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1 HOW blest is he who ne'er consents

By ill advice to walk;
Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

Where men profanely talk.
2 But makes the perfect law of God

His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,

And meditates by night.

3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,

With timely fruit does bend,
He still shall flourish, and success

All his designs attend. 4 For God approves the just man's ways ;

To happiness they tend;
But sinners, and the paths they tread,
Shall both in ruin end.



1 O GOD, our Lord, how wonderful

Are Thy works everywhere!
Thy fame surmounts in dignity

The highest heavens that are.
2 And when I see the heavens above,

The work of Thine own hand,
The sun, the moon, and all the stars,

In order as they stand. 3 Lord, what is man, that Thou of him

Tak'st such abundant care ?
Or what the son of man, whom Thou

To visit dost not spare ?
4 O God, our Lord, how excellent

Is Thy most glorious name
In all the earth! therefore do we
Praise and adore the same.

PSALM 13. 1 HOW long wilt Thou forget me, Lord ?

Must I for ever mourn ?
How long wilt Thou withdraw from me,

Oh, never to return ? 2 How long shall anxious thoughts my soul,

And grief my heart oppress ?
How long my enemies insult,

And I have no redress ?

3 Since I have always placed my trust

Beneath Thy mercy's wing,
Thy saving health will come, and then

My heart with joy shall spring : # Then shall my song, with praise inspir’d,

To Thee, my God, ascend;
Who to Thy servant in distress

Such bounty didst extend.


1 WITHIN Thy tabernacle, Lord,

Who shall inhabit still ?
Or whom wilt Thou receive to dwell

In Thy most holy hill?

2 The man whose life is uncorrupt,

Whose works are just and straight, Whose heart doth think the very truth,

And tongue speaks no deceit:
3 That to his neighbour doth no ill,

In body, goods or name ;
Nor willingly doth slanders raise,

Which might impair the same : 4. That in his heart regardeth not

Malicious wicked men;
But those that love and fear the Lord,

He maketh much of them.

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