Reports of the Supreme court of Canada, Volumen1


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Página 218 - That such jurisdictions, privileges, superiorities and pre-eminences spiritual and ecclesiastical, as by any spiritual or ecclesiastical power or authority hath heretofore been, or may lawfully be exercised or used for the visitation of the ecclesiastical state and persons, and for reformation, order and correction of the same, and of all manner of errors, heresies, schisms, abuses, offences, contempts and enormities, shall forever by authority of this present parliament be united and annexed to...
Página 217 - And, for the more perfect Security and Ease of the Minds of the Inhabitants of the said Province," it is hereby declared, That His Majesty's Subjects, professing the Religion of the Church of Rome of and in the said Province of Quebec, may have, hold, and enjoy, the free Exercise of the Religion of the Church of Rome, subject to the King's Supremacy...
Página 514 - Each shareholder, until the whole amount of his stock has been paid up, shall be individually liable to the creditors of the company to an amount equal to that not paid up thereon, but shall not be liable to an action therefor by any creditor before an execution against the company has been returned unsatisfied in whole or in part...
Página 655 - Interrogatories, with answers thereto, and a statement that the applicant covenants and agrees with, the company "that the foregoing is a just, full and true exposition of all the facts and circumstances in regard to the condition, situation, value and risk of the property to be insured, so far as the same are known to the applicant, and are material to the risk...
Página 532 - ... and the amount due on such execution shall be the amount recoverable with costs, against such shareholder, to the extent of the amount by him due on his shares.
Página 144 - ... intimidation upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting, or on account of such person having voted or refrained from voting, at any election, or who shall, by abduction, duress, or any fraudulent...
Página 380 - ... no acknowledgment or promise by words only shall be deemed sufficient evidence of a new or continuing contract, whereby to take any case out of the operation, of said enactments or to deprive any party of the benefit thereof, unless such acknowledgment or promise shall be made or contained by or in some writing to be signed by the party chargeable thereby.
Página 452 - ... the amount of damages which he has sustained by breach of the contract, but simply to defend himself by showing how much less the subject-matter of the action was worth, by reason of the breach of contract ; and to the extent that he obtains, or is capable of obtaining, an abatement of price on that account, he must be considered as having received satisfaction for the breach of contract, and is precluded from recovering in another action to that extent, but no more.
Página 349 - Tout propriétaire joignant un mur, a de même la faculté de le rendre mitoyen, en tout ou en partie, en remboursant au maître du mur la moitié de sa valeur, ou la moitié de la valeur de la portion qu'il veut rendre mitoyenne, et moitié de la valeur du sol sur lequel le mur est bâti.
Página 150 - He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.

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