Spiritually Healed: It Took Loving Me

Xlibris Corporation, 2006 M05 1 - 72 páginas
Praise the Lord sisters in Christ: Firstly I believe this book has been God inspired and Spiritually anointed. The information in this book has been written in a humble spirit. The writings therein are not in any way designed to entertain any individual, but to share true-life experiences and testimonials of how I finally found my Spiritual freedom in Christ to be victorious and prosperous in this life of Holiness. The experiences I share in this book of my ways of coping with life at the time in no wise, then or now stands as a substitute for Prayer, Fasting, Bible Reading and Study or any other "reasonable service" (Rom. 12:1) to God. In truth it is our prayer that in reading these very real words of truth and heeding the gentle words of wisdom you will learn to better look to being healthy in mind, in heart, in Spirit and in soul for yourself and for Christ, and fellow-followers in Christ. It is our belief that Prayer, Fasting, Bible Reading and Study are all important and precious components to a victorious, prosperous Spiritual life. In turn a healthy life of loving and caring for yourself as a woman is as important. You must be in sync with yourself to serve Christ to your highest potential. Hopefully in reading this book you can discover the woman within yourself who is no longer afraid to love and trust herself, a woman committed to her own mental, physical, emotional, Spiritual and over all well-being. My belief in Christ and the Holy Scripture is unwavering. I thoroughly believe that Christ is the One who empowers life with His Spirit. I also believe that we as women must take that same power and live more abundantly in it. I do not say this to cause any offense. If you are victorious in Christ, if you now prosper Spiritually, God bless you sister. My prayer is that He continues to bless and keep you. However, as unfortunate as it may be there are many sisters who basically find themselves stumbling and bumbling through this walk. Those who do, you aren't alone, as the saying goes, "I've been there, I've done that." It is easy for us to act the part and play the role. But it gets dull, it's barren, and Christ isn't glorified. If you want just a little closer walk with Christ, if you want some clarity of His will in your life, read on. Be very prayerful. This book has been written and complied in such a fashion that it is a testimony in how I finally really looked at myself and allowed God to heal me. He can do the same for you. With this in mind be blessed in your reading. In the spirit of love and prayer I present to you my dear sisters: Spiritually Healed, It Took Loving Me

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