The History of New York from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time

Claxton, 1872 - 336 páginas

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Página 142 - We were mightily rejoiced when we heard by Anadagarjaux, that our great queen had resolved to send an army to reduce Canada; from whose mouth we readily embraced our great queen's instructions: and in token of our friendship, we hung up the kettle, and took up the hatchet...
Página 101 - Cadarackui, in the presence of your predecessor, in the middle of the fort, they planted the tree of peace in the same place; to be there carefully preserved: that, in the place of a retreat for soldiers, that fort might be a rendezvous for merchants: that, in place of arms and ammunition of war, beavers and merchandise should only enter there.
Página 100 - I thank you, in their name, for bringing back into their country the calumet, which your predecessor received from their hands.
Página 100 - Yonnondio. you must have believed when you left Quebec that the sun had burnt up all the forests which render our country inaccessible to the French, or that the lakes had so far overflown the banks that they had surrounded our castles and that it was impossible for us to get out of them.
Página 102 - Grangida, who loves you, and desires you to accept of this present of beaver, and take part with me in my feast, to which I invite you. This present of beaver is sent to Yonnondio, on the part of the Five Nations.
Página 102 - Hear, Yonnondio, take care for the future, that so great a number of soldiers as appear there do not choke the tree of peace planted in so small a fort. It will be a great loss, if, after it had so easily taken root, you should stop its growth and prevent its covering your country and ours with its branches. I assure you, in the name of the Five Nations, that our warriors shall dance to the calumet of peace under its leaves, and shall remain quiet on their...
Página 149 - The share of the council in legislation, they agree, comes "from the mere pleasure of the prince;" but for themselves they claim an "inherent right" to legislation, springing "not from any commission or grant from the crown, but from the free choice and election of the people, who ought not, nor justly can, be divested of their property without their consent.
Página 99 - I shall be extremely grieved, if my words do not produce the effect which I expect from them ; for then I shall be obliged to join with the governor of NewYork, who is commanded by his master to assist me, and burn the castles of the Five Nations, and destroy you.
Página 118 - Esq., or, in his absence, to such as for the time being take care for preserving the peace and administering the laws in their Majesties' province of New York, in America.
Página 39 - He salutes them with a friendly countenance, and they return the salute after their manner. They are lost in admiration...

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