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Nor must we, as some advise us, being but men, think only of
the things of men, being transient, of transient things; but as far as
in us lies we must live the immortal life'-ARISTOTLE

* For our citizenship is in the heavens '- PAUL

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I SEND FORTH this book on The Higher Life, in the hope that it may help some, especially among the young, to hold fast their faith in the great facts and truths, which alone seem to me to make this life of ours worth living at all. The elder Mill, as we learn from the autobiography of his distinguished son, rejected "all that is called religious belief.” It does not surprise one to learn further, that " he thought human life a poor thing at best, after the freshness of youth and of unsatisfied curiosity had gone by.” I fear that there is a large class of cultivated men and women among us who are falling into the same unbelief, and into the sadness which is its inevitable fruit. If what I have written should afford any help to such against this pressure of the times, the labour which it has cost will be amply repaid.

The sermons, as will be seen, do not form anything like a consecutive argument. Each has a completeness of its own, and a definite theme ; yet they

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