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Lo the payment of debts that were contracted an- which

gave France an execution on their goods; erior to the union ?

do you believe, that those patriots would not have Did not this language energetically enough liked better to have remained under the governignify that they looked upon the assignats as a ment of the Stadtholder, who took from them eprosy, and the union as a deadly contagion ? no more than a fixed portion of their property,

And yet what regard was paid to so just a de- than to pass under that of a revolutionary power, hand ? It was buried in the committee of finance. which would make a complete revolution in their 'hat committee wanted to make anarchy the bureaus and strong boxes, and reduce them to jeans of an union. They only busied themselves wretchedness and rags ? 1 Robbery, and anarchy, 1 making the Belgick provinces subservient to instead of encouraging, will always stifle revoseir finances.

lutions. Cambon said loftily before the Belgians them- But why, they object to me, have not you and elves : The Belgian war costs us hundreds of mil- your friends chosen to expose these measures in ons. Their ordinary revenues, and even some the rostrum of the National Convention? Why xtraordinary taxes, will not answer to our reim- have you not opposed yourself to all these fatal ursements; and yet we have occasion for them. projects of union ? The mortgage of our assignats draws near its There are two answers to make here, one general, nd. What must be done? Sell the church pro- one particular. erty of Brabant. There is a mortgage of two You complain of the silence of honest men ! housand millions (eighty millions sterling). You quite forget, then, honest men are the objects low shall we get possession of them ? By an of your suspicion. Suspicion, if it does not stain nmediate union. Instantly they decreed this the soul of a courageous man, at least arrests his nion. Men's minds were not disposed to it. thoughts in their passage to his lips. The suspiVhat does it signify? Let us make them vote cions of a good citizen freeze those men, whom the y means of money. Without delay, therefore, calumny of the wicked could not stop in their hey secretly order the minister of foreign affairs progress. ) dispose of four or five hundred thousand livres You complain of their silence! You forget, 20,0001. sterling) to make the vagabonds of then, that you have often established an insulting Brussels drunk, and to buy proselytes to the equality between them and men covered with nion in all the states. But even these means, it crimes, and made up of said, will obtain but a weak minority in You forget, then, that you have twenty times ir favour. What does that signify? Revolutions, left them covered with opprobrium by your sid they, are made only by minorities. It is galleries.le minority which has made the Revolution of You forget, then, that you have not thought 'rance ; it is a minority which has made the yourselves sufficiently powerful to impose silence cople triumph.

upon these galleries. The Belgick provinces were not sufficient to What ought a wise man to do in the midst of itisfy the voracious cravings of this financial sys- these circumstances ? He is silent. He waits the :m.' Cambon wanted to unite every thing, that moment when the passions give way; he waits till e might sell every thing. Thus he forced the reason shall preside, and till the multitude shall nion of Savoy; in the war with Holland, he saw listen to her voice. othing but gold to seize on, and assignats to sell What have been the tacticks displayed during t par.. Do not let us dissemble, said he one day all these unions? Cambon, incapable of political

the committee of general defence, in presence calculation, boasting his ignorance in the diploven of the patriot deputies of Holland, you have matick, flattering the ignorant multitude, lendo ecclesiastical goods to offer us for our indem- ing his name and popularity to the anarchists, ity.-IT IS A REVOLUTION IN THEIR seconded by their vociferations, denounced in

OUNTERS AND IRON CHESTS, + that cessantly as counter-revolutionists, those inteljust be made amongst the Dutch. The word was ligent persons who were desirous, at least, of sid, and the bankers Abema and Vanstaphorst having things discussed. To oppose the acts of nderstood it.

union, appeared to Cambon an overt act of Do you think that that word has not been treason. The wish so much as to reflect and to 'orth an army to the Stadtholder, that it has not deliberate, was in his eyes a great crime. He ooled the ardour of the Dutch patriots, that it calumniated our intentions. The voice of every as not commanded the vigorous defence of Wildeputy, especially my voice, would infallibly amstadt ?

have been stifled. There were spies on the very Do you believe that the patriots of Amster- monosyllables that escaped our lips.**** am, when they read the preparatory decree • The same thing will happen in Savoy. The persecution of movable property which may be represented in bonds, notes, he clerzy has soured people's minds. "The Cominissaries re- bills, stocks, or any sort of publick or private securities, I do Tesent them to us as good Frenchmen. I put them to the not know of a single word in English that answers it : I have roof. Where are the legions? How, thirty thousand Savoy- therefore substituted that of Iron Chesls, as coming nearest to the rds-are they not armed to defend, in concert with us, their idea Translntor. berty! Bristol

1 In the original letter, les reduire à la Sanaculoterie. i Portefueille-is the word in the original. It signifies all




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