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St. Peter, when he commanded the Family of Cornelius ta be baptized' in the Name of the Lordk ; that is, by Virtue of his Commission to baptize all Nations. Till that Day, the Apostles had understood this only concerning Jews and Profelytes of all Nations. But now, St. Peter being sent by express Revelation to Cornelius, a Gentile ; and perceiving, in the Midst of his Discourfe to Him and his Friends, that, on their believing, the Holy Ghost was fallen upon them', Gentiles as they were ; after some Aftonishment, he argues very justly, Can any Man forbid Water, that these would not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost, as well as we? And be commanded them to be baptized in the Name of the Lord; that is, in pursuance of our Saviour's general Direction.

But though the Expression in the Text uns doubtedly implies this Meaning, yet it comprehends a further one. For the Phrase tran- , slated in the Name, is different from that in the Paffage relating to St. Peter, and signifies in Strictness, INTO the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost : which Word, into, the New :

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A&ts x. 48.

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v. 47, 48.


Teftament uses nine Times besides n in speaking of Baptifm, whereas it uses á Word fignifying, in, at moft, but once besides'. The particular Import of this Term, I shall now explain to you.

It hath ever been usual, that the Believers or Professors of any Doctrine should be called by a Name, derived from the first or chief Teacher of that Doctrine. And by whatever Form or Ceremony they declared themselves his Difciples, by the same they were understood to † Acts viii. 16. xix. 32 5. Rom. vi. 3.

i Cor. i. 13, 15. X. 2. xii. 13. Gal. iii. 27.

• Acts ii. 38; where the Preposition is €71. Now, eti Ta ovojlatt appears to signify the fame thing as gp 7W Dvojatt. Matth. xxiv. 5. Mark ix. 39, xiii. 6. Luke ix. 49, xxi. 8. A&s iv. 18, v. 28, 40. Eri TW ovopati fignifies also for the Sake of, or from Regard to ; Matth. xviii. 5. Mark ix. 37. Luke ix. 48 ; and so doth €15 7o ovojla, Matth. X. 41, 42; as doth duy. Thus the Samaritans circumcised' their Children D'17: 77 ou into the Name of Mount Gerizim. Avoda Sara, Fol. 27.1. in Schoetg. Hor. Heb. in Matth, xxviii, 20; i.e. devoted him to the Worfoip there instituted; of which Schwarzius, in his Exercitationes in Pent. Sam. Witemb. 1756, p. 51, faith the Explanation is (as he cites it from the Talmudical Book, pogon nooy Edzardi Ed. Hamb. 1710, p. 42) that they cir.77124 77'y in or into the Name of the Image on the Top of Maunt Gerizim, which Image they worship, and circumcise their Children Ting TV01 005 in, or into, the Name of this Dove. The only Places where the Phrase ets To ovopa occurs besides, are, John i. 12, ï. 23, iii. 18, 1 John v. 13; where the Phrase is FI5EVELY ENG To ovojla ; and Matth. xviii. 20. ruiny llevof ELS TO Suor Ovo jedlo

Here some understand it, for my Sake; others to pray in my Name, others by Virtue of my Command,

לשם דמות בראש הר גריזים ועוברין cumcised them

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take upon them his Name. Thus the Jews,
when, taking Moses for their Prophet and
Guide, they followed him into the Midst of the
Red Sea, are said by St. Paul, in Allusion to
the Water through which they passed, to have
been baptized into Moses P: which is equivalent
to saying, that they were baptized into the
Name of Moses. Not that in Fact the Jews
called themselves by his Name, as the several
Sects of Philosophers did by the Names of
their several Leaders. For the Doctrine, which
Mofes taught, was not his own : and the Obe-
dience, which he required, was not to him-
felf; but to God, the Maker of Heaven and
Earth. And therefore, when the Jews were
thus baptized into Moses, they were at the
same Time, in a much higher Sense, baptized
into the Name of God: taking that
as an Acknowledgement of their being His :
for Servants are known by the Name of their
Lord. In Scripture therefore God himself
stiles them, My People, which are called by my
Name. And they plead with him, We are
called by thy Name, leave us not r: and else-
where declare, All People will walk every one

4 2 Chr. vii. 14. Jer. xiv. 9.
In the Hebrew it is, Thy Name is called over us.

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upon them,

Di Cor. x. 2.


in the Name of his God: and we will walk in the Name of the Lord our God for ever and ever s. As then the Moabites were called by the Name of their God, the People of Chemosh'; and the other idolatrous Nations in like Manner; so were the Israelites called by the Name of the true God. And whoever by Baptism, amongst other Ceremonies, professed himself a Convert to Judaism, he was, properly speaking, baptized into the fame Name.

When therefore the Christian Religion was published ; as Profelytes to the old Dispensation had been baptized into Mofes, taking Him for their Lawgiver and Instructor : so Believers in the New were baptized into Christ, receiving Him for their Lord and Master. And as the former were in Effect baptized into the Name of the one true God, assuming the Denomination of his Servants : so the latter, being more fully instructed concerning the Object of Worship, were professedly and in Form baptized into the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost : taking this Name upon them, to believe in and obey for the future, as their Badge of Distinction from all other Men. Whence our Saviour, in his Numb. xxi. 29. Jer. xlviii. 46.


s Mic. iv. 5.


Prayer for his Disciples, faith to the Father, While I was with them in the World, I kept them in tby Name : Holy Fatber, keep through thine own Name those whom thou hast given me ". And in his Exhortation to the Angel of the Church of Pergamos, he saith, Thou holdeft faft my Name, and haft not denied


Faith.w. It must be acknowledged indeed, that being baptized into the Name of these three, is no where expressly mentioned, except in the Text. But then the more usual Phrafe, of being baptized into Christ, or into His Name, amounts to just the fame Thing. For by bearing the Name of Christians, we declare ourselves Believers, not in Chrift alone ; but in the Father, of whom, to use the Apostle's Words, the whole Family in Heaven and Earth is named *; and in the Holy Spirit also: whose Name appears evidently never to have been omitted in Baptism, from that remarkable Paffage , where some Profeffors of the Gospel owning that they were intirely ignorant concerning the Holy Ghost, St. Paul asks them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And finding it was only into the Baptism of John, commands them to u John xvii. 11, 12.

* Eph. iii. 15. Ý Acts xix. 1, 2, 3.


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w Rev. ii. 13

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