Memoirs of the life of ... Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Volumen2


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Página 401 - suam" * He called rhymes also to his aid, as appears by the following : — " An Address to the Prince, 1811. " In all humility we crave Our Regent may become our slave, And being so, we trust that HE . Will thank us for our loyalty. CHAP, which, according to his view, was assumed
Página 265 - to Parliament, still gave it as his " positive opinion that the debts ought to be paid immediately, for the dignity of the country and the situation of the Prince, who ought rot to be seen rolling about the streets, in his state-coach, as an insolvent prodigal." With respect to the promise given in
Página 75 - within. By him, who has not been born among them, this can only be achieved by politics. In that arena which they look upon as their own, the Legislature of the land, let a man of genius, like Sheridan, but assert his supremacy, — at once all these barriers of reserve and pride give way, and he takes, by
Página 472 - in his blankets, to a spunging-house, when Doctor Bain interfered — and, by threatening the officer with the responsibility he must incur, if, as was but too probable, his prisoner should expire on the way, averted this outrage. About the middle of June, the attention and sympathy of the Public were, for the first time,
Página 243 - industriously propagated by many, that all public men are impostors, and that every politician has his price? Or even where there is no principle in the bosom, why does not prudence hint to the mercenary and the vain to abstain a while at least, and wait the fitting of the times ? Improvident
Página 454 - Lord Holland told me a curious piece of 1813> sentimentality in Sheridan. The other night we were all delivering our respective and various opinions on him and other ' homines marquans,' and mine was this: — ' Whatever Sheridan has done or chosen to do has been, par excellence, always the best of its kind. He has written the best comedy (School for Scandal), the best
Página 22 - which I have already taken some successful steps.* Your Royal Highness will, I am sure, have the goodness to pardon the freedom with which I give my opinion ; — after which I have only to add, that whatever Your Royal Highness's judgment decides, shall be the pride of my conduct,
Página 39 - There was then a person in the kingdom, different from any other person that any existing precedents could refer to, — an Heir Apparent, of full age and capacity to exercise the royal power. It behoved them, therefore, to waste not a moment unnecessarily, but to proceed with all becoming speed and diligence to restore the Sovereign power and the exercise of the Royal Authority. From
Página 29 - was represented to Pitt, it might embarrass them either way; particularly as it might call for a public account every day. I think the Chancellor might take a good opportunity to break with his colleagues, if they propose restriction: the Law authority would
Página 58 - Third Branch of the Legislature, and the assent of the King forged to a Bill, in which his incapacity to give either assent or dissent was declared, thus expressed himself:—" But what is to be done when the Crown is in a

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