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1st. A Brigade of Artillery under the command of Colonel J. A. Gilmore, consisting of five light six-pounders, and one five-and-half-inch howitzer, ten officers and about eighty non-commissioned officers and


embarked on board the Britannia, a fine ship of about four hundred tons burden, commanded by Captain Sharpe, with a crew of twenty-one able and well-conducted seamen. An immense quantity of every description of military stores had been stowed on board this vessel, comprising arms, ammunition, clothing, waggons, and, in fact, every requisite for enabling the brigade to enter upon active service immediately on arriving at its place of destination.

The uniforms and equipments of the officers were extremely rich, very similar to those of the British Artillery, and provided altogether at the expense of the individuals who had accepted commissions in this ill-fated expedition. The equipments of the other corps were likewise in every respect extensive and complete, and the uniforms remarkably rich and costly, more especially in the regiment commanded by Colonel Wilson, one of whose officers informed me that his outfit amounted to upwards of two hundred guineas.

2d. A corps of hussars (called the First Venezuelan Hussars) under the command of Colonel Hippesley, consisting of about thirty officers, and one hundred and sixty · non-commissioned officers and men ; uniform dark-green faced with red. This corps embarked on board the Emerald, a beautiful ship of about five hundred tons, commanded by Captain Weatherly, with a crew of upwards of thirty men and boys.

3d. A regiment of cavalry (called the Red Hussars) under the command of Colonel Wilson, consisting of about twenty officers, and one hundred non-commissioned officers and men. Uniform-full-dress, red and gold; undress, blue and gold. This corps proceeded in the Prince, a vessel of about four hundred tons burden, commanded by Captain Nightingale.

4th. A rifle corps (named the First Venezuelan Rifle Regiment) commanded by Colonel Campbell, consisting of about thirty-seven officers, and nearly two hundred non-commissioned officers and men. Uniform similar to that of the Rifle Brigade in the British service. This

corps embarked on board the Dowson, Captain Dormor, a fine ship about the size of the Britannia.

5th. A corps of Lancers, under the command of Colonel Skeene, comprising, in officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates, about two hundred and twenty men'; who embarked on board the unfortunate ship Indian, and the whole of whom,

together with the crew, perished miserably at sea, being wrecked on the island of Ushant shortly after their departure from England.

These several corps sailed from England at nearly the same time, with the intention of acting conjointly on arriving in South America, and having previous to their departure appointed the islands of Saint Bartholomew and Saint Thomas, as places of general rendezvous, for the purpose of ascertaining the state of affairs on the Spanish Main, and determining the point at which it would be most judicious the disembarkation should take place.

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