Universal History: From the Creation of the World to the Decease of George III., 1820, Volumen6


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Página 72 - In cases of murder, not only the act of killing, but the murderous intent, was submitted to the decision of the jury ; and in trials for felony of every description, the course was the -same.
Página 146 - Ireland; the sixth and seventh provided for the commercial and financial arrangements of the two countries, and the eighth, for the maintenance of laws then in force, and continuance of the courts of judicature. 28. On the first of January, 1801, a royal declaration was issued, regulating the style and titles appertaining to. the Imperial crown of Great Britain and Ireland, with the arms, flags, and ensigns thereof. In these arrangements, the opportunity was judiciously taken of laying aside the...
Página 181 - Altona : .Napoleon, in resentment, meanly refusing to suffer his body to be burred amongst his ancestors. 22. It was during his sojournment in Berlin, November, 1,806, that the French emperor dictated that extraordinary decree, declaring the British islands to be in a state of blockade, though he had no naval force capable of interrupting their commerce in any part of the wond.
Página 254 - ... attained to the throne, and six, who were candidates for it, successively fell victims to the lusts and passions of their semi-barbarous competitors. It was in the reign of Feroksere, who was deposed in 1,717, that the English East India Company obtained the famous firman...
Página 264 - Were, however, the institution to cease from this moment, its salutary effects would yet remain. Good has been done, which cannot be undone. Sources of useful knowledge, moral instruction, and political utility, have been opened to the natives of India, which can never be closed...
Página 138 - ... left their hostility no longer doubtful. The national convention immediately declared war against the king of Great Britain and the stadtholder of Holland, intimating by this artful phraseology that the people of these countries had an interest distinct from their respective sovereigns. 11. It is certain that this declaration of war, if not directly provoked, was by no means unacceptable to the British ministry, and the great body of the aristocracy by...
Página 220 - Percival, was assassinated in the lobby of the house of commons by a merchant named Bellingham, who fancied that his just claims had been neglected by government. The murderer was tried at the Old Bailey, and executed ; but he seemed to feel little remorse for the horrid crime which he had committed.
Página 48 - By this new law it was decreed that the new year should begin on the first day of January, and that eleven intermediate nominal days, between the second and fourteenth days of September, 1752, should for that time be omitted; so that the day succeeding the second should be denominated the fourteenth of that month.
Página 200 - BrTrench garrison of 30.000 men, besides 22,000 sick and wounded, with the French magazines, artillery, and stores. The emperor of Russia, the king of Prussia, and crown prince of Sweden, each at the head of their respective troops, made their entry into the town at different points, after the engagement of the 19th, and met in the great square, amidst the universal acclamations of the people.
Página 210 - FIRST partition of Poland. 15. The little assistance Poland received to ward off the disgrace and misery of this first partition, the extraordinary apathy with which it seemed to be beheld by the other powers of Europe, left little hopes of her regeneration, or escape from the toils into which...

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