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Fcap. 8vo.

28. 6d.

35. 6.

Blaxland (B.), M.A. THE SONG OF | Brown (P. H.), Fraser Professor of Ancient

SONGS. Being Selections from ST. BER. (Scottish) History at the University of NARD. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 25.; leather, Edinburgh. SCOTLAND IN THE 25. 60, net.

(Library of Devotion. TIME OF QUEEN MARY, Demy 8vo. Bloom (T. Harvey), M.A. SHAKE 73. 64. net. SPEARE'S GARDEN. With Illustrations. Brownell (C. L.). THE HEART OF 25. 6d.; leather, 35. 6d. net. JAPAN.

Illustrated. Third Edition. Boardman (J. H.). See W. French.

Crown 8vo. 6s. Bodley (J. E. C). Author of France.' THE A Colonial Edition is also published.


Demy 8vo. By Command ofthe King. FROM THE EARLY POEMS OF. Body (George), D.D.' THE SOUL'S PIL- With Introduction and Notes by W. HALL

GRIMAGE: Devotional Readings from GRIFFIN. Small Pott 8vo. is. 6d. net. ; his published and unpublished writings. leather, 25. 64. net. (Little Library. Selected and arranged by J. H. BURN, Buckland (Francis T.). CURIOSITIES B.D., F.R.S. E. Port 8vo.

OF NATURAL HISTORY. With Illus. Bona (Cardinal). A GUIDE TO ETER- trations by HARRY B. Neilson, Crown

NITY. Edited with an Introduction and 800. Notes, by J. W. STANBRIDGE, B.D. Pott Buckton (A. M.). THE BURDEN OF 8vo. Clotk, 25.; leather, 25. 6d. net.

ENGELA: a Ballad-Epic. Second Edi (Library of Devotion. tion. Crown 8vo.

35. 6d, net. Borrow (George). LAVENGRO. Edited EAGER HEART: A Mystery Play. Crown by F. HINDES GROOME. Two Volumes. 8vo.

IS. nct. Small Pott 8vo. Each volume, cloth, is. 6d. Budge (E. A. Wallis). THE GODS

net ; leather, 25. 6d. net. (Little Library. OF THE EGYPTIANS. With over THE ROMANY RYE. Edited by JOHN 100 Coloured Plates and many Illustrations.

SAMPSON. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, is. 6d. Tovo Volumes. Royal 8vo. 63, 35. net.

net; leather, 2s.6d. net. [Little Library: Bull (Paul), Army Chaplain. GOD AND Bos (J. Ritzema). AGRICULTURAL OUR SOLDIERS. Crown 8vo. 6s.

ZOOLOGY. Translated by J. R. AINS. A Colonial Edition is also published. WORTH Davis, M.A. With an Introduction Bulley (Miss). See Lady Dilke. by ELEANOR A. ORMEROD, F.E.S. With Bunyan (John). THE PILGRIM'S PRO155 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Third GRESS. Edited, with an Introduction, Edition.

by C. H. FIRTH, M.A. With 39 IllustraBotting (C. G.), B.A. JUNIOR LATIN tions by R. ANNING BELL. Cr. 8vo. 68. EXAMINATION PAPERS. Fca/. 8vo. GRACE ABOUNDING. Edited by C. S.

Second Ed. is. (Junior Examination Series. FREER, M.A. Small Pott 870. Cloth, 25.; EASY GREEK EXERCISES. Cr. 870. 25. leather, 25. 6d. net. (Library of Devotion. Boulton (E. S.). GEOMETRY ON Burch (G. J.), M.A., F.R.S. A MANUAL MODERN LINES. Crown 8vo.

OF ELECTRICAL SCIENCE. With Bowden (E. M.). THE IMITATION OF numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 38. BUDDHA: Being Quotations from

(University Extension Series. Buddhist Literature for each Day in the Burgess (Gelett). GOOPS AND HOW

Year. Fourth Edition. Crown 16mo. 2.61. TO BE THEM. With numerous IllusBowmaker (E.). THE HOUSING OF trations. Small 4to. 6s.

THE WORKING CLASSES. Crown Burn (A. E.), D.D., Prebendary of Lichfield.

8vo. 23. 6d. (Social Questions Series. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HIS. Boyle (W.). CHRISTMAS AT THE 200. TORY OF THE CREEDS. Domy 8vo. With Verses by W. Boyle and 24 Coloured

(Handbooks of Theology. Pictures by H. B. Neilson. Pott 4to. 25. Burn (J. H.), B.D., A MANUAL OF Brabant (F. G.), M.A. SUSSEX. Illus- CONSOLATION FROM THE SAINTS

trated by E. H. New. Swall Pott 8vo. AND FATHERS. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 35. ; leather, 35, 6d. net.

Cioth, 25.; leather, 2s. 6d. net. [Little Guides.

(Library of Devotion. THE ENGLISH LAKES. Illustrated by Burn (J. H.), B.D. A DAY BOOK FROM

E. H. NEW. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 45.; THE SAINTS AND FATHERS. With

leather, 45. 6d. net. [Little Guides. an Introduction and Notes. Small Pott Brodrick (Mary) and Morton (Ander- 8vo. Cloth, 25.; leather, 25. 6d. net. son). A CONCISE HANDBOOK OF

((Library of Devotion. EGYPTIAN ARCHÆOLOGY. With Burnand (Sir F. C.). RECORDS AND

many Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. REMINISCENCES, PERSONAL AND Brooke (A. S.), M.A. SLINGSBY AND GENERAL. With many Illustrations,

SLINGSBY CASTLE. With many Iilus. Demy 8vo. Two Volumes. Third Edition trations. Cr. 8vo. 75. 6d.

255. Brooks (E. W.). See F. J. Hamilton.

A Colonial Edition is also published.

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Ios. 60.



35. 6d.

35. 60.

Burns (Robert), THE POEMS OF. | SELECT ORATIONS (Pro Milone, Pro

Edited by Andrew LANG and W. A. Murena, Philippic11., In Catilinam). TransCRAIGIE.With Portrait. Third Edition. lated by H. E. D. BLAKISTUN, M.A.,

Fellow Domy 8vo, gilt top. 65.

and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford. Burnside (W. F.), M.A. OLD TESTA- Crown 8vo. 5S.

(Classical Translations. MENT HISTORY FOR USE IN DE NATURĂ DEORUM. Translated SCHOOLS. Crown 8vo.

by F. BROOKS, M.A., late Scholar of Balliol Burton (Alfred). THE MILITARY AD- College, Oxford. Crown 87o. 35. 64. VENTURES OF JOHNNY NEW.

(Classical Translations. COME. With

15 Coloured Plates by DE OFFICIIS. Translated by G. B. T. ROWLANDSON. Fcap. 8vo. 35. 6d. net. GARDINER, M.A. Crown 810. 25. 6d. [Illustrated Pocket Library.

(Classical Translations. THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY Clarke (F. A.), M.A. BISHOP KEN,

NEWCOME IN THE NAVY. With With Portrait. Crown 8vo. 16 Coloured Plates by T. ROWLANDSON.

(Leaders of Religion. Fcap. 8vo. 35.6d, net. (Illus. Pocket Library Cleather (A. L.) and Crump (B.). Caldecott (Alfred), D.D. THE PHIL- RICHARD WAGNER'S MUSIC

OSOPHY OF RELIGION IN ENG. DRAMAS: Interpretations, embodying
LAND AND AMERICA. Demy 8vo. Wagner's own explanations. in four
Tas. 6d,
[Handbooks of Theology. Volumes Fcap 8vo.

2. , caca. Calderwood (D. S.), Headmaster of the Nor. Vol. I.—THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG.

mal School, Edinburgh. TEST CARDS VOL. 11.-PARSIFAL, etc. IN EUCLID AND ALGEBRA. In three Clinch (G.), KENT. Illustrated by F. D. packets of 40, with Answers. is. each. Or BEDFORD. Small Pott 8vo. Clock, 35.; in three Books, price 2d., 2d., and 3d.

leather, 35. 6d. net.

(Little Guides Cambridge (Ada) (Mrs. Cross). THIRTY THE ISLE OF WIGHT. Illustrated by YEARS IN AUSTRALIA. Demy 8vo. 75.6d F. D. BEDFORD, Small Pott 87a. Cloth, A Colonial Edition is also published.

35.; leather, 35. 6d, net. (Little Guides Canning (George). SELECTIONS FROM Clough (W. T.) and Dunstan (A. E.)

THE ANTI-JACOBIN; with additional ELEMENTARY EXPERIMENTAL Poems. Edited by LLOYD SANDERS. Small SCIENCE. Physics by W. T. CLOUGH, Pott 8vo, cloth, is. 6d. net.; leather, A.R.C.S. CHEMISTRY by A. E. DUNSTAN, 23. 64. net.

(Little Library B.Sc. With 2 Plates and 154 Diagrams. Capey (E. F. H.). ERASMUS. With 12 Crown 8vo.

(Junior School Books. Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, 3s. 6d. net; Coast (W. G), B.A. EXAMINATION

leather, 45. net. (Little Biographies. PAPERS IN VERGIL Crown 8vo. 25. Carlyle (Thomas). THE FRENCH Cobb (T.). THE CASTAWAYS OF

REVOLUTION Edited by C. R. L. MEADOWBANK. Illustrated. Dery FLETCHER, Fellow of Magdalen College, 16mo.

28. 6d

(Little Blue Books. Oxford. Three Volumes. Crown &vo. 18s. THE TREASURY OF PRINCEGATE THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF OLIVER PRIORY. Illustrated. Demy 16mo. 2s.6d. CROMWELL. With an Introduction by

(Little Blue Books. C. H. FIRTH, M.A., and Notes and Appen- | THE LOST BALL. Illustrated Demy dices by Mrs. S. C. LOMAS. Three Volumes. 16mo.

(Little Blue Books Domy Svo. 18s. net.

Collingwood (W. G.), M.A. THE LIFE Carlyle (R. M. and A. J.), M.A. BISHOP OF JOHN RUSKIN. With Portraits,

LATIMER. With Portrait. Crown 8vo. Second and Cheap Edition. Cr. 800. 65. 35. od.

[Leaders of Religion. Also a Poplar Edition. Cr. 879. 25. 6d, net. Chamberlin (Wilbur B.). ORDERED Collins (W. E.), M.A. THE BEGINNINGS TO CHINA. Crown 8vo. 65.

OF ENGLISH CHRISTIANITY. With A Colonial Edition is also published.

Map. C7.870. 35.6d. Churchman's Library Channer (C. C.) and Roberts (M. E.). Colonna. HYPNEROTOMACHIA POLI


25. 60,


TO HIS SON. Edited, with an Intro. RAT. An edition limited to 350 copies on duction, by C. STRACHEY, and Notes by handmade paper. Folio. Three Guineas net.

A. CALTHROP. Two Volumes. Cr. 8vo. 125. Combe (William). THE TOUR OF Christian (F W.). THE CAROLINE DR. SYNTAX IN SEARCH OF THE ISLANDS. With many Illustrations and PICTURESQUE.

Coloured Maps. Demy 8vo. 12s. 60, net.

Plates by T. ROWLANDSON. Fcap. 8vo. Cicero. DE ORATORE I. Translated by

35. 6d. net. E. N. P. Moor, M.A. Crown 8vo. 3$. 6d. Also a limited edition on large Japanese

(Classical Translations, paper, 308. net. [Illustratd Pocket Library,


25. 60.

With 30



25. 6d,

With a

With it

35. hd,


SEARCH OF CONSOLATION. With THE POEMS OF. Edited by A. C. 24 Coloured Plates by T. ROWLANDSON. DEANE. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 1s. 6d. 35. 6d. net,

net; leather, 2s. 6d. net. [Little Library Also a limited edition on large Japanese Craigie (W. A.). A PRIMER OF BURNS. paper. 303. net. (Illustrated Pocket Library. Crown 8vo. THE THIRD TOUR OF DR. SYNTAX Craik (Mrs.). JOHN HALIFAX, GEN. IN SEARCH OF A WIFE.

With 24

TLEMAN Edited by ANNIE MATHEColoured Plates by T. RowLANDSON. 35.6d. SON. Two Volumes. Small Pott 8vo. net

Each Volume, Cloth, is. 6d. net; leather, Also a limited edition on large Japansee 2s.6d, net.

(Little Library. paper. 30s. net.

Crashaw (Richard), THE ENGLISH (Illustrated Pocket Library,

POEMS OF Edited by EDWARD HUTTHE HISTORY OF JOHNNY QUAE TON. Small Pott 8vo. Čloth, 15. 6d. net; GENUS: The Little Foundling of the late

(Little Library.

leather, 25. 6d. net. Dr. Syntax. With 24 Coloured Plates by Crawford (F. G.). See Mary C. Danson. ROWLANDSON. Fcap. 8vo. 35. 6d. net. Also a limited edition on large Japanese

Crouch (W.). BRYAN KING.

Portrait. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. net. paper. 30s, net.


from the Designs of THOMAS ROWLANDSON, Plates, Crown 16mo. Is. 6d, net. with Metrical Illustrations by the Author From the edition published by C. Tilt, 1811. of 'Doctor Syntax.' With 74 Coloured Crump(B.). See A. L. Cleather. Plates. Two Volumes, Fcap. 8vo. gs. net. Cunliffe (F. E. E.), Fellow of All Souls' Col

Also a limited edition on large Japanese lege, Oxford. THE HISTORY OF THE paper. 305, net,

BOER WAR. With many Illustrations, (Illustrated Pocket Library. Plans, and Portraits. In 2 vols. Vol. I., 155. THE DANCE OF LIFE: a Poem. Illus-Cutts (E. L.), D.D. AUGUSTINE OF

trated with 26 Coloured Engravings by CANTERBURY. With Portrait. Crown THOMAS ROWLANDSON. Fcap. 8vo. 35. 6d. 8vo.

(Leaders of Religion. net.

Daniell(G.W.), M.A. BISHOP WILBER. Also a limited edition on large Japanese FORCE. With Portrait. Crown 8vo. paper. 3os. net.

(Leaders of Religion. [Illustrated Pocket Library. Danson (Mary C.) and Crawford (F. G.). Cook (A. M.), M.A. See E. C. Marchant. FATHERS IN THE FAITH. Small 8vo. Cooke-Taylor (R. W.). THE FACTORY

13. 60. SYSTEM. Crown 8vo.

Dante. LA COMMEDIA DI DANTE. (Social Questions Series,


Italian Text edited by PAGET Corelli (Marie). THE PASSING OF THE TOYNBEE, M.A., D.Litt. Crown 8vo. 6s. GREAT QUEEN: A Tribute to the Noble THE INFERNO OF DANTE.

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TransLife of Victoria Regina. Small 4to. 15. lated by H. F. Cary. Edited by PAGET A CHRISTMAS GREETING. Sm. 4to. Is. TOYNBEE, M.A., D. Litt. Small Pott 8vo. Corkran (Alice). LEIGHTON. With Cloth, is. 6d. net; leather, 2s. 6d. net. many Illustrations. Demy 6mo. 23, 6d.

(Little Library. net.

(Little Books on Art. THE PURGATORIO OF DANTÉ. Cotes (Rosemary). DANTE'S GARDEN. Translated by H. F. CARY. Edited by

With a Frontispiece. Second Edition, PAGET TOYNBEE, M.A., D.Litt. SmallPott Fcap. 8vo. cloth 25. 6d.; leather, 38. 6d. net. Svo. Cloth, is. 6d. net ; leather, 28. 6d. net. BIBLE FLOWERS. With a Frontispiece

(Little Library. and Plan, Fcap. 8vo. 28. 6d. net.

THE PARADISO OF DANTE. TransCowley (Abraham) THE ESSAYS OF. lated by H. F. Cary. Edited by Paget

Edited by H, C. MINCHIN. Small, Pott TOYNBEE, M.A., D. Litt. Small Þott 8vo. 8vo. Cloth, is. 6d. net; leather, 2s. 6d. net. Cloth, is. 6d. net; leather, 2s. 6d. net. (Little Library.

(Little Library Cox (J. Charles), LL.D., F.S.A. DERBY. See also Paget Toynbee. SHIRE Illustrated by J. C. WALL. Darley (George), SELECTIONS FROM Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 3s. ; leather, 3s. 6d. THE POEMS OF. Edited by R. A. net.

(Little Guides.

STREATFEILD. Small Pott svo. Cloth, HAMPSHIRE. Illustrated by M. E. 15. 6d. net; leather, as. 6d. net. PURSER. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 35. :

(Little Library Leather, 3s. 6d. net. (Little Guides. Davenport (Cyril). MEZZOTINTS Cox (Harold), B.A. LAND NATIONAL- With 40 Plates in Photogravure. Wide IZATION." Crown 8vo.

Royal 8vo. 255. net. [Social Questions Series.

(Connoisseurs Library.

23. 60.

JEWELLERY. With numerous Illustrations. Dole (N. E.) FAMOUS COMPOSERS. Demy rómo. 28. 6d. ret.

With Portraits, Two l'olumes. Deney [Little Books on Art. 80o. 123. met. Dawson (A. J.). MOROCCO. Being a Dowden (J.), D.D., Lord Bishop of Edinbundle of jottings, notes, impressions, tales,

burgh. THE WORKMANSHIP OF and tributes With many Illustrations.

THE PRAYER BOOK: Its Literary Demy 8vo. 10s. 6d. net.

and Liturgical Aspects. Second Edition. Deane (A. C.). A LITTLE BOOK OF Driver (S. R.), D.D., Canon of Christ Church,

Crown 8vo. 35.6d. (Churchman's Library. LIGHT VERSE. With an Introduction and Notes. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, is. 6d.

Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University

of Oxford. SERMONS ON SUBJECTS net; leather, 25. 6d. net. (Little Library. CONNECTED WITH THE OLD Delbos (Leon). THE METRIC SYSTEM.

TESTAMENT. Crown 8vo. 6s. Croren 870,

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. With Notes Demosthenes : THE OLYNTHIACS and Introduction. Second Edition. Demy AND PHILIPPICS. Translated upon a

8vo. 108. 6d. (Westminster Commentaries. new principle by OTHO HOLLAND. Crown Duguid (Charles), City Editor of the 8vo. . 25. 6.d.

Morning Post, author of the 'Story of the Demosthenes. AGAINST CONON AND

Stock Exchange,' etc. THE STOCK CALLICLES. Edited with Notes and

EXCHANGE. Second Edition. Crown

8vo. Vocabulary, by F. DARWIN SWIFT, M.A.

25. 64. net. (Books on Business. Fcap. 8vo. 2s.

Duncan (S. J.) (Mrs. COTES), Author of Dickens (Charles).

"A Voyage of Consolation.' ON THE


Second Edition. Crowr 870. 6s. Illustrations by Seymour and Priz, the Dunn (J. T.), D.Sc., and Mundella (V. A) two Buss Plates and the 32 Contemporary GENERAL ELEMENTARY SCIENCE. Onwhyn Plates. 35. 6d. net.

With 114 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 38. 61, This is a particularly interesting volume, Dunstan A. E), B.Sc. See W.T. CLOUGH. containing, as it does, reproductions of very Durham (The Earl of). A REPORT ON

rare plates. (Illustrated Pocket Library. CANADA. With an Introductory Note. Dickinson (Emily). POEMS. First Series. Deney 8vo. 75. 6d, net. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d, net.

Dutt (W. A.). NORFOLK. Illustrated by Dickinson (G. L.), M.A., Fellow of King's B. C. BOULTER. Small Pott 8vo. Clotk,

College, Cambridge. THE GREEKVIEW 35.; leather, 35. 6d. net. (Little Guides OF LIFE, Third Edition. Crown 8vo. A POPULAR GUIDE TO NORFOLK. 25. 6.

[University Extension Series. Medium 8vo. 6d. Net. Dickson (H. N.), F.R.S. É., F.R.Met. Soc. SUFFOLK. Illustrated by J. WYLIE. METEOROLÓGY. Illustrated. Crown

Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, 3s. ; leather, 38.6.1. 8vo. 28. 6d. (University Extension Series.


(Little Guides

THE NORFOLK BROADS. With Dilke (Lady), Bulley (Miss), and Whitley

coloured and other Illustrations by FRANK (Miss). WOMEN'S WORK. Crown

SOUTHGATE. Large Demy 8vo.

219. net. 8vo. 29. 60.

[Social Questions Series. Earle (John), Bishop of Salisbury, MICRODillon (Edward). PORCELAIN. With

COSMOGRAPHIE, OR A PIECE OF many Plates in Colour and Photogravure. THE WORLD DISCOVERED; IN Wide Royal 8vo. 258. net.

ESSAYES AND CHARACTERS. Post 16mo. (Connoisseurs Library. 29. net.

(Rariora. Ditchfield (P.H.), M.A., F.S.A. ENGLISH

Reprinted from the Sixth Edition pubVILLAGES. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 6s. lished by Robert Allot in 1633. THE STORY OF OUR ENGLISH | Edwards (Clement). RAILWAY

TOWNS. With Introduction by NATIONALIZATION. Crown 8vo. AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D. Second Edition.

(Social Questions Series Crown 8vo. 6s.

Edwards (W. Douglas). COMMERCIAL OLD ENGLISH CUSTOMS: Extant at LAW. Crown 8vo. the Present Time. An Account of Local

(Commercial Series Observances, Festival Customs, and Ancient Egan (Pierce). LIFE IN LONDON, OR Ceremonies yet Surviving in Great Britain. THE DAY AND NIGHT SCENES OF JERRY Crown 8vo. 6s.


With 36 TENNYSON. Second Edition. Crown Coloured Plates by I. R. and G. CRUIK80.

SHANK. With numerous designs on wood. ENGLISH POETRY FROM BLAKE TO Fcap. 8vo 45. 6d. net.

BROWNING. Second Edition, Crown Also a limited edition on large Japanese 8vo, 28. 6d(University Extension Series. paper. 308. net. [Illustrated Pocket Library

25. 60.

23. 6.




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3s. 60.



Edition. With a Commentary by Mrs. RAMBLES AND ADVENTURES Bos STEPHEN BATSON, and a Biography of TALLYHO, ESQ., AND HIS Cousin, the Hon. Omar by E. D. Ross. Crown 8vo. 6s. TOM DASHALL. With


Coloured Plates EUPHRANOR: a Dialogue on Youth. by ALKEN and RowLANDSON, etc. Two Demy 32mo Leather, 2s. net. Volumes. Fcap. 8vo. gs. net.

(Miniature Library. [Illustrated Pocket Library. | POLONIUS: or Wise Saws and Modern THE LIFE OF AN ACTOR. With 27 Instances. Demy 32mo. Leather, 25. net. Coloured Plates by THEODORE LANE, and

(Miniature Library. several designs on wood. Fcap. 8vo. 45. 6d. FitzGerald (E. A.). THE HIGHEST net.

[Illustrated Pocket Library. ANDES. With 2 Maps, 51 Illustrations, Egerton (H. E.), M.A. A HISTORY OF 13 of which are in Photogravure, and a BRITISH COLONIAL POLICY. Demy Panorama. Royal 8vo. 305. net. 8vo.

Flecker (W. H.), M.A., D.C.L., Headmaster A Colonial Edition is also published. of the Dean Close School, Cheltenham. Ellaby (C. G.). ROME. Illustrated by THE STUDENTS' PRAYER BOOK.

B. Č. BOULTER. Small Pott 8vo. Cloth, Part 1. MORNING AND EVENING PRAYER 35. ; leather, 3s. 6d, net. (Little G

AND LITANY. With an Introduction and Ellerton (F. G.). See S. J. Stone.

Notes. Crown 8vo. 29. 60. Ellwood (Thomas), THE HISTORY OF Flux (A. W.), M.A., William Dow Professor THE LIFE OF. Edited by C. G. CRUMP,

of Political Economy in M'Gill University, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Montreal: sometime Fellow of St. John's Engel (E.). A HISTORY OF ENGLISH

College, Cambridge, and formerly StanleyLITÈRATURE: From its Beginning to

Jevons Professor of Political Economy in Tennyson. Translated from the German.

the Owens Coll., Manchester. ECONOMIC Demy 8vo. 75. 6d. net.

PRINCIPLES. Demy 8vo. 75. 6d. net. Fairbrother(W. H.), M.A. THE PHILO- Fortescue (Mrs. G.) HOLBEIN. With SOPHY OF T. H. GREEN,

25. 6d. net. Second

30 Illustrations. Demy 16mo. Edition, Crown 8vo.

(Little Books on Art. FELISSA; OR, THE LIFE AND Fraser (J. F.). ROUND THE WORLD

OPINIONS OF A KITTEN OF ON A WHEEL. With 100 Illustrations. SENTIMENT. With 12 Coloured Plates.

Third Edition Crown 8vo. 6s. Post 16mo. 25. 6d. net. (51x31).

A Colonial Edition is also published. From the edition published by J. Harris, French (W.), M.A., Principal of the Storey 1811.

Institute, Lancaster. PRACTICAL

CHEMISTRY. Part I. With numerous Farter (Reginald). THE GARDEN OF ASIA. Crown 8vo. 65.

Diagrams. Crown 8vo. A Colonial Edition is also published.

(Textbooks of Technology.

French (W.), M.A., and Boardman (T. H.), Ferrier(Susan). MARRIAGE. Edited by M.A. PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY.

Miss GOODRICH FREER and Lord IDDES- Part II. With numerous Diagrams. Crown
LEIGH. Two Volumes. Small Pott 8vo.

Is. 6d.

[Textbooks of Technology. Each, volume, cloth, 1s. 6d. ret; leather, Freudenreich (Ed. von). DAIRY 28. 6d. net.

(Little Library BACTERIOLOGY. A Short Manual for THE INHERITANCE. Two Volumes. the Use of Students. Translated by J. R.

Small Pott 8vo. Each Volume, cloth, is. 6d. AINSWORTH Davis, M.A. Second Edition. net. ; leather, 2s.6d. net. (Little Library. Revised. Crown 8vo. Finn (S. W.), M.A. JUNIOR ALGEBRA Fulford (H. W.), M.A. THE EPISTLE EXAMINATION PAPERS. Fcap. 8vo. OF ST. JAMES. With Notes and IntroWith or Without Answers, 1S.

duction. Fcap. 8vo. IS. 61. net. (Junior Examination Series.

[Churchman's Bible. Firth (C.H.), M.A. CROMWELL'S ARMY: C. G., and F. C. G. JOHN BULL'S

A History of the English Soldier during the ADVENTURES IN THE FISCAL Civil Wars, the Commonwealth, and the WONDERLAND. By CHARLES GEAKE. Potectorate. Crown 8vo.

With 46 Illustrations by F. CARRUTHERS Fisher (G. W.), M.A. ANNALS OF

GOULD. Second Ed. Crown 8vo. 29.6d. net. SHREWSBURY SCHOOL. With Gambado(Geoffrey,Esq.). AN ACADEMY numerous Illustrations. Demy 8vo. Ios. 6d. FOR GROWN HORSEMEN: Contain. FitzGerald (Edward)., THE RUB'AIYÁT ing the completest Instructions for Walking, OF OMAR KHAYYAM. From the First Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling, Edition of 1859. Second Edition. Leather, and Tumbling. Illustrated with 27 Coloured IS. net.

(Miniature Library. Plates, and adorned with a Portrait of the THE RUBAIYÁT OF OMAR KHAY. Author. Fcap. 8vo.

38. 6d, net. YAM. Printed from the Fifth and last

[Illustrated Pocket Library, A 2

IS. 6d.

28. 6d.

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