english and scottish ballads


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Página 70 - Up then crew the red, red cock, And up and crew the gray; The eldest to the youngest said,
Página 128 - My maids, gae to my dressing-room. And dress to me my smock ; The one half is o the holland fine, The other o needle-work.
Página 249 - I hae been to the wild wood; mother, make my bed soon, For I'm weary wi hunting, and fain wald lie down.
Página 116 - Rise up, rise up, now, Lord Douglas,' she says, 'And put on your armour so bright; Let it never be said that a daughter of thine Was married to a lord under night. 'Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, And put on your armour so bright, And take better care of your youngest sister, For your eldest's awa the last night.
Página 156 - O dinna ye mind, young man," said she, "When ye was in the tavern a drinking, That ye made the healths gae round and round, And slighted Barbara Allan?" He turnd his face unto the wall, And death was with him dealing: "Adieu, adieu, my dear friends all, And be kind to Barbara Allan.
Página 250 - For I'm weary wi hunting, and fain wald lie down." " OI fear ye are poisond, Lord Randal, my son! OI fear ye are poisond, my handsome young man!
Página 125 - LORD Thomas and fair Annet Sate a' day on a hill ; Whan night was cum, and sun was sett, They had not talkt their fill. Lord Thomas said a word in jest, Fair Annet took it ill : " A' I will nevir wed a wife Against my ain friends will.
Página 156 - He sent his man down through the town, To the place where she was dwelling; " O haste and come to my master dear, Gin ye be Barbara Allan.
Página 144 - And there they tyed in a true lovers knot, Which made all the people admire. Then came the clerk of the parish, As you the truth shall hear, And by misfortune cut them down, Or they had now been there. V. BARBARA ALLEN'S CRUELTY Given, with some corrections, from an old black-letter copy, intitled, ' Barbara Allen's cruelty, or the young man's tragedy.
Página 212 - I'll make a garland of thy hair Shall bind my heart for evermair Until the day I die. O that I were where Helen lies! Night and day on me she cries; Out of my bed she bids me rise, Says, "Haste and come to me!

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