The Seven Faces of God

Xulon Press, 2007 - 192 páginas
Man created in God's image is much like his Creator, he is very relational. The inability of man to interact with God affects him in 7 other fundamental relationships in his life. In this book, the author has presented seven needful relationships which, if attained, will bring a complete fulfillment in the soul of every individual. Without any fulfillment in his soul, man will cling to any thing that brings him a temporary relief, thus the source of many frustrations. The writer is trying to show his readers that God has a perfect spot in the heart of each man called, "the secret place." The author takes his readers through a simplistic approach on how to relate to God in 7 relational dimensions, and challenge them to translate the result in their personal lives with others. Apostle Tumba J Kanyinda was born January 3, 1962 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. He came to USA twenty years ago, and served in the US Army for 11 years. He is married to Martine for 15 years, has one boy and two girls. He began his ministries 15 years ago while he was stationed in Wiesbaden Germany. He is a prolific Bible teacher, a preacher and a father to pastors and ministers in three continents. He was confirmed as an Apostle in 2003. As a builder, he is the founder and senior pastor of Tampa Harvest Church in Florida. He is also the President of Christ Global Ministries, a network of churches stretching from Canada, USA, Europe and Africa.

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This is an amazing book! The more I read the more I found out some work needed to be done in the way I relate to God and people. The remarkable way the author presented God give more to the readers to want to know God at little better and approach him at little closer. It is a must read! I can use this book as a devotional in my daily prayer. It surely has my confidence boosted and my hope lifted. 

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