History of England, by Hume and Smollett; with a continuation by T.S. Hughes, Volumen10


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Página 65 - Tenure whatever, for the unexpired Residue, whatever it may be, of any Term originally created for a Period of not less than...
Página 110 - ... occasion, with remarkable intrepidity ; but the greatest loss was sustained by lord John Murray's Highland regiment, of which above one half of the private men, and twenty-five officers, were either slain upon the spot, or desperately wounded. Mr. Abercrombie, unwilling to stay in the neighbourhood of the enemy with forces which had received such a dispiriting check, retired to his batteaux, and re-embarking the troops, returned to the camp at Lake George, from whence he had taken his departure....
Página 193 - ... a certain part of the world where your death has more than been wished for upon other motives. I know the world too well to trust this secret in any breast but my own. A few days determine me your friend or enemy. " FELTON. " You will apprehend that I mean you should be alone ; and depend upon it, that a discovery of any artifice in this affair will be fatal to you. My safety is ensured by my silence, for confession only can condemn me.
Página 194 - You receive this as an acknowledgment of your punctuality as to the time and place of meeting on Sunday last, though it was owing to you that it answered no purpose. The pageantry of being armed, and the ensign of your order, were useless, and too conspicuous : you needed no attendant ; the place was not calculated for mischief, nor was any intended.
Página 64 - England, and farther regulate the proceedings of such elections : he was accordingly permitted to bring in such a bill, in conjunction with Mr. Townshend, Mr. Cornwall, and lords North and Carysfort ; and in the usual course, the...
Página 519 - Scot for sea-pieces. Several spirited attempts were made on historical subjects, but little progress was made in the sublime parts of painting. Essays of this kind were discouraged by a false taste, founded upon a reprobation of British genius. The art of engraving was brought to perfection by Strange, and laudably practised by Grignon, Baron, Ravenet, and several other masters : great improvements were made in mezzotinto, miniature, and enamel.
Página 476 - Waldegrave, at the head of the 13ritish, pressed their march as much as possible : no troops could show more eagerness to get up than they showed : many of the men, from the heat of the weather, and overstraining themselves to get on through morassy and very difficult ground, suddenly dropped down on their march.
Página 517 - Clarissa, and Grandison, — a species of writing equally new and extraordinary ; where, mingled with much superfluity, we find a sublime system of ethics, an amazing knowledge and command of human nature.
Página 194 - These and the former terms complied with ensure your safety ; my revenge, in case of noncompliance (or any scheme to expose me) will be slower, but not less sure ; and strong suspicion the utmost that can possibly ensue upon it, while the chances would be tenfold against you.
Página 515 - Though few discoveries of importance were made in medicine, yet that art was well understood in all its different branches, and many of its professors distinguished themselves in other provinces of literature. Besides the medical essays of London and Edinburgh, the physician's library was enriched with many useful modern productions ; with the works of the classical Freind, the elegant Mead, the accurate Huxham, and the philosophical Pringle. The art of midwifery was elucidated by science, reduced...

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