Howard's Practice Reports in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of New York, Volumen57


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Página 179 - That the constitution and all laws of the United States which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the s*ame force and effect within the said territory of Nebraska as elsewhere within the United States...
Página 412 - By the constitution of the United States the president is invested with certain important political powers, in the exercise of which he is to use his own discretion, and is accountable only to his country in his political character, and to his own conscience.
Página 232 - All lands within this State are declared to be allodial, so that, subject only to the liability to escheat, the entire and absolute property is vested in the owners according to the nature of their respective estates.
Página 441 - In either of the following cases, a final judgment may be enforced by execution: 1. Where it is for a sum of money, in favor of either party ; or directs the payment of a sum of money.
Página 232 - The people of this State, in their right of sovereignty, are deemed to possess the original and ultimate property in and to all lands within the jurisdiction of the State...
Página 412 - ... what is there in the exalted station of the officer which shall bar a citizen from asserting in a court of justice his legal rights, or shall forbid a court to listen to the claim, or to issue a mandamus directing the performance of a duty not depending on executive discretion, but on particular acts of congress and the general principles of law...
Página 412 - It is not by the office of the person to whom the writ is directed, but the nature of the thing to be done, that the propriety or impropriety of issuing a mandamus is to be determined.
Página 238 - Any woman who might lawfully be naturalized under the existing laws, married, or who shall be married, to a citizen of the United States, shall be deemed and taken to be a citizen.
Página 236 - Every devise of any interest in real property, to a person who, at the time of the death of the testator, shall be an alien, not authorized by statute to hold real estate, shall be void. The interest so devised, shall descend to the heirs of the testator ; if there be no such heirs competent to take, it shall pass under his will to the residuary devisees therein named, if any there be, competent to take such interest.
Página 72 - ... jointly and severally liable to the corporation, and to the creditors thereof, in the event of its dissolution...

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