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Melody by Mrs. M. De L. Love.

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am-with-out one plea, But that Thy blood was shed for me, And de ed


to Thee, O

that Thou bid'st mo


Lamb of God, I come, I

come! dd

398. L. M.

3. Spirit of glory and of God!

Long hast l'hou deigned my guide to bo; 2. Just as I am-and waiting not

Now be Thy comfort sweet bestowed; To rid my soul of one dark blot,

My God! I come, I como to Thee.
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot, 4. I come to join that countless host,
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

Who praise Thy name unceasingly; 3. Just as I am-though tossed about

Blest Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! With many a conflict, many a doubt,

My God! I come, I come to Theo. "Fightings within, and fears without, O Lamb of God, I come! I come !

400. L. M. 4. Just as I am-poor, wretched, blind;

1. Thou only Sovereign of my heart, Sight, riches, healing of the mind,

My Refuge, my almighty Friend
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find,

And can my soul from Thee depart,
O Lamb of God, I come! I como !

On whom alone my hopes depend!

2. Whither, ah! whither shall I go, 6. Just as I amThou wilt receivo;

A wretched wanderer from my Lord ? Wilt welcomo, pardon, cleanse, relieve; Can this dark world of sin and wo Because Thy promise I believe,

One glimpse of happiness afford ?
O Lamb of God, I come! I comel

3. Eternal life Thy words impart ; 6. Just as I am-Thy love unknown

On theso my fainting spirit lives; Has broken every barrier down;

Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart, Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone,

Than all the round of nature gives.
O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

4. Let earth's alluring joys combine;

While Thou art near, in vain they call;

One smile, one blissful smile of Thine, 399. L. M.

My dearest Lord, outweighs them all.

5. Thy name my inmost powers adore ; 1. GOD of my life! Thy boundless grace, Thou art my life, my joy, my care; Chose, pardoned, and adopted me;

Depart from Thec-'t is death-'t is more My rest, my home, my dwelling-place;

"T is endless ruin, deep despair! Father! I come, I come to Thee.

6. Low at Thy feet my soul would lie; 2. Jesus, my hope, my rock, my shield!

Here safety dwells, and peace divine;
Whoso precious blood was shed for ine, Still let me live beneath Thino eye,
Into Thy hands my soul I yield;

For life, eternal life, is Thine.
Saviour. I come, 1 como to Thee.


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401. L. M.

The proffered benefit embrace,

The plenitude of Heavenly grace: 2. The world shut out from all my soul,

And heaven brought in with all its bliss; 2. The seeing eye, the feeling sense, Oh! is there aught from pole to pole,

The mystic joys of penitence; One moment to compare with this? The tears that tell your sins forgiven;

The sighs that waft your souls to heaven; 3. This is the hidden life I prize, A life of penitential love;

3. The guiltless shame, the sweet distress, When most my follies I despise,

The unutterable tenderness; And raise my highest thoughts above. The genuine meek humility,

The wonder-" Why such love to me ?" 4. When all I am I clearly see,

And freely own, with deepest shame; 4. The o'erwhelming power of saving grace, When the Redeemer's love to me

The sight that veils the seraph's face; Kindles within a deathless flame.

The speechless awe that dares not move,

And all the silent heaven of love. 6. Thus would I live till nature fail,

C. WESLEY. And all my former sins forsake; Then rise to God, within tho vail,

401. L.M. And of eternal joys partake.

1. Thougn all the world my choice deride,

Yet Jesus shall my portion be; 402. L. M.

For I am pleased with none beside;

The fairest of the fair is He. 1. On! the sweet wonders of that cross,

2. Sweet is the vision of Thy face, Where my Redeemer loved and died ! IIer noblest life my spirit draws

And kindness o'er Thy lips is shed ; From His dear wounds, and bleeding side.

Lovely art Thou, and full of grace,

And glory beams around Thy head. 2. I would for ever speak His name, In sounds to mortal cars unknown;

3. Thy sufferings I embrace with Thee, With angels join to praise the Lamb,

Thy poverty and shameful cross;
And worship at His Father's throne. The pleasures of the world I flee,

And deem its treasures only dross.

4. Be daily dearer to my heart, 403. L. M.

And ever let me feel Thee near;

Then willingly with all I'd part, 1. COME, now, ye wanderers, to your God, Nor count it worthy of a tear. Through love, to purity restored;





1. Stay, Thou in - sulted Spi - rit, stay! Though I have done Thee such de-spite,


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405. L. M.

1. Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay!

Though I have done Thee such despite, Cast not a sinner quite away,

Nor take Thine everlasting flight. 2. Though I have most unfaithful been

or all whoe'er Thy grace received; Ten thousand times Thy goodness seen, Ten thousand times Thy goodness

grieved ;-
3. Yet O! the chief of sinners spare,

In honor of my great High Priest;
Nor, in Thy righteous anger, swear

I shall not see Thy people's rest. 4. O Lord, my weary soul release,

And raise me by Thy gracious hand;
Guide me into Thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promised land.

4. My lips with shame my sins confess,

Against Thy law, against Thy grace;
Lord, should Thy judgments grow severo,

I am condemn'd, but Thou art clear. 5. Should sudden vengeance seize my breath,

I must pronounce Thee just, in death;
And if my soul were sent to hell,

Thy righteous law approves it well. 6. Yet, save a trembling sinner, Lord,

Whose hope, still hov'ring round Thy word,
Would light on some sweet promise there,
Some sure support against despair.

WATTS. 407. L.M. 1. WHEN Jesus' friend had ceased to be,

Still Jesus' heart its friendship kept"Where have ye laid him ?" "Come and

see," But ere his eyes could see, they wept. 2. Lord I not in sepulchres alone

Corruption's worm is rank and free;
The shroud of death our bosoms own-

The shades of sorrow! come and see. 3. Come, Lord! God's image can not shino

Where sin's funereal darkness lowersCome! turn those weeping eyes of Thino

Upon these singing souls of ours ! 4. And let those eyes, with shepherd care,

Their moving watch above us keep;
Till love the strength of sorrow wear,

And as Thou weepedst, we ma weep. 6. For surely we may weep to know,

So dark and deep our spirit's stain,
That had Thy blood refused to flow,
Thy very tears had flowed in vain.



406. L. M.
1. Suow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive;

Let a repenting rebel live.
Are not Thy mercies large and free?

May not a sinner trust in Thee ? 2. My crimes are great, but don't surpass

The power and glory of Thy grace;
Great God, Thy nature hath no bound-

So let Thy pard'ning love be found. 3. O wash my soul from every sin,

And make my guilty conscience clean;
Here on my heart the burden lies,
And past offences pain my eyes.

408. L. M.

1. My sufførings all to Theo are known,

Tempted in every point like me; Regard my grief, regard Thine own:

Jesus, remember Calvary! 2. For whom didst Thou the cross endure ?

Who nail'd Thy body to the tree ? Did not Thy death my life procure ?

0 let Thy mercy answer me. 3. Art Thou not touched with human woe?

Hath pity left the Son of man? Dost thou not all my sorrows know,

And claim a share in all my pain ? 4. Thou wilt not break a bruised reed,

Or quench the smallest spark of grace, Till througủ, the soul Thy power is spread,

Thy all-victorious righteousness. 5. The day of small and fecble things,

I know Thou never wilt despise;
I know, with healing in His wings,
The Sun of rightcousness shall rise.


2. I hoped that in some favored hour

At once He'd answer my request; And, by His love's constraining power,

Subdue my sins, and give me rest. 3. Instead of this, He made me feel

The hidden evils of my heart,
And let the angry powers of hell

Assault my soul in every part.
4. Yea more, with His own hand He seemed

Intent to aggravate my woe; Crossed all the fair designs I schemed,

Blasted my hopes, and laid me low.

4. "Lord, why is this,” I trembling cried

"Wilt Thou pursue Thy worm to death?” “'T is in this way,” the Lord replied,

"I answer prayer for grace and faith. 4. “These inward trials I employ,

From self, and pride, to set thee free; And break thy schemes of earthly joy, That thou may'st seek tlıy all in Me."


411. L. M. 409. L. M. 1. HERE at Thy cross, my dying Lord,

1. O That my load of sin were gone,

O that I could at last submit
I lay my soul beneath Thy love,
Beneath the droppings of Thy blood,

At Jesus feet to lay it down,
Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove.

To lay my soul at Jesus' feet! 2. Not all that tyrants think or say,

2. Rest for my soul I long to find; With rage and lightning in their eyes,

Saviour of all, if mine Thou art, Nor hell shall fright my heart away,

Give me Thy meek and lowly mind, Should hell with all its legions rise.

And stamp Thine image on my heart. 3. Should worlds conspire to drive me thence, 3. Break off the yoke of inbred sin, Moveless and firm this heart should lie;

And fully set my spirit free; Resolved, for that's my last defence

I can not rest, till pure within, If I must perish, there to die.

Till I am wholly lost in Thee. 4. But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear;

4. Fain would I learn of Thee, my God; Am I not safe beneath Thy shade?

Thy light and easy burden prove, Thy vengeance will not strike me here, The cross, all staind with hallow'd blood, Nor Satan dare my soul invade.

The labor of Thy dying love. 5. Yes, I'm secure beneath Thy blood,

5. I would, but Thou must give the power, And all my focs shall lose their aim;

My heart from every sin release; Hosanna to my dying Lord,

Bring near, bring near the joyful hour, And my best honors to His name.

And fill me with Thy perfect peace. WATTS.


410. L. M.


1. I ASKED the Lord that I might grow

In faith, and love, and every grace; Might more of His salvation know,

And seek more earnestly His face.

Glory to Jesus, who returns

In pomp triumphant to the sky, With Thee, O Father, and with Thee,

O Holy Ghost, eternally.

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on yon - der tree? What means that strange ex-pir - ing cry? Sin-ners, He piays for you and me;


O for-give! They know not that by Me they live.

For-give them, Fa-ther,


2. Selfish pursuits, and nature's maze,

The things of sense, for Thee I leave:
Put forth Thy land, Thy hand of grace;

Into the ark of love receive;
Take my poor, fluttering soul to rest,

And still it, Father, on Thy breast.
3. Endow me with my Saviour's peace,

Confirm and keep my longing heart;
In Thee may all my wanderings cease;

From Thee may I no more depart:
Never again from Thee remore,
Loved with an everlasting lore!


412. L. M. 6 lines.
2. Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb-

Thee, by Thy painful agony,
Thy bloody sweat, Thy grief and shame,

Thy cross and passion on the tree,
Thy precious death and life-I pray,
Take all, take all my sins away.

C. WESLEY. 413. L.M. 6 lines. 1. WEARY of wandering from my God,

And now made willing to return,
I hear, and bow me to the rod :

Yet not in hopeless grief I mourn;
I have an Advocate above,

A Friend before the throne of love. 2. O Jesus, full of truth and grace

More full of grace than I of sin;
Yet once again I seek Thy face,

Open Thine arms, and take me in!
And freely my backslidings heal,

And love Thy faithless servant still. 3. Thou know'st the way to bring me back,

My fallen spirit to restore ;
O, for Thy truth and mercy's sake,

Forgive, and bid me sin no more:
The ruins of my soul repair,
And make my heart a house of prayer.

C. WESLEY. 411. L. M. 6 lines. 1. LOOSED from my God, and far removed,

Long have I wandered to and fro;
O'er earth in endless circles roved,

Nor found whereon to rest below:
But now, my God, to Thee I fly,
For, Oh! estranged from Thee, I die.


415. L. M. 6 lines.
1. O Love, of pure and heavenly birth!

O simple Truth, scarce known on earth!
Whom men resist with stubborn will,
And, more perverso and daring still,
Smother and querch with reasonings vain,

Whilo crror and deception reign! 2. Whence comes it, that, your power tho

As His on high, from whom you came,
Yo rarely find a listening car,
Or heart, that makes you welcome here?
Because ye bring reproach and pain,

Where'er yo visit, in your train.
3. Then let the price be what it may,

Though poor, I am prepared to pay:
Come shame, come sorrow; spite of tears,
Weakness, and heart-oppressing fears;
One soul, at least, shall not repine
To give you room; come, reign in mine!


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