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means of returning to their native land, are probably at this moment wandering friendless and destitute amongst the West India Islands, dependent upon the bounty of the humane and charitable. A few, indeed, not equally devoid of resources, or to whom sympathy for their sufferings induced some kind-hearted seaman to afford a gratuitous passage, have returned to Europe, -warning examples to those who may at this moment be preparing, under a similar delusion, to engage in the same hopeless speculation

Of the few thus rescued from impending misery, it was my good fortune to be one; and I now submit the following Narrative to the Public, in the sincere hope, that a knowledge of the circumstances it records, and the hopes and anxiety I and my associateş experienced, may preșerve others not only from sirnilar disappointments, but even the hazard of encountering sufferings

and afflictions ten-fold greater and more difficult to surmount.

Having thus explained my object in publishing the following Journal, I will proceed shortly to state the motives which prompted me to embark for the Spanish Main, as also the hopes excited, and the positive promises made by the Independent Agents and their partisans in this country, for the purpose of enticing British officers and others into the service of the South American Patriots; and I trust this statement will not be considered irrelevant, as, by comparing it with the ensuing Journal, the Public will be enabled to judge how far these hopes have been realized, and to what extent good faith has been kept with those who, placing implicit confidence in the honourable performance of stipulated engagements, had consented to unite their fortunes to that of the Independent cause.

It would be absurd to suppose that motives of a nature purely disinterested induced individuals to engage in an enterprise so hazardous and remote ; but although my principal reason for accepting a commission in the service of the South American Patriots, was a sanguine hope of promoting that worldly prosperity in a foreign country, which my utmost exertions in my own had failed to procure; yet no consideration would have prevailed on me to adopt that course, had I conceived it to be one in which a gentleman, a man of honour, and a British subject, could not with consistency engage.

The termination of the late war, and consequent reduction of the British army, compelled me to resign the hopes I had entertained of procuring a commission in the military service of my own country; and the kind and earnest exertions of

my friends having failed to promote my inte

rests in any other capacity, I was led, in the month of September, 1817, seriously to turn my attention towards the contest in South America, as presenting a fertile field for honourable enterprise. At that time the public feeling was warmly interested in the dispute between the Spanish American Provinces, and the mother country ; and the enthusiasm was so general and strong in favour of the Patriot cause, that, exclusive of numerous individuals daily crossing the Atlantic for the avowed purpose of joining their armies, several experienced British officers were actively engaged in the formation of regiments for the same service, who had received from Don Mendez (the accredited Agent of the Independents, in London) the rank of Colonel, and full authority to grant commissions to such gentlemen as they might consider qualified to hold the subordinate ranks in their respective regiments; the

officers to whom I have alluded, acting altogether under the authority, sanction, and guarantee, of Don Mendez, and in every respect governed by his directions.

On learning these particulars, and being personally acquainted with several gentlemen who proposed engaging in the same enterprise, I readily accepted the offer of a friend to procure me an introduction to Colonel Gilmore, who had been appointed by Don Mendez to the command of an intended Artillery Brigade; and my wishes were speedily gratified by receiving from the Colonel a nomination to a First-Lieutenancy in his own corps, with his positive assurance and engagement for the faithful performance of the following conditions:

1st. That on arriving in South America I should retain the rank to which he had thus appointed me.

2dly. That I should from thence receive the full pay and allowances enjoyed

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