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The LIFE of ANDREW MELVILLE; containing Illustra

tions of the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland, during the latter part of the Sixteenth and beginning of the Seventeenth Century. With an Appendix, consisting of Original Papers. By THOMAS M'CRIE, D. D., Minister of the Gospel, Edinburgh, Author

of the Life of Knox. 2 vols. 8vo. This Work may be viewed as a Continuation of the History of the Scottish Church, given in the Life of John Knox by the same Author; but as Melville, besides taking an active part in the Public Transactions of his Time, was successively at the Head of two of the Universities of Scotland, it will enter much more fully into the State of Education and the Progress of Literature, than the Author found himself warranted to do in the Life of the Reformer.

SERMONS, Doctrinal, Practical, and Critical. By THOMAS

DUNHAM WHITAKER, LL. D. F. S. A., Vicar of Whalley, and Rector

of Heysham, in Lancashire. 8vo. A MANUAL of CHEMISTRY; containing the principal

Facts of the Science, arranged in the order in which they are dis-
cussed and illustrated in the Lectures at the Royal Institution.
With a Prefatory History of the Science. By W.T. BRANDE, F.R.S.,
Secretary to the Royal Society of London. With upwards of 100

Wood-cuts. In one volume, 8vo.

By the late John Robison, LL.D., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University, and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. With Notes and Illustrations, comprising the most recent Discoveries in the Physical Sciences. By DaviD BREWSTER, LL. D. F. R. S. E.

With numerous Plates, in 4 vols. 8vo. A TREATISE on the KALEIDOSCOPE, containing an

Account of the Principles and Construction of the Instrument, and of its application in various forms to the useful Arts. By David

BREWSTER, LL.D., F.R.S.E. 12mo. LETTERS from the NORTH of ITALY, relating principally

to the Government, Statistics, Manners, Language, and Literature of that Country. Addressed to Henry Hallam, Esq., by

WILLIAM STEWART Rose, Esq. 8vo. JOURNAL of an EXPEDITION over Part of the (hitherto)

TERRA INCOGNITA of AUSTRALASIA, performed by Command of the British Government of the Territory of New South Wales, in the Year 1817. By John Oxley, Esq., Surveyor-General of the Territory, and Lieutenant of the Royal Navy With a large Map, 4to.


POLAR REGIONS; undertaken chiefly for the purpose of discovering a North-East, North-West, or Polar Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific : from the earliest period of Scandinavian Navigation, to the Departure of the recent Expeditions, under the orders of Captains Ross and Buchan. By John Barrow, F.R.S. To which are added a Narrative of Capt. Buchan's Expedition into the Interior of Newfoundland, and a Relation of the Discovery of the Strait of Anian, made by Capt. L. F. Maldonado, in the year 1588.

With an original Map of the Arctic Regions. One vol. 8vo. “ How shall I admire your heroic courage, ye marine worthies, beyond all names of worthiness! that neyther dread so long eyther presence or absence of the sunne ; nor those foggy mysts, tempestuous winds, cold blasts, snowes and hayle in the ayre: nor the unequall seas, which might amaze tbe hearer, and amate the beholder, where the Tritons and Neptune's self would quake with chilling feare, to behold such monstrous icie ilands, renting themselves with terrour of their own massines, and disdayning otherwise both the sea's sovereigntie, and the sunne's hottest violence; mustering themselves in those watery plaines where they hold a continual civill warre, and, rushing one upon another, make windes and waves give backe; seeming to rent the ears of others, while they rent themselves with crashing and splitting their con. gealed armours."-Purchas. An ACCOUNT of the MISSION from CAPE COAST

CASTLE to the KINGDOM of ASHANTEE, in AFRICA: comprising its History, Laws, Superstitions, Customs, Architecture, Trade, &c. To which is added, a Translation, from the Arabic, of an Account of Mr. Park's Death, &c. By THOMAS EDWARD BOWDICH, Esq., Conductor and Chief of the Embassy. With a Map, and several Plates of Architecture, Costumes, Processions, &c. In one 4to. volume.


EASTERN AFRICA. Performed in the Months of February and March, 1813. By J. L. BURCKHARDT. To which are prefixed, a Life of the Author, and a Portrait. Published by the AFRICAN ASSOCIATION.


Years 1817, 1818. By WILLIAM MACMICHAEL, M.D. F.R.S., one of
Dr. Radcliffe's Travelling Fellows, from the University of Oxford,

With plates, 4to.
LİFE and ADVENTURES of ANTAR, a celebrated Bedowen

Chief, Warrior, and Poet, who flourished a few years prior to the Mahommedan Æra. Now first translated from the original Arabic, by TERRICK HAMILTON, Esq., Oriental Secretary to the British

Embassy to Constantinople. Cr. 8vo. ANASTASIUS, or MEMOIRS of a GREEK, written by

Himself. 3 vols. cr. 8vo.


CHARACTERS of Books and Men. By the Rev. Joseph SPENCE. 8vo. On the TOPOGRAPHY and ANTIQUITIES of ATHENS.


Doctor in Philosophy, Director of the Gymnasium, and Librarian of the Ducal Library at Altenburg; Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences at Erfurt, of the Latin Society at Jena, and of the Society of Sciences and Arts at Mentz. · Translated into English from the German, by the late Rev. E. V. BLOMFIELD, M. A., Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge. The Work is printing at the

Cambridge University Press, and will form 2 volumes in 8vo. The superiority of this Grammar of the Greek Language to all that had preceded it is universally acknowledged by Continental Scholars, who conspire in giving it the highest character. The Author is well known to the literary world as one of the ablest and most judicious philologists of the present day. In composing this work he has availed himself of all the improvements which have been made in the science of Grammar by the scholars of Holland, Germany, and England; and he has been pårticularly careful to supply the deficiency for which preceding Grammars were remarkable, by giving a copious and accurate account of the laws of Syntax.

The present translation was nearly finished and ready for the press, when the hand of Providence arrested its author in his career of promise, and left to his friends the melancholy satisfaction of doing honour to his memory by carrying his purpose into effect. The COMEDIES of ARISTOPHANES. Translated from the

Greek, with numerous illustrative Notes. By Thomas MITCHELL,

A.M., late Fellow of Sidney-Sussex College, Camb. 2 vols. 8vo. Of eleven Comedies, the valuable remains of fifty-four, written by this celebrated Author of antiquity, two only have yet appeared in such an English dress as to attract the attention of the public. The present publication attempts to supply a deficiency, long felt in our Literature, by offering a Version of the remaining pieces; and the Translator thus hopes to furnish the general reader with the means of ascertaining the nature and merits of that peculiar branch of the Drama, known by the name of the OLD COMEDY. The basis of translation has been a Blank Verse, modelled on the phraseology of our old Dramatic Writers, with an occasional use of such metres as seemed best adapted to suit the varieties of an Author abounding in rapid transitions, and indulging in every combination of numbers. Of some of the Plays it has not been thought advisable to give entire translations ; in these a prose narrative has been adopted, to connect the scenes and carry on the story; and

translated parts will be to the untranslated, at least in the proportion of three to one. By this expedient, points of local lnmonr can be set in a stronger light by the force of contrast; and scenes may be entirely omitted or narrated in a manner more consistent with delicacy and reserve than the early Comedy of all nations has been found to observe. Ample notes will be added; and such as, it is hoped, will leave the reader no difficulty in understanding, and relishing the text of an anthor, professedly engaged in the history and politics of his own times. Without presuming to offer a work conducted on these principles to the notice of the learned, it is thought that such a publication may not be unacceptable to the curiosity of the English reader; that it may offer materials for tracing the progress of Comedy as a branch of art, and may serve to give a nearer and more accurate view of the manners and political relations of a country, the language, customs, and mythology of which, we have woven very deeply into our national system of education. MEMOIRS of the First Thirty-two Years of the LIFE of

JAMI HARDY VAUX, now transported for Life to New South

Wales. Written by Himself. 2 vols. 12mo.
LIVES of HAYDN and MOZART. Second Edition, Svo.


TIMES. By Dr. WILLIAM KING, Principal of St. Mary Hall,

Oxford. Cr. 8vo. ! The COURT of ENGLAND in 1626. Being a Translation

of Marshal Bassompiere's Account of his Embassy to London,

with Notes and Commentaries. 8vo. SECOND MEMOIR on BABYLON; containing an Enquiry

into the Correspondence between the ancient Descriptions of Babylon, and the Remains still visible on the Site. Suggested by the " Remarks” of Major Rennel, published in the Archæologia. By

CLAUDIUS JAMES Rich, Esq. 8vo.
The DESATEER, with the ancient Persian Translations, and

Commentary; and a Glossary of the ancient Persian Words. By
MULLA Feruz Bin Mulla Kaws. To which will be added, an

English Translation. 2 vols. 4to. The Desâteer is one of the most singular books that has appeared in the East. It professes to be a Collection of the Writings of the different Persian Prophets, from the time of Morâbâd to the time of the fifth Sâssân, being fifteen in nun ber; of whom Zerdusht, whom, following the Greeks, we call Zoroaster, was the thirteenth, and the fifth Sassân the last. This Sâssân lived in the time of Khusrou Purvez, who was contemporary with the Emperor Heraclius, and died only nine years before the destruction of the ancient Persian monarchy. NARRATIVE of the EXPEDITION to ALGIERS, in the

Year 1916, under the Command of the Right Honourable Admiral Lord Viscount EXMOUTH. By Mr. ABRAHAM SALAME', a Native of Alexandria in Egypt, Interpreter in His Britannic Majesty's Service for the Oriental Languages, who accompanied his Lordship in quality of Interpreter, for the subsequent Negotiations with the Dey. Published by permission, and ornamented with a Portrait, and other Plates. 8vo.

NARRATIVE of the EXPEDITION which sailed from Eng

land, in the Winter of 1817, under the command of Colonels Campbell, Gilmore, Wilson, and Hippesley, to join the South American Patriots ; comprising an Account of the delusive Engagements upon which it was fitted out; the Proceedings, Distresses, and ultimate Fate of the Troops: with Observations and Authentic Information, elucidating the real Character of the Contest, as respects the Mode of Warfare, and present State. of the Independent Armies; including a Detail of the Difficulties encountered by the Author, after his Brigade had been disbanded, and put ashore on the Island of Saint Bartholomew; and of his ultimately being compelled to work his Passage to England as a Seaman on board a West-Indiaman. By James HACKETT, First Lieutenant in the late Artillery Brigade. 8vo.

HAKEWILL'S VIEWS in ITALY, illustrative of Addison,

Eustace, Forsyth, &e. The Second Number, containing I. Bridge of Augustus at Kimini, and distant Town of St. Marino. By Landseer. II. Rome.-Bridge and Castle of St. Angelo, on the Tiber. By Hollis. III. Rome.- The Roman Forum, from the Tower of the Capitol. By George Cooke. IV. Stanza della Biga. V. Stanza delle Muse. By Moses.


POLA. By THOMAS Allason, Architect. Engraved by W. B. Cooke, George Cooke, and H. Moses. Handsomely printed in 1 vol. Royal folio.

MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES of Great Britain ; consisting of

Etchings from Figures executed by the Sculptor, and introduced into our Cathedrals and Churches as Memorials for the Dead; from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Henry VIII. Drawn and


of ENGLAND. Engraved by W. B. Cooke and G. Cooke, from Original Drawings by J. M. W. Turner, R.A.; with appropriate Letter-press Descriptions. No. X. 4to.

DELINEATIONS of the CITY of POMPEII; engraved by

W. B. COOKE, from accurate Drawings made in the Year 1817, by MAJOR COCKBURN, of the Royal Artillery. To be completed in Four Parts. Part II. Folio.

THE THAMES.-A Picturesque Delineation of the most beau

tiful Scenery on the banks of that noble River, from its Source to its Confluence with the Sea. Engraved by W. B. Cooke and GEORGE Cooke, from Original Drawings, made expressly for the Work, by S. Owen, and other eminent Artists. No. V. Royal 4to.

MUSEUM CRITICUM; or, Cambridge Classical Researches,

No. VII. 8vo.


BAY, with Plates, 4to.


BURGH. Illustrated with Engravings. Vol. IX. Part I. 4to. JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and the ARTS,

edited at the ROYAL INSTITUTION of Great Britain, No. XII., with Plates, 8vo.

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