The Eastern Highlands: Ward and Lock's Historical and Pictorial Guide to Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, and the Neighbourhood

Ward, Lock, and Company, 1882 - 95 páginas

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Página 7 - CHLORODYNE effectually checks and arrests those too often fatal diseases : Diphtheria, Fever, Croup, Ague. CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in Diarrhoea, and is the only specific in Cholera and Dysentery CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation and Spasms.
Página 3 - PYRETIC SALINE as possessing most important elements calculated to restore and maintain Health with perfect Vigour of Body and Mind. It is effervescing and tasteless, and forms a most invigorating, vitalizing, and refreshing beverage. Dr. MORGAN.— "It furnishes the blood with itt lost saline constituents.* Dr.
Página 48 - HOTEL is situated on the Lower Lake, close to the water's edge, within ten minutes' drive of the Eailway Station, and a short distance from the far-famed Gap of Dunloe.
Página 3 - TURLEY.--" I found it act as a specific in my experience and family in the worst form of Scarlet Fever, no other medicine being required.
Página 41 - On a buoy in the storm it floated and swung, And over the waves its warning rung. When the rock was hid by the surge's swell, The mariners heard the warning bell; And then they knew the perilous rock And blessed the Abbot of Aberbrothok.
Página 13 - These excellent FAMILY MEDICINES are Invaluable In the treatment of all ailments incidental to every HOUSEHOLD. The PILLS PURIFY, REGULATE, and STRENGTHEN the whole system, while the OINTMENT is unequalled for the cure of Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers. Possessed of these REMEDIES, every Mother has ' at once the means of curing most complaints to which herself or Family is liable. NB...
Página 12 - They come as a boon and a blessing to men, The Pickwick, the Owl, and the Waverley Pen.
Página 3 - I found it act as a specific in my experience and family in the worst form of Scarlet Fever, no other medicine being required." DR. S. GIBBON (formerly Physician to the London Hospital). — "Its usefulness in the treatment of disease has long been confirmed by medical experience. I have been in the habit of using it in private practice for many years. In hot climates it is of special value.
Página 1 - Behold the Tiber," the vain Roman cried, Viewing the ample Tay from Baiglie's side ; But where's the Scot that would the vaunt repay, And hail the puny Tiber for the Tay ? * Anonymous.
Página 12 - EACH; Also of views of other parts of the UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN and PORTUGAL, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, EGYPT, PALESTINE, INDIA, UNITED STATES, ENGLISH CATHEDRALS, ABBEYS, and CASTLES, on approval, to double amount of cash sent. Lists on receipt of stamped addressed envelope to LETTS, Limited, 72, Queen Victoria Street, London, EG TRAVELLERS

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