The Mastery series. German

D. Appleton & Company, 1874

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Página 12 - Historical and Critical Commentary on the Old Testament ; with a New Translation. By MM KALISCH, Ph.D. Vol. I. Genesis, Svo. iSs. or adapted for the General Reader, 12s. Vol. II. Exodus, 15^. or adapted for the General Reader, 12s. Vol. III. Leviticus, Part I. 15^.
Página 109 - To gain a thorough command of the common phrases which the majority use exclusively, and all men use chiefly, is the goal at which the " Mastery System " aims ; and we think that that goal can be reached by its means more easily, and in a shorter time, than by any method yet made known.
Página 2 - An Edition, printed in Pencil ink, of the Ready Writer, Books I. to VIII. marked severally Books A to H may also be had, price Threepence each Book. Combes, Stevens, and Hole's Complete Writer ; a Set of 16Graduated CopyBooks, on Fine Paper, price 4».
Página 11 - School History of England, abridged, 12mo 6*. — First Book of History— England, 18mo. 2*. or 2 Parts each 9d. — British Colonies, or Second Book of History. 18mo 9d. — British India, or Third Book of History, 18mo 9d. Historical Questions on the above Three Histories, 18mo 9d. Littlewood's Essentials of English History, fcp S*.
Página 109 - We know that there are some who have given Mr. Prendergast's plan a trial, and discovered that in a very few weeks its results had surpassed all their auticipations."— The Record.
Página 1 - Answers to the Arithmetical Exercises in Standards I. II. and III. price 4d, in Standard IV. price 4d. in Standards V. and VI. Id. or complete, price 1*. 2d. Stevens and Hole's Advanced Lesson Book, 12mo 2*. — Useful Knowledge Reading Books :— Boys
Página viii - English versions are absolutely essential for the practice of oral composition : because without such facility the process will be tedious in the extreme, and the mastery of every word will be unattainable. Rapidity of utterance should be cultivated in order to secure a greater number of repetitions in each sitting, and thus to economise time and labour, while naturalising each sentence. No one ever gained a fluent command over many words without first mastering a few at a time, and this ought to...
Página 2 - Marmion, edited for Schools, by Morris, fcp 2». 6d. Thomson's Seasons, Spring and Summer, by Morris, fcp 2».
Página 2 - Secular Early Lesson-Book. Part II. Proverbs 4d. — Advanced Reading-Book ; Lessons in English History, 18mo lOd.
Página 2 - Grammar, 12mo 1*. 6d, — First Book of Grammar, Geography, and History, 12mo „. 6d. The Stepping-Stone to English Grammar, 18mo '. 1*.

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