Memoirs of the Life and Times of Daniel De Foe: Containing a Review of His Writings, and His Opinions Upon a Variety of Important Matters, Civil and Ecclesiastical, Volumen3

Hurst, Chance, 1830

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Página 622 - To judge rightly of an author, we must transport ourselves to his time, and examine what were the wants of his contemporaries, and what were his means of supplying them.
Página 520 - Religious Courtship : Being Historical Discourses on the Necessity of Marrying Religious Husbands and Wives only. As also of Husbands and Wives being of the same Opinions in Religion with one Another.
Página 436 - There is not an old Woman," wrote Gildon, enviously attacking, "that can go to the Price of it, but buys . . . and leaves it as a Legacy, with the Pilgrim's Progress, the Practice of Piety, and God's Revenge against Murther, to her Posterity.
Página 603 - Weary are at Rest, and where the Wicked cease to trouble ; be it that the Passage is rough, and the Day stormy, by what Way soever He please to bring me to the End of it, I desire to finish Life with this temper of Soul in all Cases : Te Deum Laudamus.
Página 562 - A System of Magick : or a History of the Black Art. Being an Historical Account of Mankind's most early dealing with the Devil ; and how the Acquaintance on both sides first began.
Página 439 - Fact; and do affirm, that the Story, though Allegorical, is also Historical; and that it is the beautiful Representation of a Life of unexampled Misfortunes, and of a Variety not to be met with in the World, sincerely adapted to, and intended for the common Good of Mankind, and designed at first, as it is now farther apply 'd, to the most serious Uses possible.
Página 491 - ... tis hoped, will keep the reader serious even where the story might incline him to be otherwise. To give the history of a wicked life repented of necessarily requires that the wicked part should be made as wicked as the real history of it will bear, to illustrate and give a beauty to the penitent part, which is certainly the best and brightest if related with equal spirit and life.
Página 425 - States, do hereby constitute and appoint . my true and lawful attorney, for me, and in my name...
Página 517 - De Foe would have deserved immortality for the genius which he has displayed in this work, as well as in the Memoirs of a Cavalier.
Página 204 - We are plagued here with an October club ; that is, a set of above a hundred parliamentmen of the country, who drink October beer at home, and meet every evening at a tavern near the parliament, to consult affairs, and drive things on to extremes against the whigs, to call the old ministry to account, and get off five or six heads.

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