The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 ; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volumen16

Reuben Gold Thwaites
Burrows Bros. Company, 1898
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Establishment of Jesuit missions: Abenaki ; Quebec ; Montreal ; Huron ; Iroquois ; Ottawa ; and Lousiana.

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Página 229 - French settlements, some Sailor or Soldier seeing for the first time this species of barbarians, some of whom wore their hair in ridges, — a ridge of hair one or two fingers wide appearing upon the middle of their heads, and on either side the same amount being shaved off, then another ridge of hair, others having one side of the head shaved clean, and the other side adorned with hair hanging to their shoulders, this fashion of wearing the hair making their heads look to him like those of boars...
Página 251 - The freedom of the children in these countries is so great, and they prove so incapable of government and discipline, that, far from being able to hope for the conversion of the country through the instruction of the children, we must even despair of their instruction without the conversion of the parents.
Página 259 - Natives, and so preserved all the yeare, which they beat to powder, and mingle it with their parcht meale, and make a delicate dish which they call Sautauthig; which is as sweet to them as plum or spice cake to the English.
Página 253 - ... We were considering three other languages, of Peoples that are nearest to us, — that of the Algonquains, scattered on all sides, both to the South and to the North of our great Lake; that of the Neutral Nation, which is a main gateway for the Southern tribes; that of the Nation of the Stinkards, which is one of the most important openings for the Western tribes, and somewhat more for the Northern. But we have not yet found ourselves strong enough to keep our acquisitions, and at the same time...
Página 165 - endure in the least those who seem desirous of assuming superiority over the others, and place all virtue in a certain gentleness or apathy,"26 who imagine that they ought by right of birth, to enjoy the liberty of wild ass colts, rendering no homage to anyone whomsoever, except when they like.
Página 227 - Ilurons themselves on the subject of their origin. That writer's words regarding their former history are as follows: — "The general name, and that which is common to these four Nations, in the language of the country is Wendat; the individual names are Attignawantan, Attigneenongnahac, Arendahronons, and Tohontaenrat. The first two are the two most important, having received the others into their country, as it were, and adopted them — the one fifty years ago, and the other thirty. These first...
Página 229 - It is about forty years since these people resolved to seek some safe route by which to come themselves and trade with the French, of whom they had some knowledge, — particularly through the reports of some of their number who, going to engage in war against their enemies, had occasionally been at the place where the French were at that time trading with the other barbarians of these countries.
Página 251 - ... they prove so incapable of government and discipline, that, far from being able to hope for the conversion of the country through the instruction of the children, we must even despair of their instruction without the conversion of their parents. And consequently, as well considered, the first matter to which we should attend is the stability of the marriages of our Christians, who give us children that may in good time be reared in the fear of God and their parents. (ibid. 16:251) In short, Christian...
Página 231 - Hurons' and this is the name that has clung to them ever since. Others attribute it to some other though similar origin, but what we have just related seems the most authentic.
Página 33 - ... everything at the first stroke. If the Savages are capable of astonishment, they will experience it here ; for among them no heed is paid to the sick, especially if they are considered sick unto death; they are looked upon as beings of another world, with whom is held no intercourse, no conversation. I must state, in passing, that here are four great works bound together by a single tie — the settlement of the Savages, the Hospital, the Seminary for little Savage boys, and the seminary for...

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