Proceedings of the Canadian Institute, Volumen3

Copp, Clark & Company, 1886

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Página 32 - But Knowledge to their eyes her ample page, Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er unroll : Chill Penury repressed their noble rage, And froze the genial current of their soul.
Página 278 - President, in the Chair. The Minutes of last Meeting were read and confirmed.
Página 101 - The Canadian Journal ; a Repertory of Industry, Science and Art ; and a Record of the Proceedings of the Canadian Institute.
Página 101 - Lo, the rain is over and gone, and the time of the singing of birds is come.
Página 70 - That the Conference proposes to the Governments here represented the adoption of the meridian passing through the centre of the transit instrument at the Observatory of Greenwich, as the initial meridian for longitude.
Página 63 - But, whatever criticisms might be justified by the ambitious title of "the Association for the Reform and Codification of the Laws of Nations...
Página 54 - Time-reckoning and the selection of a prime meridian to be common to all nations...
Página 3 - Greenwich as the starting point whence longitude is to be computed through one hundred and eighty degrees eastward and westward, and upon the adoption, for all purposes for which it may be found convenient, of a universal day which shall begin at midnight on the initial meridian 'and whose hours shall be counted from zero up to twenty-four.
Página 48 - James's men shall understand What Cornish men can do. And have they fixed the -where and when ? And shall Trelawney die ? Here's twenty thousand Cornish men Will know the reason why.
Página 101 - Comparative Vocabularies of the Indian Tribes of British Columbia, by W. Fraser Tolmie and George M. Dawson, 1884.

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