Chemical Manipulation: Being Instructions to Students in Chemistry, on the Methods of Performing Experiments of Demonstration Or of Research, with Accuracy and Success

W. Phillips, 1827 - 646 páginas

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Página 63 - A solid immersed in a liquid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the liquid displaced.
Página 127 - This is strikingly shown in an alloy called the " fusible metal," which is composed of 8 parts of bismuth, 5 of lead, and 3 of tin, and melts at 203° F.
Página 116 - Mention has been made above of small plates of clay. They are formed by extending a white refractory clay by blows with the hammer, between the fold of a piece of paper, like gold between skins. The clay and paper, are then cut together with scissars into pieces about 4-lOths of an inch long, and 2J-10ths of an inch wide, and hardened in the fire in a tobacco-pipe.
Página 54 - Now by marking the number of grains of water held by the narrow tube be on a graduated scale attached to it, we can find at once what is the weight of a quantity of water, equal in bulk to the solid matter in the sand ; and by comparing this with the weight of the sand, we have its true specific gravity.
Página 468 - ... of an inch. Being thus luted, the vessels are afterwards to be placed in a warm situation, over the sand-bath or near the ash-pit, or in the sun's rays. They should not be allowed to dry rapidly or irregularly, and should be moved now and then to change their positions. To prevent cracking during desiccation, and the consequent separation of the coat from the vessel, some chemists recommend the introduction of fibrous substances into the lute, so as mechanically to increase the tenacity of its...
Página 441 - ... energy that would have amazed a litter of young pigs. When you climb anywhere near a nest after the young birds have had a good meal, they will begin to " unswallow " as fast as they have gobbled it down. On account of this habit, especially common among night herons, we found it always safe to keep out of the way as much as possible, or at least not approach a nest full of young birds from below. In order to study the life of the herons and get some pictures early in the morning before the wind...
Página 65 - ... also a number of small rings of fine brass wire made in the manner first mentioned by Mr. Lewis, by appending a weight to the wire, and coiling it with the tension of that weight round a thicker brass wire in a close spiral, after which the extremity of the spiral being tied hard with waxed thread, I put the covered wire in a vice, and applying a sharp knife which is struck...
Página 65 - ... the same time on a flat hone, that the extreme surfaces of them may be in the same plane ; and their distance is such that the needle when laid across them rests on them at a small distance from the sides of the beam. They rise above the surface of the table only one and a half or two-tenths of an inch, so that the beam is very limited in its play.
Página 311 - Such a trough is best made of japanned copper, and supported in a wooden frame, so as to stand about 39 inches from the ground. Two depressions like small wells, should be made in the shelf, each about seven inches long, two wide, and one and a half deep ; they should be placed with one of their narrowest ends about one inch and a half from the end of the shelf which is furthest from the tvell, and about eight inches apart.
Página 187 - The alkaline earths are remarkably soluble in solutions of sugar, and also, though to a less degree, in solutions of extract and other vegetable matters : hence they are retained in solution at times in very unexpected situations, and might give rise to much uncertainty in the appearances and characters of other substances, unless the experimenter were aware of the general fact. Platina is not itself soluble in nitric acid, even when spongy and in its most comminuted form, but when alloyed in small...

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