The Cornish Ballads and Other Poems

J. Parker, 1869 - 214 páginas

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Página 1 - A GOOD sword and a trusty hand ! A merry heart and true ! King James's men shall understand What Cornish lads can do. And have they fixed the where and when? And shall Trelawny die? Here's twenty thousand Cornish men Will know the reason why...
Página 6 - He read his native chime : Youth, manhood, old age past, His bell rung out at last. Still when the storm of Bottreau's waves Is wakening in his weedy caves, Those bells, that sullen surges hide, Peal their deep notes beneath the tide : " Come to thy God in time ! " Thus saith the ocean chime : Storm, billow, whirlwind past,
Página 5 - What thrills the captain's whitening lip? The death-groans of his sinking ship. "Come to thy God in time!" Swung deep the funeral chime : Grace, mercy, kindness past, "Come to thy God at last!
Página 4 - ... Come to thy God at last." But why are Bottreau's echoes still ? Her tower stands proudly on the hill; Yet the strange chough that home hath found, The lamb lies sleeping on the ground. " Come to thy God in time ! " Should be her answering chime : "Come to thy God at last !
Página 26 - ARISE ! and away ! for the King and the land ; Farewell to the couch and the pillow : With spear in the rest, and with rein in the hand, Let us rush on the foe like a billow. Call the hind from the plough, and the herd from the fold...
Página 162 - PATER VESTER PASCIT ILLA." ;1UR bark is on the waters ! wide around The wandering wave; above, the lonely sky: Hush ! a young sea-bird floats, and that quick cry Shrieks to the levelled weapon's echoing sound : Grasp its lank wing, and on, with reckless bound ! Yet, creature of the surf, a sheltering breast To-night shall haunt in vain thy far-off nest, A call unanswered search the rocky ground. Lord of Leviathan ! when Ocean heard Thy gathering voice, and sought his native breeze ; When whales first...
Página 67 - The very ground with speech is fraught, The air is eloquent of God. In vain would doubt or mockery hide The buried echoes of the past ; A voice of strength — a voice of pride — Here dwells...
Página 182 - That fell; and glared, an island of the sea. Ah! native England! wake thine ancient cry: "Ho! for the Sangraal! vanished vase of heaven! That held, like Christ's own heart, an hin of blood.
Página 41 - Was the cry at Lauds, with Dundagel men ; And forth they pricked upon Routorr side, As goodly a raid as a king could ride. Proud Gwennivar rode like a queen of the land, With page and with squire at her bridle hand ; And the twice six knights of the stony ring, They girded and guarded their Cornish king. Then they halted their steeds at St Madron's cell : And they stood by the...
Página 207 - Vox quoque per lucos vulgo exaudita silentes Ingens ; et simulacra modis pallentia miris Visa sub obscurum noctis ; pecudesque locutae, Infandum ! sistunt amnes, terraeque dehiscunt, Et maestum illacrimat templis ebur, aeraque sudant.

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