Heredity: A Psychological Study of Its Phenomena, Laws, Causes, and Consequences

D. Appleton, 1898 - 393 páginas

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Página 314 - It is unaccountable why half-castes, such as he, are so much more cruel than the Portuguese ; but such is undoubtedly the case." An inhabitant remarked to Livingstone, '' God made white men, and God made black men, but the devil made the half-castes." When two races, both low in the
Página 266 - consciousness. Sensations excite ideas and emotions ; the latter in turn awaken other ideas and emotions, and so on—that is to say, the tension existing in certain nerves, or groups of nerves, when they give us sensations, ideas, or emotions, produces an equivalent tension in some other nerves, or groups of nerves, with which they are connected.
Página 136 - who is a good authority on the question, remarks : ' I have not, to my knowledge, ever had to attend an idiotic son of an idiot, or even the son of a man of weak intellect ; but I have often found in the family of one of my pupils an aunt, an uncle, or
Página 103 - de Guise down to that one who, all alone, and unexpectedly, put himself at the head of the people of Naples, they were all—in look, courage, and character— above ordinary men. I have seen full-length portraits of
Página 153 - father to son, from mother to daughter. ß. The other, which occurs more frequently, is where heredity occurs between different sexes—from father to daughter, from mother to son. 2. Reversional Heredity, or atavism, consists in the reproduction in the descendants of the moral or physical qualities of their ancestors. It occurs frequently between grandfather and grandson, grandmother and granddaughter. 3. Collateral, or

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