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fails to be, sooner or later, the most hated or the most despised.

Let us consider also, that Sincerity is a Duty no less plain than important : that our Consciences require it of us, and reproach us for every Breach of it: that the Light of Nature taught it the very Heathens, though imperfectly, as it did every Thing else ; and that Scripture abounds with the strictest Precepts of it, and strongest Motives to it. There we learn, that the Devil is a Liar, and by Means of lying was a Murderer, from the Beginning; involved our whole Race in Sin and Misery by one Falsehood, and practises the same Arts upon as many, as he can, to this Day. Thus is he the Father of Liars : and, if we are such, we are of our Father the Devil, and the Lufts of our Father we do k. But the distinguished Character of God is, that he cannot lie! : and we ought to be holy, as he is holy ". The blessed Jesus too is the faithful and true Witnefs", who did no Sin, neither was Guile found in his Moutho; who for this Cause came into the World, that he

should bear Witness to the Truth P,

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and laid down his Life to redeem us from all Iniquity. Therefore since Chrif our Pasover is sacrificed for us, let us keep the Feast, not with the Leaven of Malice and Wickedness, but with the unleavened Bread of Truth and Sincerity"; and speaking the Truth in Love, grow up into bim in all Things, which is the Head, even Christ'. Again, the Spirit of Grace' is the Spirit of Truth also, whose Office is to guide us into all Truthu. Faith and Truth are amongst bis Fruits win those who are regenerated by him. And the Wisdom, which is from above, is without Hypocrisy *. Lie not therefore one to another, seeing that ye have put of the old Man with his Deeds ; and have put on the new Man, which is renewed in Knowledge, after the Image of him that created him ý. Nor doth this appear, in the Word of God, to be more our Duty, than our Interest in Respect of both Worlds. For in the present, what Man is be, that lusteth to live, and would sain see good Days? Keep thy Tongue from Evil; and thy. Lips, that they speak no Guile z. And as to the

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next, If any Man seem to be religious, and bridleth not his Tongue, this Man's Religion is vain. All Liars shall have their Part in the Lake, which burneth with Fire and Brimstone b. And there fall in no wife enter into the new Jerusalem any Thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh Abomination, or maketh a Liec.

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LUKE xxi. 19,


Patience polefs ye your Souls.
HE unpleasant Things which befall us,
in one Part or another of this

Life, are so many; and the Impressions, which they make upon us, are commonly so strong; that being affected by them no otherwise, than we ought, constitutes a large and difficult Part of our Duty : which therefore I fall endeavour to explain and recommend to you in several Discourses. And as some Things are immediately and necessarily uneasy to us, and fome only by Means of needless and unreasonable Reflections and Comparisons of our own State with what others are, or with what we might have been : I shall speak at present of bearing what we cannot but feel disagreeably, with Composure, which is usually called Pa4


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