The Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, Volumen20

"List of geographical works and maps recently published" in vol. 6-11.

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Página 110 - When the eye roves off from the green plain, to the groves, or points of timber, these also are found to be at this season robed in the most attractive hues. The rich undergrowth is in full bloom. The red-bud, the dog-wood, the crab-apple, the...
Página lxxiv - A GENERAL DICTIONARY of GEOGRAPHY, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical : forming a complete Gazetteer of the World. By A. KEITH JOHNSTON, LL.DFRGS Revised to July 1867.
Página lxviii - By the city of London we mean the housing within the walls of the old city, with the liberties thereof, Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and so much of the built ground in Middlesex and Surrey, whose houses are contiguous unto, or within call of those aforementioned.
Página 77 - Sir, It has fallen to my lot to make a discovery of such importance to the civilisation of Africa, that I am anxious my own profession should bear the honour that it may deserve. The discovery consists of a written language of the Phonetic order.
Página 327 - There is a particular tapu existing amongst the Natives relative to the eel. You must wash your hands before going to catch them, and also on returning, and the bait must be prepared some distance from the house. There must be a distinct fire for cooking the eels, for which you must have a special tinderbox ; your hands and mouth must be washed both before and after partaking of them, and, should it be necessary to drink from the same stream from which the eels are Fig. 73.— Eel-killers, Waiksito....
Página 122 - I have the honour to inform you, for the information of the Commander-in-Chief, that, in obedience to orders from his Excellency, dated 14th May last, I proceeded in HMS
Página 110 - ... the avenue, the grove, the copse, which are there produced by art, are here prepared by nature ; a splendid specimen of massy architecture, and the distant view of villages, are alone wanting to render the similitude complete. In the summer the prairie is covered with long coarse grass, which soon assumes a golden hue, and waves in the wind like a ripe harvest.
Página 26 - ... Colonel Bory and the author visited the island in 1829, they were able not only to confirm the truth of Olivier's statement, but also to ascertain, by various soundings, that the rise of the submarine land had continued, and that at the point indicated the depth was not more than four fathoms and a-half.
Página 25 - Rise of a portion of the bottom of the Mediterranean. — M. Theodore Virlet lately addressed a note to the French Academy of Sciences, in which he directed the attention of geologists to the probability of the speedy appearance of a new island in the Grecian Archipelago, in consequence of the progressive rise of a sunken solid rock (composed of trachytic obsidian ?) in the gulf of the volcano of Santorin. The following are the author's observations on this subject : — " Towards the end of the...
Página xlix - ... but as far as a man can be certain, who has one hundred and thirty pair of eyes to assist him, and all agreeing, I am certain we have discovered an extensive land. I think, also, it is more than probable that these peaks we saw are a continuation of the range of mountains seen by the natives off Cape Jakan (coast of Asia...

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