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1. Fad - ing, still fad - ing, the last beam is shining, Fa - ther in heav - en! the 2. Fa - ther in heav - en! O hear when we call ; Hear, for Christ's sake, who is

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day is declining, Safe - ty and in • no-cence fly with the light, Temptation and Så - viour of all; Fee - ble and faint - ing we trust in Thy might, In doubting and

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dan - ger walk forth with the night; From the fall of the shade till the morning bells dark-ness Thy love be our light; Let us sleep on Thy breast while the night ta-per

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2 chime, Shield me from danger, save me from crime. Father, have mer - cy, Father, have burns, Wake in Thy arms when morning returns. Father, &c.

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cy, Fa - ther, have mer - cy thro' Je-sus Christ our Lord.


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1. Here we meet to part again, Here we meet to part again, But when we meet on

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Ca - naan’s plain, There'll be no parting there. In that bright world a-bove,




that bright world a


Shout! shout the victory, we're on our journey home.


1354. Ss & 7s. 2. Here we meet to part again, But there we shall with Jesus reign,

There 'll be, &c.

3. Here we meet to part again,
But when we join the heavenly train,

There 'll be, &c.

SUNSHINE. 6s & 53.

Arr. from the German by J. ZUNDEL.

1. See the shining dewdrops on the flowers strewed, Proving as they sparkle God is ever good. 9:42

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2. See the morning sunbeams Lighting up the wood, Silently proclaiming God is ev-er good. 9:

1355. Os & 5s.
3. Hear the mountain streamlet

In the solitude,
With its ripple saying

God is ever good.
4. In the leafy tree tops,

Where no fears intrude,

Merry birds are singing

God is ever good.
5. Bring, my heart, thy tributo,

Songs of gratitude,
While all nature utters

God is ever good.

EVENING. 68 & 5s.


1. See, the light is fading From the western sky; Day, thou art departing, Night is drawing migh.

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1. How beau - ti - ful the morning, When summer days are long; O

we will rise be

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3 times, and hear The wild-bird's happy song—For when the sun pours down his ray, The ws

bird will cease to sing; She'll seek the cool and silent shade, And sit with folded wing.

1357. 7s, 6s & 8s.

1. How beautiful the morning,

When summer days are long;
O we will rise betimes, and hear

The wild-bird's happy song-
For when the sun pours down his ray,

The bird will cease to sing;

She 'll seek the cool and silent shade,

And sit with folded wing. 2. Up in the morning early

'Tis Nature's gayest hour! While pearls of dew adorn the grass,

And fragrance fills the flowers,
Up in the morning early,

And we will bound abroad,
And fill our hearts with melody,

And raise our songs to God.

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1. Young and hap-py wbile thou art, Not a fur - row on thy brow, Not a sorrow in thy 2. Life will have its evil years, When its skies are overcast, All the present, thronged with

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3 3 heart, Seek the Lord thy Saviour now. In its freshness bring the flower, While the fears, And with vain re- grets, the past. Let him trem-ble, who his heart Brings not

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up- - on it lies, In the cool and cloudless hour of the morn-ing sa -

-cri-fice. in an hour like this, Lest Je-ho-vah say—“ Depart, You shall nev - er taste my bliss.

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1. O how pure -ly, o how sure - ly, Live the in- no - cent in heart; 3

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German Air.


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And we thank Thee for Thy care;


BAVARIA. 88 & 7s.

1. ļ Je - sus, ten - der Shepherd, hear us; Bless Thy lit tle lambs to - night:

Thro' the dark - ness be Thou nearus; Keep us safe till morning light, D. C. Thou hast clothed us, warmed

fed us; Lis - ten to

eve-ning prayer.

2. All this day Thy hand has led


1360. 88 & 7s. 2. All this day Thy hand has led us,

And we thank Thee for Thy care; Thou hast clothed us, warmed us, fed us,

Listen to our evening prayer 1 3. May our sins be all forgiven ;

Bless the friends we love so well; Take us, when we die, to heaven, IIappy there with Thee to dwell.


1361. 88 & 7s.

Cradle Hymn. 1. Hosi, my dear, lie still and slumber,

Holy angels guard thy bed, Heavenly blessings without number

Gently falling on thy head. 2. Sleep, my babe, thy food and raiment,

House and home thy friends provide; All, without thy care or payment,

All thy wants are well supplied. 3. How much better thou 'rt attended

Than the Son of God could be, When from heaven He descended,

And became a child like thee. 4. Soft and easy is thy cradle

Coarse and hard the Saviour lay, When His birth-place was a stable,

And His softest bed was hay.
5. Blessed Babe, what glorious features,

Spotless, fair, divinely bright!
Must He dwell with brutal creatures -

How could angels bear the sight! 6. Was there nothing but a mauger

Cursed sinners could afford

To receive the heavenly Stranger?

Did they thus affront their Lord ? 7. Soft, my child—I did not chide thee,

Tho' my song might sound too hard; 'Tis thy mother sits beside thee,

And her arm shall be thy guard. 8. Yet, to read the shameful story

How the Jews abused their King;
How they served the Lord of glory,

Makes me angry while I sing.
9. See the kinder shepherds round Him,

Telling wonders from the sky;
There they sought Him, there they found Him,

With his virgin mother by. 10. See the lovely Babe a-dressing,

Lovely Infant, how He smiled!
When He wept, the mother's blessing

Soothed and hushed the holy Child. 11. Lo, He slumbers in His manger,

Where the horned oxen feed
Peace, my darling, here's no danger,

Here's no ox a-near thy bed.
12. 'Twas to save thee, child, from dying,

Save my dear from burning flame,
Bitter groans, and endless crying,

That thy blest Redeemer came.
13. Mayst thou live to know and fear Him,

Trust and love Him all Thy days!
Then go dwell for ever near Him,

See His face, and sing His praise. 14. I could give thee thousand kisses,

Hoping what I most desire;
Not a mother's fondest wishes

Can to greater joys aspire. WATTS.

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