is gone..

I love to steal awhile away..
424 Jesus my God and Saviour..

I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger. 404 Jesus my Lord how rich thy grace. 336
I'm but a stranger here.....
283 Jesus my Lord, my God, my all.

I'm not ashamed to own my Lord.. 177 Jesus my strength my hope..

In a land of strange delights...
431 Jesus our Lord ascend thy throne.

In all my Lord's appointed ways. 179 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun. 163
In evil long I took delight...
102 Jesus tender shopherd hear us..

In expectation sweet...
339 Jesus tho Lord of glory died..

Infinite leagues beyond the sky...
451Jesus the name high over all

In God's own house pronounce his.
8! Jesus the sinner's friend to thee..

I now have found abiding rest.
168 Jesus the very thought of thee...

In silence of the voiceless night..
414 Jesus thou art the sinner's friend..

In sleep's serene oblivion laid..
419 Jesus thou everlasting King..

Inspirer and hearer of prayer..
203 Jesus thy boundless love to mo.

In sweet exalted strains..
51 Jesus thy love shall we forget.

In the broad fields of heaven.
405 Jesus thy robe of righteousness.

In the cross of Christ I glory.
275 Jesus to thy dear wounds we flee.

In the hour of my distress....
267 Jesus' transporting name..

In the sun and moon and stars..
364.Jesus' tremendous name.

In time of fear, when trouble's near.. 246 Jesus united by thy grace..

In time of tribulation..
154 Jesus where'er thy people meet..

Into the silent land.....
356 Jesus who knows full well...

In trouble and in grief O Lord.

249 Jesus who on Calyary's mountain.. 209
In true and patient hope....

108 Jesus whose glory streaming rays. 106
In vain our fancy strives to paint. 349 Jews were wrought to cruel madness. 75
In Zion's sacred gates....
50 Join all the glorious names....

I send the joys of earth away..

161 Joyfully joyfully onward I move. 411
I sing of God, the mighty source. 28 Joyful words we meet again..

I sing th' almighty power of God.. 34 Joy to the world the Lord is como.

I stand on Zion's mount.

193 Joy to those that love the Lord... 201
Is this a fast for me.

322 Judges who rule the world by laws. 329
Is this the kind return.
152 Just as I am without one plea...

I thank theo uncreated sun...
137 Just o'er the gravo I hung.

I thank the goodness and the grace.....

I think when I read that sweet story of.. 442 Keep silence all created things...

I thirst, but not as once I did..... 167 Kindred in Christ for his dear sake. 217
It is the Lord enthron'd in light... 249 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong.... 37





Laden with guilt and full of fears... 21 'Lord thou hast search'd and scen me.... 37
Lamb of God whose bleeding love. 149 'Lord thou hast won at length I yield..

Lamp of our feet whereby wo tracc.. 21 Lord thou wilt licar me when I pray.. 125
Let every mortal car attend...
191 Lord thy glory fills the heaven..

Let God arise in all his might..
43 Lord 't is an infinite delight.

Let me go, the day is breaking..
381 Lord what a feeblo piece...

Let mo not thou, King Eternal.

369 Lord what a heaven of saving grace...
Let others boast how strong they be..... 257 Lord what a thoughtles wretch was I.... 101
Let party names no more.

227 Lord what a wretched land is this... 257
Let saints below in concert sing.
223 Lord when iniquities abound...

Let there be light, thus spoke the word.. 304 Lord when I quit this carthly stage.. 161
Let the still air rejoice...

339 Lord when my raptured thought surveys. 34
Let us awake our joys....

95 Lord when thine ancient people cried.... 330
Let us with a joyful mind..

27 Lord whero shall guilty souls retire... 57
Let worldly minds the world pursue..

139 Lord whilo for all mankind we pray.. 332
Let Zion and her sons rejoico.

57 Lord with glowing heart I'll praiso thce.. 17
Let Zion in her King rejoice..
45 Lol the mighty God appearing.

Life is the timo to serve the Lord. 100 Lo! the prisoner is releas'd....

Lift not thou the wailing voico.
371 Lo! the scal of death is breaking.

List your eyes of faith and seo.
403 Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord..

List your glad voices in triumph on high. 90 Lovo divino all love excelling.

Light of life scraphic firo...

14 Love, love on earth appears.
Light of the soul, O Saviour blest.. 235 Lo! what a glorious corner-stone..

Light of those whoso dreary dwelling. 275 Lo! what a glorious siglit appears. . 396
Liko morning when her carly breeze.. 156 Lowly and solemn bo.....

Liko Noah's weary dove..
Liko sheep wo went astray..

153 Majestic sweetness sits enthron'd..... 190
Little travelers Zionward...

295 Mako channels for the streams of love.... 337
Lo! God is here let us adore....
45 Man has a soul of vast desires...

Lo! ho comes with clouds desconding. 114 Many centuries have fled.

Lo! ho cometh countless trumpets.. 380 Marked as the purposo of the skies...... 302
Lo I beheld the scattering shades. 398 Mary to the Saviour's tomb...

Lone amidst the dead and dying. 273 May freedom speed onward wherever... 322
Lol on a narrow neck of land..

125 May the grace of God our Saviour.. 16
Look yo saints the sight is glorious. 96 Meet and right it is to sing....

Loosed from my God, and far removed... 136 Men of God go take your stations. 315
Lord a little band and lowly....
443 Men whose boast it is that ye.

Lord at this closing hour..
13 Mercy alone can meet my case.

Lord deliver, thou canst save.
331 Merey ( thou Son of David...

Lord dismiss us with thy blessing. 17 Messiah at thy glad approach..

Lord forever at thy sido..

147 Mid scenes of confusion and creature. 408
Lord from thy blessed throne.
326 Midst sorrow and care....

Lord how secure and blest are they.. 156 Mighty God whilo angels bless thee..... 65
Lord I am rile, conceiv'd in sin..
155 Mighty one before whose faco.

Lord I can not let theo go..
264 Morning breaks upon the tomb.

Lord in the morning thou shalt hear.. 6 Mortals awake, with angels join.

Lord in thy garden agony....,
73 Mourn for the thousands slain...

Lord I will bless thee all my days..
172 Much in sorrow oft in woe....

Lord Jesus como for here...
322 Must Jesus bear tho cross alone.

Lord lead the way the Saviour went.. 337 My country 'tis of thee....

Lord let me know mine end.
361 My days, my weeks, my months, my.

Lord may the spirit of this feast.. 290 My faith looks up to thee..

Lord may thy truth upon the heart. 5 My Father bids me come..

Lord of earth thy forming hand.

385 My Father God, how sweet the sound... 153
Lord of the Sabbath and its light.
3 My Father's house on high....

Lord of the worlds above.
19 My Father to thy mercy-seat

Lord of tho worlds below...

436 My feet are worn and weary with the. 215
Lord of the world who hast preserved... 422 My former hopes are fed...

Lord see what floods of sorrow rise... 142 My God accept my carly vows..

Lord send thy servants forth.
306 My God low endless is thy love.

Lord thou didst arise and say..
309 My God I love and I adore...


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