The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales: Adapted to the Most Recent Statistical Arrangements, and Lines of Railroad and Canal Communication, with a Complete County-atlas of England ... Maps of Wales, and an Appendix, Containing ... the Census of 1841, Volumen2

A. Fullarton & Company, 1851

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Página 196 - That day she was dressed in white silk, bordered with pearls of the size of beans, and over it a mantle of black silk, shot with silver threads; her train was very long, the end of it borne by a marchioness; instead of a chain, she had an oblong collar of gold and jewels.
Página 184 - The bosom of the mountains, spreading here into a broad basin discovers in the midst Grasmere-water, its margin is hollowed into small bays with bold eminences : some of 'them rocks, some of soft turf that half conceal and vary the figure of the little lake they command. From the shore a low promontory pushes itself far into the water, and on it stands a white village with the parish...
Página 232 - ... he should, after three markets, or meeting days, within the town of Halifax, next after such his apprehension, and being condemned, be taken to the gibbet, and have his head cut off from his body.
Página 60 - the uniformity of the structure, as it at present stands, seems to prove beyond a doubt, that the whole (as the uniform tradition of different writers has delivered down to us) was the fruit of one great design , and its singular elegance does as much honour to the taste as its noble size does to the munificence of the founder.
Página 186 - Mayor, Jurats, and Inhabitants of the Villages and Parishes of Gravesend and Melton in the County of Kent.
Página 225 - ... birch, and the broad arms of the majestic oak. Through the bottom of this abyss, the river Mynach pours its roaring tide, hidden from the eye by the deep shade of woods, but bursting upon the ear in the awful
Página 244 - The church is a fine structure, on the side of a hill, on the summit of which is a noble castle, serving both as the shire-house and the county-goal.
Página 184 - ... and meadows green as an emerald, with their trees and hedges, and cattle, fill up the whole space from the edge of the water...
Página 63 - The mayor, recorder, and 8 aldermen, were justices of the peace for the city and county of the city : they were also justices of gaol delivery for the county of the city ; and had an exclusive jurisdiction.
Página 234 - The town of Halifax cannot boast of great antiquity ; its name is not found in Domesday book, nor is it mentioned in any ancient record, before a grant of its church was made by the lord of the manor, Earl Warren, to the priory of Lewes, in Sussex, probably in the early part of the 12th century.

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