Report Of The Royal Commission On The Care And Control Of The Feebleminded


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Página 146 - ... to establish a defence on the ground of insanity, it must be clearly proved that, at the time of the committing of the act, the party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or, if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong.
Página 436 - Idiots, that is to say, persons so deeply defective in mind from birth or from an early age as to be unable to guard themselves against common physical dangers.
Página 188 - Moral imbeciles; that is to say, persons who from an early age display some permanent mental defect coupled with strong vicious or criminal propensities, on which punishment has had little or no deterrent effect.
Página 333 - Questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present; and in case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
Página xvii - We do by these presents give and grant unto you, or any three or more of you, full power to call before } ou such persons as you shall judge likely to afford you any information upon the subject of this Our Commission ; and also to call for, have access to, and examine all such books, documents, registers and records as may afford you the fullest information on the subject, and to inquire of and concerning the premises by all other lawful ways and means whatsoever.
Página xxiii - And We do by these Presents will and ordain that this Our Commission shall continue in full force and virtue, and that you, Our said Commissioners, or any tkree or more of you, may from time to time proceed in the execution thereof and of every matter and thing therein contained, although the same be not continued from time to time by adjournment. And...
Página 436 - One who is capable of earning a living under favorable circumstances, but is incapable, from mental defect existing from birth, or from an early age, (a) of competing on equal terms with his normal fellows; or, (b) of managing himself and his affairs with ordinary prudence.
Página 352 - ... is deemed to be a lunatic and is not under proper care and control, or is cruelly treated or neglected...
Página xxiii - Our further will and pleasure is that you do, with as little delay as possible, report to Us under your hands and seals, or under the hands and seals of any three or more of you, your opinion upon the matters herein submitted for your consideration.
Página 171 - Her experience in this connection led in 1898 to the setting-up of the Lancashire and Cheshire Society for the Permanent Care of the Feeble-Minded...

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