Ballads of the Revolution: And Other Poems

G.P. Putnam's sons, 1886 - 192 páginas

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Página 7 - America. 0 poor New England ! There is a deep-laid plot against both your civil and religious liberties, and they will be lost. Your golden days are at an end. You have nothing but trouble before you. My information comes from the best authority in Great Britain. I was allowed to speak of the affair in general, but enjoined not to mention particulars. Your liberties will be lost.
Página 16 - They have nobly taken up arms in your defence ; have exerted a valor, amidst their constant and laborious industry, for the defence of a country, whose frontier was drenched in blood, while its interior parts yielded all its little savings to your emolument.
Página 14 - The people here will soon come to better temper, after taxes become more familiar to them," wrote an officer 8 who had been sent to America, on a tour of observation. " I will cram the stamps down their throats with the end of my sword...
Página 89 - Disperse, ye rebels !" He was also in the habit, when he met citizens in the streets, of commanding them to take off their hats, and unless the order was instantly complied with, it was enforced by a rap of his cane. One evening, as...
Página 84 - Allen, as he reached the door. At this, Delaplace, the commander, came out undressed, with his breeches in his hand. " Deliver to me the fort instantly,
Página 132 - The wind that rufFd your feathers ? — Do you know, You women always will match thoughts to things ? You chat as birds chirp, when their mates grow bright ; You love when comes a look that smiles on you. We men are more creative. We love love, Our own ideal long before aught real : Our halo of young fancy circles naught Save empty sky far off.
Página 45 - Sunday, the twenty-eighth of November, the ship Dartmouth appeared in Boston Harbor with one hundred and fourteen chests of the East India Company's tea. To keep the Sabbath strictly was the New England usage. But hours were precious ; let the tea be entered, and it would be beyond the power of the consignee to send it back.
Página 7 - The Act seemed sure to enforce itself. Unless stamps were used marriages would be null, notes of hand valueless, ships at sea prizes to the first captors, suits at law impossible, transfers of real estate invalid, inheritances irreclaimable.
Página 8 - England, the king obtained a civil list for life ; in America, the rapacity of the governors made it expedient to preserve their dependence for their salaries on annual grants, of which the amount was regulated, from year to year, by a consideration of the merits of the officer, as well as the opulence of the province. It was easy for the governors to obtain of their patrons in the ministry instructions to demand peremptorily a large, settled and permanent support; but the...
Página 5 - ... Conscious of her strength, inflated with her successes, which had not only given North America to her grasp, but had laid the Indies at her feet, imperial England would scarcely pause. Unwilling longer to be withheld from so large a field of taxation, the petitions of the colonies were not read — that from New York no one could be prevailed upon to offer,* and, on the twenty-second of March, seventeen hundred sixty-five, the act was passed imposing STAMP duties, and to enforce their collection,...

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