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Omaha, Neb., Sept. 20, 1858. .
To His Excellency W. A. Richardson,

Governor of Nebraska: Sir-In compliance with the requirements of the law specifying the duties of the Territorial Treasurer, I herewith submit a statement of the condition of the Treasury.

It will be seen that five counties only, viz: Dodge, Douglas, Cass, Otoe and Nemaha, have paid any revenue into the Territorial Treasury, and the counties mentioned have not paid in the full amount due from them up to this time.

Complaints have been made by County Treasurers, of inability to collect the Territorial Revenue, on account of the insufficiency of the Revenue Law, and the lack of authority necessary to warrant the proper officers in forcing the sale of property for taxes. Under this state of things, the propriety and the necessity of a stringent Revenue Law can not be doubted, and it is advisable that the Legislature should enact such a law, and make ample provision for carrying it into effect. It is important for the credit and well being of the territory, that its indebtedness should be promptly met, both principal and interest. holders of the territorial warrants are pressing in their demands for payment; and the neglect by former Legislatures of making provision for their payment, bas caused these warrants to be thrown into the market, and sold at rates ruinous to the credit of the Territory, and profitable to the speculator.

The interest due since July 1, 1857, on the loan authorized by the Territory, remains unpaid (with the exception of $55), no funds having been in my hands to meet such payment of interest.

Respectfully submitted,


Territorial Treasurer.

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Territory of Nebraska, in account with W. W. Wyman, Territorial

Treasurer. 1856.


CR. May 14. By amount received of W. Caldwells, Treasurer Cass County,.

$66.30 June 16. By amount received of Isaac Underwood, Treasurer Dodge County,

20.20 do 16. To amount paid I. Underwood, Treasurer, mileage and fees,.

$14.50 do 16. By amount received of W. Hoblitzell, Treasurer Nemaha County,..

30.00 July 1. By amount received of F. R. West on Territorial Bonds,

4000.00 To amount of Warrants redeemed by Loan






DR. Dec. 15. To paid Warrant No. 18, E. L. Sharp,.. $5.00 do 18. do for books for Treasurer's office,.. 5.00 do 8. do drawing Territorial Bonds,....

5.00 1857. Jan. 1.


semi-annual interest on Ter. Bonds, 300.00 Feb. 13. By amount received of J. W. Pearmon, Trea

surer Otoe County,. . July 7. By amount received of Admin. T. G. Good

will, Treasurer Douglas County,.. do

7. To paid semi-annual interest on Ter. Bonds, 300.00 do 18. By amount received of J. W. Pearman, Trea

surer Otoe County,. Aug. 13. By amount received of Admin. T. G. Good

will, Treasurer Douglas County,... Sept. 10. By amount received of J. D. W. Thompson,

Deputy Treasurer Douglas County, ..., do 26. To paid Warrant No. 9, C. B. Smith,

Jan. 4. To paid G. C. Monell on interest due on Ter-
ritorial Bond, Jan. 4, 1858,..

To amount of Warrants in the Treasury,
received of County Treasurers,




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Balance due W. W. Wyman, Treasurer,...

$6097.76 $6097.76


Amount of Warrants redeemed with cash,..
Amount of Warrants received from County Treasurers,






Sept. 15, 1858. Hon. Wm. A. Richardson,

Governor of Nebraska :
Dear Sir–In compliance with your request, I herewith submit for
your examination, the statement of the issue of treasury warrants
from July 11th, 1855, to September 1st, 1858, comprising the total,
amount issued from the organization of the Territory to the present
For expenses incurred during the different sessions of the

Legislature, as firemen, engrossing clerks, indexing
journals, &c., &c.,...

For canvassing election returns and a special messenger
bearing returns, &c., &c.,..



For incidental expenses, hauling guns, rent of arsenal, re

pairing capital, &c.,.
For salaries of Territorial officers, Auditor, Librarian and

For services paid for taking census,
For amount issued to District Attorneys,.

2511.25 2336.25 4913.86

Total amount of warrants'issued,..


Add to the above: Amount of bonds issued by Treasurer according to an act of the Legislature,

4000.00 Amount forward,...

$20648.21 Amount of interest due on bonds, July 1, 1858 (unpaid),.. 545.00

$21193.21 Deduct from the above: Amount of warrants redeemed with cash by Treasurer,

$4180.00 Amount rec'd from County Treasurers for taxes, 1238.26


Total outstanding warrants, bonds, and interest on bonds, $15774.95


The foregoing amount embraces all the debts of the Territory, for which the warrants or other obligations of the Territory have been issued.

The necessity for an efficient and just Revenue Law, is so apparent, that I deem it only necessary for me to allude to the same; your Excellency having, no doubt, duly considered the wants of the Territory in this respect.

As a law will undoubtedly be passed, at the coming session of the Legislature, for the collection of the Revenue of the Territory, which law will not in all probability go into effect before next year, I have thought it proper to call your attention to the unpaid taxes of the present year. The Collectors of the Revenue, in the different counties, complain of the inefficiency of the present law, in aiding them in making their collections; and I would suggest the propriety of passing a special act providing for the collection of the taxes of 1858; or so to amend the present law as to enable them to collect promptly, and pay the funds into the Treasury, to meet the present indebtedness of the Territory. Another matter of great importance, in connection with the foregoing, is, the most of the counties have not been able to procure, from the different Land Officers, a list of all the pre-exempted lands in their respective counties, as they have no correct means of ascertaining the names of the persons entering the lands, and a description of the same, except through the Land Office. I would suggest, that some officer be empowered to procure a full and complete list of all lands that have been entered, giving a description of the same in section, township and range, together with the name of the person entering the same. It could be done at the expense of the Territory, and each county furnished with its list, and charged with its due proportion of the expense.

In conclusion, I wish to call your attention to the present small remuneration in the way of salaries to the Territorial Officers. As the labors of the Treasurer, and Auditor in particular, will be greatly increased by the passage and operations of the new Revenue Law, the present rates of salaries should be so altered as to justify the officers in devoting the time and attention to the wants of the different officers and the interests of the Territory require. All of which is respectfully submitted,


Territorial Auditor.
On motion of Mr. Reeves,
The Joint Convention adjourned.
The House having resumed business,

Mr. Steele moved, that the Chief Clerk be authorized to procure two thousand printed copies of the Governor's Message for the use of the House.

On motion of Mr. Clark,
The motion was laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. Clayes,
The members of the House proceeded to draw for seats.

On motion of Mr. Stewart,
Henry F. Crowell was by acclamation elected Page.

On motion of Mr. Stewart,
The Page was allowed three dollars per day.
The following was received from the Council:

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Sept. 22, 1858. Mr. Speaker:

I am instructed to inform your honorable body, that the Council have adopted the accompanying Joint Resolution, relative to “ Joint Rules," and the concurrence of the House is requested.

S. M. CURRAN, Chief Clerk.

Mr. Marquette offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Sergeant-at-Arms be instructed to make all necessary arrangements with the Postmaster of this city, by which all mail matter directed to members and officers of this House, may be delivered to him,

On motion,
The resolution was adopted.
Mr. Clark offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Secretary of this Territory be instructed to procure the printing of two thousand copies of the Governor's Message, for the use of the House.

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On motion of Mr. Mason,
The resolution was laid on the table.
Mr. Hall offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That this House hold one session each day, and that said session open at nine o'clock A. M., and close at 2 o'clock P. M.

On motion of Mr. Clark,
The resolution was laid on the table.
Mr. Mason offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That this house meet at nine o'clock A. M., and hold but one session each day.

On motion,
The resolution was adopted.
Mr. Rankin offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Territory be requested to lay before this House, any information or instructions which he may have in his possession, relative to the payment of moneys for newspapers for the use of members, postage or public printing, and for the payment of the

per diem of the members and officers of this extra session of the Legislature.

Mr. Daily moved to lay the resolution on the table.

On motion,
The resolution was now adopted.

On motion of Mr. Stewart,
The House adjourned.

THURSDAY, Sept. 23, 1858. House met at nine o'clock A. M. Prayer by the Chaplain. Journal of yesterday read. The Speaker announced the Standing Committees, as follows:

STANDING COMMITTEES. Privileges and Elections_Messrs. Briggs, Marquette, Taffe, Steele and Gwyer.

Ways and Means—Messrs. Daily, Fleming, Rankin, Kline and Seymour.

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