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York-The fort seized by Leisler-William and Mary pro-

claimed-Leisler governor -- Count Frontenac appointed

governor of Canada--Negotiates with the Five Nationg-

War between England and France—Burning of Schenec.

tady--Difficulties in New York.........

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Invasion of Canada resolved upon-Failure of the expedition

-Arrival of Ingoldsby at New York—The fort blockaded

- Arrival of Governor Sloughter-Arrest of Leisler and his

council-Leisler and Milbourne tried and sentenced to

death-Their execution-Appeal to the king by the son of

Leisler-Report of the commissioners-Appeal to parlia-

ment-Reversal of the sentence against Leisler and Mil-

bourne-Death of Sloughter-Fletcher appointed governor

-His character-Frontenac invades the country of the

Five Nations-His march from Montreal-Falls upon the

Mohawk villages-Returns to Canada-Activity of Schuy-

ler--Of Fletcher-His popularity with the Indians--Con-

vention at Albany-Conduct of Fletcher toward the pro-

vincial assembly — Resistance of the latter — Activity of

Frontenac-- Invades the Onondagas—– Torture of an aged

chief--Meagre results of the expedition ....



Arrival of Bellamont-Ordered to suppress piracy on the coast

-Fletcher discountenanced-Exultation of the popular party

-Captain Kidd commissioned to apprehend the pirates-

Turns pirate himself-Appears in Boston-Is arrested and

sent to England for trial-Commotion in England--Address

of Bellamont to the assembly–His popularity--Engages in

a controversy with Frontenac-French treaty with the In-

dians—Law passed by the assembly against Roman Catho.

lic priests— Death of Bellamont-Nanfan lieutenant-go-

vernor -- Appointment of Cornbury -- His character

Attaches himself to the Royalists- Is granted a donation-

Second intercolonial war--Money appropriated for fortify-

ing the Narrows-Embezzled by Cornbury-Difficulties

with the assembly—Distrust of Cornbury--His profligate

career--Petitions for his recall- Arrival of Lord: Lovelace

-Cornbury arrested for debt-His return to England......... 13


Lovelace demands of the assembly a permanent revenue-An

annual grant substituted-Death of Lovelace--Administru-

tion of Ingoldsby-Abortive attempt to invade Canada-

Discontent of New York-Address to Queen Anne--Colonel

Schuyler repairs to England, accompanied by five Mohawk

chiefs—Reception of the latter in London-Their interview

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with the Queen-Gorernor Hunter arrives at New York-

The assembly refractory-Expedition against Canada--Its

shameful failure-Activity of De Vaudreuil—The provin-

cial troops disbanded-Indignation of England and the co-

lonies—Charges brought against St. John and Harcourt-

Controversy between Hunter and the assembly in relation

to a permanent revenue - The point carried by the governor

-Gloomy condition of the province-Negro insurrection-

Peace of Utrecht-Permanent revenue granted—Hunter's

popularity–His return to England .......... ...Page 14


Arrival of Governor Burnet-His character-ON assembly

continued—Sale of Indian goods to the French prohibited

-Mercantile opposition-Petition to the king-Reply of

Colden and Alexander-Activity of the French-Indian

policy of Burnet-Fort Oswego built-Administrative diffi-

culties—Alienation of Schuyler, Philips, and Delancey-New

assembly demanded by the people-Removal of Burnet to

the government of Massachusetts-Montgomery appointed

gorernor-Harmonizes with the assembly-Meets the In-

dians in convention at Albany-Fort Oswego threatened-

Barnet's Indian policy repudiated-Boundary fixed between

New York and Connecticut-Seizure of Crown Point by the

French-Cosby succeeds Montgomery-Ingratiates himself

with the assembly-A free school established-Violent and

arbitrary conduct of Cosby-Political quarrels—Imprison-

ment of Zenger, printer of the Weekly Journal–His trial-

Defended by Hamilton, of Philadelphia-Liberty of the

press vindicated-Illegal career of Cosby --- His sudden

death--Bitter party feuds—Clarke appointed lieutenant-




Character of Lieutenant-governor Clarke-His policy-Con-

duct of the provincial party-Their reply to his opening

address—Extraordinary issue of paper money—Disfran-

chisement of the Jews—Snare laid for the popular leaders

-Its success—Permanent revenue refused — Negro plot

New York—Terror of the citizens-Evidence of Mary Bur-

ton—The conspiracy doubted—Judicial murder of Ury-

Arrival of Governor Clinton-His quarrel with Chief Jus-

tice Delancey-Difficulties with the assembly-War between

England and France-Activity of, the French-Capture of

Louisburg-Settlements around Saratoga ravaged—Inva-

sion of Canada projected— Assembling of the provincial

levies-Boston menaced by a French feet_Subsidence of

the alarm-Political feuds in New York—The village of

Saratoga burned-Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle ..........


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Sir Charles Hardy appointed governor of New York –His

popularity-Congress of governors - - Expeditions agreed

upon against Crown Point, Forts Niagara and Duquesne-

Surprise of Ticonderoga proposed by Shirley-Rejected by

New York-Action of the assembly-Taxation for revenue

resorted to—War formally declared against France-06-

noxious acts passed in England - Arrival of Abercrombie-

Assembling of the troops- Arrival of Loudoun-Activity of

Montcalm-Oswego attacked-Death of Mercer-Capitu-

lation of Forts Ontario and Oswego-Loudoun abandons

[blocks in formation]

**Fect of the battle of Lexington-Doubtful position of New

York— Ticonderoga and Crown Point seized-Descent of

Arnold upon St. John's—War formally declared-Acts of

the Provincial Congress—Opposition of the loyalists--

Washington appointed commander-in-chief of the American

forces-Other appointmentsBattle of Bunker Hill-Con-

gress determines upon an effectual blockade of Boston-

Washington assumes the chief command-Return of Go-

vernor Tryon to New York-State of political parties,

Seizure of military stores at Turtle Bay—Removal of guns

from the Battery at New York-Unpopularity of Tryon-

He takes refuge on board the Asia man-of-war-Invasion

of Canada--Surrender of Forts Chambly and St. John--

Capitulation of Montreal-Montgomery forms a junction

with Arnold-Assault of Quebec-Death of Montgomery-

Evacuation of Canada–Disturbances in New York-Riving-

ton's Gazette-Lee ordered to assist in defending the city-

Disaffection of the Johnsons—Joseph Brant-Declaration

of Independence....

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Evacuation of Boston-Washington at New York—His em-

barrassments—Discovery of a plot to seize his person-

Approach of General Howe—The British encamp on Staten

Island-Arrival of Admiral Lord Howe with reinforcements

-American defences at Brooklyn-Landing of the British

on Long Island-Battle of Long Island, and defeat of Put-

- Washington encamps at Ilarlem-Howe takes pos-

session of York Island—Disgraceful flight of the American

militia– New York evacuated-Skirmish at Harlem-Seri-

ous conflagration in the city—Military and naval operations

of the British—The Americans encamp at White Plains,

Defeat of McDougal-Capture of Fort Washington-Aban-

donment of Fort Leo-Retreat of Washington through the

Jerseys-Crosses the Delaware at Trenton-Situation of

the northern army-Crown Point evacuated-Advance of

Carleton-Battle on Lake Champlain.....


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