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In various parts of the following Work, references are made to subsequent speculations, which are not contained in it. These speculations it is my intention to resume at some future period: but when I consider the extent of my subject, and the many accidents which may divert me from the prosecution of it, I cannot venture so far as to announce in the title-page of this volume, any promise of a future publication.

Some additional chapters are still wanting, to complete the analysis of the Intellectual Powers. After finishing this, the course of my inquiries would lead me to treat, in the second place, of Man considered as an Active and Moral being; and, thirdly, of Man considered as the member of a Political Society.


March 13, 1792.

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SECTION VII.-Continuation of the same Subject.-Differences in

the intellectual Characters of Individuals, arising

from their different Habits of Abstraction and


VIII.-Continuation of the same Subject.--Use and Abuse

of general' Principles in Politics

CHAPTER V. --Of the Association of Ideas

PART I.–Of the Influence of Association in regulating the succes-

sion of our Thoughts

SECTION 1.-General Observations on this part of our Consti-

tution, and on the Language of Philosophers

with respect to it

Il. Of the Principles of Association among our Ideas

III.-Of the Power which the Mind has over the train

of its Thoughts

IV.-Illustrations of the Doctrine stated in the prece-

ding Section

1. Of Wit -

2. Of Rhyme

3. Of Poetical Fancy

4. Of Invention in the Arts and Sciences

V. Application of the Principles stated in the forego-

ing Sections of this Chapter, to explain the Phe-

nomena of Dreaming

PART II.-Of the Influence of Association on the Intellectual and

on the Active Powers

SECTION 1.-Of the Influence of casual Associations on our specu-

lative Conclusions

II.--Of the Influence of the Association of Ideas on our

Judgments in Matters of Taste

III. Of the Influence of Association on our active Prin-

ciples and on our inoral Judgments

IV.-General remarks on the Subjects treated in the

foregoing Sections of this Chapter


Section 1.--General Observations op Memory

II.-Of the varieties of Memory in different Individuals

III.-Of the Improvement of Memory.-Analysis of the

principles on which the Culture of Memory de-


IV.-Continuation of the same Subject.Of the aid which

the Memory derives from Philosophical Arrange-


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