The History of Rome, Volumen2

C. Scribner, 1870

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Página 118 - The power which he wielded over men is shown by his incomparable control over an army of various nations and many tongues — an army which never in the worst times mutinied against him. He was a great man ; wherever he went, he riveted the eyes of all.
Página 258 - In steadfast resistance to the public enemy under whatever name, in unshaken fidelity towards their native country and their hereditary government, and in persevering courage amidst the severest trials, no nation in ancient history bears so close a resemblance to the Roman people as the Macedonians; and the almost miraculous regeneration of the state after the Gallic invasion redounds to the imperishable honour of its leaders and of the people whom they led. Asia. The second of the great states,...
Página 117 - Samnito, were guilty of doing in his name, nothing occurs in the accounts regarding him which may not be justified in the circumstances, and according to the international law, of the times ; and all agree in this, that he combined in rare perfection discretion and enthusiasm, caution and energy. He was peculiarly marked by that inventive craftiness, which forms one of the leading traits of the Phoenician character ; he was fond of taking singular...
Página 148 - In haste, the consul followed the line of march of the enemy, who passed by Arezzo and moved slowly through the rich valley of the Chiana towards Perugia. He overtook him in the district of Cortona, where Hannibal, accurately informed of his antagonist's march, had had full time to select his field of battle — a narrow defile between two steep mountain walls, closed at its outlet by a high hill, and at its entrance by the Trasimene lake. With the flower of his infantry he barred the outlet ; the...

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