The Complete Writings of Thomas Say: On the Conchology of the United States

H. Baillière, 1858 - 252 páginas

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Página 68 - Shell heterostrophe, pale yellowish, very fragile, diaphanous, oblong, whorls six or seven; spire tapering, acute at the tip; suture slightly impressed; aperture not dilated, attenuated above, about half as long as the shell; columella much narrowed near the base, so that the view may be partially extended from the base towards the apex.
Página 10 - The Powers of the Creator Displayed in the Creation ; or, Observations on Life amidst the various forms of the Humbler Tribes of Animated Nature ; with Practical Comments and Illustrations. By Sir JOHN GRAHAM DALYELL, Knt.
Página 87 - ... with darker or black lines, setaceous, and longer than the breadth of the rostrum ; beneath immaculate. I found this species in great plenty, inhabiting St. John's river in East Florida, from its mouth to Fort Picolata, a distance of one hundred miles, where the water was potable. It seemed to exist equally well where the water was as salt as that of the ocean, and where the intermixture of that condiment could not be detected by the taste.
Página 148 - ... thousands, and in the small pools left by retreating floods many thousands are always stranded, only to die or become the food of wading birds. LIMNOPHYSA CAPERATA Say. Plate 8, fig. 7. "Shell suboval, a little oblong, obscurely yellowish horn-color; spire half the length of the mouth; apex acute; whorls slightly wrinkled across, and with very numerous, equal, subequidistant, elevated, minute, revolving lines; suture not very deeply impressed; aperture rather dilated; fold of the labium not profound....
Página 69 - Shell tapering, horn-color; volutions about seven, slightly wrinkled; spire towards the apex very much eroded, whitish; body with a large obtuse groove, which is obsolete upon the whorls of the spire in consequence of the revolution of the suture on its inferior margin; this arrangement permits the superior margin of the groove only to be seen on the spire, in the form of an obtuse carina on each of the volutions; aperture bluish white within, with one or two obsolete sanguineous lines; labrum slightly...
Página 114 - Shell heterostrophe, subglobose, pale yellowish; whorls rather more than four, very rapidly attenuated; spire truncated, hardly elevated beyond the general curve of the surface; suture not impressed; aperture but little shorter than the shell, dilated; labrum a little thickened on the inner margin. Length more than one-half of an inch.
Página 45 - Shell horn-color or blackish; whorls four, crossed by minute wrinkles; concave above and beneath, and equally exhibiting the volutions, body generally subcarinate on the margin; lip rounded, and not vaulted above nor thickened; mouth within bluish-white. Breadth one-fifth of an inch.
Página 61 - Shell conic, subumbilicate, dark horn-colored, generally incrusted with a blackish irregular covering on the spire, and sometimes on the body, which completely obscures the obsoletely wrinkled epidermis; aperture ovate-orbicular; suture impressed. "Length, three-twentieths; breadth, one-tenth of an inch.
Página 11 - Breadth one fourth of an inch. Inhabits Florida. Cabinet of the Academy. Animal longer than the breadth of the shell, acute behind, above granulated and blackish* beneath, and each side, white. This we found in the orange groves of Mr. Fatio, on the river St. John, East Florida; it is usually covered with a black, earthy coat, which is probably collected and detained by the hairs. When unincumbered with this vesture, the shell is of a horn colour. It is by no means so common as the preceding species....
Página 47 - Animal bluish-white beneath, with orange clouds each side of the mouth: above pale orange, shaded with dusky and banded with numerous black interrupted lines; mouth advanced into a rostrum as long as the tentacula, which are darker at base, and setaceous; foot with an undulated outline. Var. A. Shell destitute of the rufous bands.

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