Bibliotheca zoologica II: verzeichness der schriften über zoologie ...

Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, 1890
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Página 2044 - ... science , by JS Baly. — Descriptions of new Species of Lucanoid Coleoptera; with remarks on the genus Cantharolethrus , and supplementary List, by Major Parry (including descriptions by M. Snellen van Vollenhoven and Prof. Westwood). — Descriptions of some new Papilionidae, by JO Westwood. -- Note on the Diurnal Lepidoptera described by Jablonsky and Herbst, in their „Natursystem aller bekannten Insekten,
Página 2211 - BRITISH BEES; an Introduction to the study of the Natural History and Economy of the Bees indigenous to the British Isles. By WE SHUCKARD.
Página 1967 - The larva; of Arthemis feed on the leaves of willow, aspen, basswood, and, it is said, on thorn. In the Catskills, the eggs are laid the last days of...
Página 1855 - Rapport à SM l'Empereur sur les travaux entrepris par ses ordres pour l'introduction du Ver à soie de l'ailante en France et en Algérie.
Página 1786 - NATURAL HISTORY OF BRITISH MOTHS. Accurately delineating every known species, with the English as well as the scientific names, accompanied by full descriptions, date of appearance...
Página 2308 - F. — Physiologie de l'Abeille, suivi de l'art de soigner et d'exploiter les abeilles d'après une méthode simple, facile et applicable à toutes sortes de ruches. In-12. (Lyon.) JB Baillière et fils.
Página 2147 - Vinson, Note sur les Vers à soie de Madagascar qui pourraient être acclimatés à la Réunion.
Página 1745 - Strecker, Herman. Lepidoptera, rhopaloceres and heteroceres, indigenous and exotic : with descriptions and colored illustrations : nos. 1-13. Reading, Pa., 1872-76. In 1 v. 4'.
Página 2198 - Observations on the Neuration of the Hind Wings of Hymenopterous Insects, and on the Hooks, which join the Fore and Hind Wings together during flight.
Página 2192 - On the Form of the Cells made by various Wasps, and by the Honey Bee ; with an Appendix on the Origin of Species. 8vo pamph. Dublin. 1863. Essay on Comparative Petrology. By MJ Durocher. Translated from the

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