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The history of New York, the wealthiest and, from its happy geographical position, the most important of all the confederated States, has hitherto been but imperfectly known even to its own citizens. This defective knowledge cannot be said to have originated from any want of interest on the subject, but rather from the difficulty of obtaining the requisite information within a moderate compass, and in a connected form; the narrative of events being scattered through numerous volumes, all of which are in their nature fragmentary.

To supply this want—to place before the general reader a clear, succinct, and in partial history of the State, from its earliest settlement to the present day, is the object of this volume, which will not be found a mere compilation, out a work originally treated, and elaborated with care and impartiality. Brief as it is, it yet contains every event of marked historical importance ; nothing being omitted but those obtrusive speculations, and dry legislative details, which, in a work intended for popular use, are neither valuable nor interesting.




Columbus—Voyages of the Cabots—John and Sebastiar

Cabot discover the Continent of North America—Voyage

of Sebastian Cabot-His exploration of the coast-New-

foundland fisherios-Patent from James I. to the Virginia

Companies—Settlement of Jamestown—Voyage of Verraz-

zani, under the auspices of James I.-Sails from Madeira

-Reaches America-Lands in North Carolina-Friendli-

ness of the savages—Their humanity-A child kidnapped

-Arrival of Verrazzani at Sandy Hook-His description-

Conference with the natives—Bay of New York—Harbour

of NewportDescription of the natives—Exploration inland

-Departure for Europe-Claims of France-Cartier and

Roberval — First permanent French settlement - Quebec

founded by Champlain—The Five Nations-Policy of Cham-

plain—Joins a war-party of Hurons and Algonquins-Dis-

covery of Lake Champlain-Defeat of the Iroquois—The


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Voyage of Henry Hudson-Attempts to reach Nova Zembla

-Is impeded by ice-Ranges the North American coast

southward-Reaches Penobscot–Trades with the natives--

Attacks and plunders them-Rounds Cape Cod—Is blown

off the Capes of Virginia--Returns north-Discovers Dela-

ware Bay-Enters Sandy Hook-Death of Colman-Disco-

vers the Great North or Hudson River-Explores it-The

Palisades-West Point-The Catskills-Traffic with the

natives—Their hospitality-The exploration continued

Hudson arrives in the vicinity of Albany-Is visited by

numbers of the Indians-Singular expedient to test their

friendliness-Scene of intoxication—The Iroquois tradition

concerning it-Return of Hudson-An Indian killed-Am.

bush near Harlem River-Skirmish with the Manhattans

-Departure .........



ludson returns to Europa Reaches Dartmouth-Communi.

cates with his employers-Sails on a new voyage of disco-

very-Enters Hudson's Bay Reaches its southern limit

Searches for an outlet Is frozen in-Scarcity of his provi-

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Canadian affairs-Denonville supersedes De la Barre-Pre-

pares for war-Marches against the Iroquois—Is attacked

-Retires into Canada-Fate of the French garrison at Nia-

gara-Retaliation of the Iroquois-Negotiations for peace

-Reply of Governor Dongan-Speech of Garrangula~

Council at Montreal-Stratagem of the Winondadie Indians

-Renewal of hostilities-Dreadful massicre of the French

-Affairs of New York-Disaffection in England - Landing

of William, Prince of Orange-Flight of James-Revolu-

tion in the provinces—Dongan recalled-- Agitation in New

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