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the real or assumed title of " accredited Agents of the South American Patriots," the hollowness of their profession, and notoriety of their want of faith, might possibly render further exertions on their part, comparatively innoxious ;-but several other persons, apparently independent of each other, and all acting, it is understood, without concert or connexion with Don Mendez, are at this moment zealously engaged throughout the United Kingdom, raising extensive bodies of officers and men, avowedly for the service of the Independent Government; and for the purpose (as may be presumed) of giving their proceedings an impressive air of official consequence, occasional levees are actually held in London, at which those desirous of trans-atlantic military fame experience little difficulty in procuring commissions or the promise of receiving them.

For the correctness of the preceding Narrative, I can, in most instances, personally vouch, the events, in general, having passed under my own immediate observation, and their accuracy not now depending on the

mere impression which such circumstances made upon the memory and recollection ; as, from the day of my departure from England, until that of my return, I carefully preserved a written memorial of every occurrence which appeared in the slightest degree interesting or important, with minute particulars of such information as we procured during our erratic voyages amongst the West India islands.

With reference to those parts, which more or less depend upon information, I have not the most distant apprehension of their being in any important particular contradicted ; having, on every occasion, carefully avoided the insertion of any proceedings or intelligence not founded either on general notoriety and undisputed truth, or not received through such channels as justified unqualified confidence and credit.

The accounts which have been introduced of the state of affairs on the Spanish Main, nature of the warfare, 8c., were not the result of mere individual communication, or received from parties biassed and prejudiced against the Patriot cause. They

were, in numerous instances, derived from quarters, in which the feelings and prepossessions were at utter variance with the intelligence—and the universal sentiment throughout the West Indies, and information, through whatever channel procured, were in these respects, too confirmatory to allow the most remote degree of hesitation or doubt.

The very fate of the expedition is almost conclusive evidence of the extraordinary misconception under which the British officers laboured ; and of the illusive and faithless engagements of those persons in England, by whom it was more particularly encouraged and promoted.

It now only remains for me to express a hope that I may not be considered as having too far trespassed upon the public attention, by the occasional introduction of my own opinion and observation. In this respect, however, I have not presumed much upon the patience of the reader, and never with a hostile feeling towards the cause of the Independents. That cause must stand or fall

upon its own insulated merits : confi

dent in its abstract justice, I heartily wish it speedy and perfect success,—but without the sacrifice of British blood, or the compromise of British honour.


Printed by W.CLOWES, Northumberland-court, Strand.






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