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1262. 75 & 6s. 2. We can see that distant home,

Tho' clouds rise dark between; Faith views the radiant dome, And a luster flashes keen

From the new Jerusalem. 3. O glory shining far

From the never setting Sun!
O trembling morning star!
Our journey 's almost done

To the new Jerusalem.

In the new Je- ru - sa - lem. 4. O holy, heavenly home!

O, rest eternal there!
When shall the exiles come,
Where they cease from earthly care,

In the new Jerusalem. 5. Our hearts are breaking now

Those mansions fair to see;
O Lord! Thy heavens bow,
And raise us up with Theo
To the new Jerusalem.


GLORY. 7 & 6s.

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1. We shall see a light appear, By and by, when He comes ; We shall see him full and

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clear, By and by, when he comes; Ride on, Jesus, O ride on! We are on our journey kome.

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HOME. 11s.



; } { And feel it the

'Mid scenes of con-fu- sion and crea-ture complaints, To find at the

D. C. Pre-pare me, dear d.

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1264. 11s.

2. Shall it leave the low earth, and soar to the sky,

And seek for a home in the mansions on high ! 2. Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace ! In the bright realms of bliss will a dwelling be And thrice precious Jesus, whose love can not

given, cease !

And the soul find a home in the glory of heaven! Though oft from Thy presence in sadness I roam, Yes, yes! there's a home! I long to behold Thee in glory, at home.

There's a home in high heaven--the soul has a

home. 3. I sigh from this body of sin to be free,

Which hinders my joy and communion with Thee; 3. O! holy and sweet its rest shall be there! Though now my temptation like billows may Free for ever from sin, and from sorrow and foam,

care ; All, all will be peace, when I'm with Thee at And the loud hallelujahs of angels shall rise, home.

To welcome the soul to its home in the skies!

Home, home!-home of the soul! 4. While here in the valley of conflict I stay,

The bosom of God is the home of the soul! O give me submission, and strength as my day;

DEODATUS DUTTOX. In all my afflictions to Thee would I come,

Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home. j. Whate'er Thou deniest, 0 give me Thy grace,

1266. 11s.* The Spirit's sure witness, and smiles of Thy face; Endue me with patience to wait at Thy throne, 1. My home is in heaven, my rest is not here, And find, even now, a sweet foretaste of home.

Then why should I murmur when trials appear!

Be hushed, my dark spirit, the worst that can 6. I long, dearest Lord, in Thy beauties to shine;

come, No more as an exile in sorrow to pine;

But shortens thy journey, and hastens thee home. And in Thy dear image arise from the tomb, With glorified millions to praise Thee at home.

2. It is not for thee to be sceking thy bliss,

And building thy hopes in a region like this:

I look for a city which hands have not piled; 1265. 10s.

I pant for a country by sin undefiled.

3. The thorn and the thistle around me may grow, 1. O WHERE can the soul find relief from its foes? A shelter of safety, a home of repose !

I would not recline upon roses below; Can earth's highest summit, or deepest hid vale,

I ask not my portion, 'I seek not my rest, Give a refuge, nor sorrow nor sin can assail?

Till I find them for ever on Jesus's breast. No, no! there's no home! There's no home on earth-the soul has no home * Sing either to Home or to Eden, on the opposite paga

EDEN. 128 & Ils.


How sweet to re - flect on the joys that a - wait me In yon bliss - ful
Where glo-ri - fied spi - rits with welcome shall greet me, And lead me to

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- shroud-ed, My hap-piness per-fect, my mind's sky unclouded, - bound-ed, And range with delight thro' the

E - den of Love.

1267. Ils & 128.

2. While angelic legions, with harps tuned celestial,

Harmoniously join in the concert of praise,
The saints as they flock from the regions terrestria),

In loud hallelujahs their voices will raise ;
Then songs to the Lamb shall re-echo thro' heaven,
My soul will respond, To Immanuel be given
All glory, all honor, all might and dominion,

Who brought us thro' grace to the Eden of Love.

3. Then hail, blessed state! hail, ye songsters of glory!

Ye harpers of bliss, soon I'll meet you above!
And join your full choir in rehearsing the story,

"Salvation from sorrow, through Jesus's love;"
Though 'prisoned in earth, yet by anticipation,
Already my soul feels a sweet prelibation
Of joys that await me, when freed from probation;

My heart's now in Heaven, the Eden of Love.

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1. There is

a hap-py land, Far, far a-way, Where saints in glo-ry stand, Bright, bright as day.

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0, how they sweetly sing, Worthy is our Saviour King, Loud let His praises ring, Praise, praise for aye.



1269. P. M.

3. Bright, in that happy land, beams every eye; 2. Come to that happy land, come, come away; Kept by a Father's hand, love cannot die. Why will ye doubting stand, why still delay? Oh, then, to glory run; Oh, we shall happy be,

Be a crown and kingdom won;
When from sin and sorrow free!

And bright, above the sun,
Lord, we shall live with Thee,

We reign for aye.
Blest, blest for aye.

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Pilgrim and stranger no more shall I roam, Joy-tul - ly, joy-ful - ly rest - ing at home.

de d.

1270. 10s.

Bright will the morn of eternity dawn,
Death shall be banished, his scepter be gone;

Joyfully, then, shall I witness his doom, 1. JOYFULLY, joyfully onward I move,

Joyfully, joyfully, safely at home.
Bound to the land of bright spirits above;
Angelic choristers, sing as I come-
Joyfully, joyfully haste to thy home!
Soon with my pilgrimage ended below,

1271. 10s.
Home to the land of bright spirits I go;
Pilgrim and stranger no more shall I roam
Joyfully, joyfully resting at home.

1. Happy the spirit released from its clay;

Happy the soul that goes bounding away;

Singing, as upward it hastes to the skies, 2. Friends, fondly cherished, have passed on before;

Victory! victory! homewaru I rise. Waiting, they watch me approaching the shore;

Many the toils it has passed through below, Singing to cheer me thro' death's chilling gloom :

Many the seasons of irial and woe; Joyfully, joyfully haste to thy hume.

Many the doubtings it never should sing,
Sounds of sweet melody fall on my ear;

Victory! victory: thus on the wing.
Harps of the blessed, your voices I hear!
Rings with the harmony heaven's high dome-
Joyfully, joyfully haste to thy home.

2. How can we wish them recalled from their home,

Longer in sorrowing exile to roam ?
Safely they passed from their troubles beneath,

Victory! victory! shouting in death. 3. Death, with thy weapons of war lay me low, Thus let them slurnber, till Christ from the skies,

Strike, king of terrors! I fear not the blow; Bids them in glorified body arise ;
Jesus hath broken the bars of the tomb !

Singing, as upward they spring from the tomb, Joyfully, joyfully will I go home.

Victory! victory! Jesus hath come.

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