Reports of the secretary of the treasury. To which are prefixed the reports of A. Hamilton on public credit, a national bank [&c.].


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Página 151 - ... any society or institution incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States...
Página 456 - Whatever, besides, tends to diminish in any country the number of artificers and manufacturers tends to diminish the home market, the most important of all markets for the rude produce of the land, and thereby still further to discourage agriculture.
Página 506 - ... (whether loaf, lump, crushed, or pulverized, and when, after being refined, they have been tinctured, colored, or in any way adulterated), and on sugar candy, six cents per pound; on molasses...
Página 4 - That below such rate discrimination may be made descending, in the scale of duties ; or, for imperative reasons, the article may be placed in the list of those free from all duty.
Página 73 - ... as shall be imported in vessels built in the United States, and which shall be wholly the property of a citizen or citizens thereof, or in vessels built in foreign countries, and on the sixteenth day of May last, wholly the property of a citizen or citizens of the United States, and so continuing until the time of importation.
Página 497 - We have experienced what we did not then believe, that there exists both profligacy and power enough to exclude us from the field of interchange with other nations: that to be independent for the comforts of life we must fabricate them ourselves. We must now place the manufacturer by the side of the agriculturist.
Página 4 - That no duty be imposed on any article above the lowest rate which will yield the largest amount of revenue.
Página 485 - There is scarcely anything that can wound the pride, or degrade the character of an independent nation, which we do not experience. Are there engagements, to the performance of which we are held by every tie respectable among men ? These are the subjects of constant and unblushing violation. Do we owe debts to foreigners, and to our own...
Página 118 - Nineteenth. On teas of all kinds, imported from places this side of the Cape of Good Hope, or in vessels other than those of the United States, ten cents per pound.
Página 1 - In obedience to the directions of the " Act supplementary to the Act to establish the Treasury Department," the Secretary of the Treasury respectfully submits the following report : 1st.

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