Parliamentary Papers, Volumen32


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Página 1 - ... and effect hereafter ensuing, to such substantial and indifferent persons as shall be named by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Treasurer of England, and the two Chief Justices for the time being, or by three of them, whereof the Lord Chancellor to be one.
Página 24 - Improvement», :i.',-,,r,lmu' to the recommendations made by the Commissioners of Inquiry into the means of improving the Health of Towns and densely populated district«, and ascertain how far the principle of their recommendation...
Página 26 - agues prevalent sixty years ago in consequence of marshes, now never met with.' Oswell, 'ague prevailed formerly, but not since the land was drained.' Perth — Methven, 'the north much improved by draining.' Redgorton, 'healthy; no prevailing disease; ague was frequent formerly, but not since the land has been drained and planted.
Página 1 - ... distributed in courts by stand-pipes on intermittent days. The fatigue of fetching it was so great that they only used it for purposes which they deemed of absolute necessity, such as cooking; they rarely bestowed much of it on their own clothes or persons. I remember it well, as a fact, that the water, from being kept so long, and absorbing the impurities of these places, smelt very bad.
Página 2 - ... of the utmost caution by all the inhabitants of such parts of the country becomes indispensably necessary. The quarantine regulations established by the Government are sufficient, it is confidently hoped, to prevent the disorder from being communicated through any intercourse with the Continent in the regular channel of trade or passage, but they cannot guard against its introduction by means of the secret and surreptitious intercourse which is known to exist between the coast of England and...

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