The General Highway Act, 5 & 6 W. IV. C. 50: With Notes and an Index

A. Maxwell, 1836 - 194 páginas

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Página 119 - lawful for such Justices to commit such person to the common gaol or house of correction, there to be kept to hard labour, for any time not exceeding one calendar month, unless the sum so awarded, together with all costs and expenses, shall be sooner paid and satisfied. 98. And be it further Enacted, That it
Página 6 - contracts and agreements may be enforced, and all encroachments, nuisances, and other offences made or committed previous to the repeal of the said Acts against the provisions of the said Acts or any of them, may be abated or prosecuted by the surveyor appointed under this Act, in the same manner to all intents and purposes as if this Act had not been
Página 116 - support thereof to be subpoenaed, at the next assizes to be holden in and for the said county, or at the next general quarter sessions of the peace for the county, riding, division, or place wherein such highway shall be, against the inhabitants of the parish or the party to be named
Página 25 - and at the expense of any individual or private person, body politic or corporate, nor any roads already set out or to be hereafter set out as a private driftway or horsepath in any award of commissioners under an inclosure Act, shall be deemed or taken to be a highway which the inhabitants of
Página 108 - the proposed new highway is nearer or more commodious to the public, or whether the public highway so intended to be stopped up, either entirely or subject as aforesaid, is unnecessary, or whether the said party appealing would be injured or aggrieved, impannel a jury of twelve disinterested men out of the persons returned to serve
Página 116 - highway to be out of repair ; and the costs of such prosecution shall be directed by the Judge of Assize before whom the said indictment is tried, or by the Justices at such quarter sessions, to be paid out of the rate made and levied in pursuance of this Act in the
Página 64 - the same to remain there at night to the danger or personal damage of any person passing thereon, all due and reasonable precaution not having been taken by the said surveyor to guard against the same, he shall forfeit for every such offence any sum not exceeding five pounds.
Página 129 - court where such, action shall depend, at any time before issue joined, to pay into court such sum of money as he shall see fit, whereupon such proceedings or orders and judgment shall be had, made, and given in and by such court as in other actions where the defendant is allowed to pay money into court. 105. Provided also, and be it further Enacted,
Página 134 - for the defendant therein, then and in any of the cases aforesaid such defendant shall have costs as between attorney and client, and shall have such remedy for recovering the same as any defendant may have for his or her costs in any other case by law.
Página 127 - tress being first deducted ; and if sufficient distress cannot be found of the goods and chattels of the said AB whereon to levy the said sum of that then you certify the same to us, together with this warrant. Given under our hands the day of CD EF

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