Victorian enigmas, or, Windsor fireside researches

Lockwood, 1861 - 101 páginas

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Página 104 - A very charming little book The volume does not contain a chapter from which something may not be learnt, and, as we had every right to expect, from the names upon its title-page, it evinces a vast amount of elegant and discursive reading, We can strongly and conscientiously recommend it to those parents and friends who, in making a present, consult not only the gratification, but also the benefit of the recipients, who will we feel assured, at any season, on receiving it, mentally wish themselves...
Página 108 - Is. cloth. La Bagatelle; intended to introduce Children of five or six years old to some knowledge of the French Language. Revised by Madame NL New Edition, with entirely New Cuts. 18mo.
Página 107 - Every part of the Sacred Writings deserves our deepest attention and research, but all, perhaps, may not be equally adapted to the purposes of meditation and reflection. Those, therefore, who are in the constant habit of consulting the Bible will not object to a selection of some of its most sublime and impressive passages, arranged and classed ready at once to meet the eye.
Página 107 - The Beauty Of Holiness ; or, The Practical Christian's Daily Companion : being a Collection of upwards of Two Thousand Reflective and Spiritual Passages, remarkable for their Sublimity, Beauty, and Practicability ; selected from the Sacred Writings, and arranged in Eighty-two Sections, each comprising a different theme for meditation. By the Editors of "Truths Illustrated by Great Authors.
Página 106 - Any one who reads and remembers Mr. Timbs's encyclopaedic varieties should ever after be a good table talker, an excellent companion for children, a " wellread person,'' and a proficient lecturer; for Mr.
Página 107 - Dictionary of nearly Four Thousand Aids to Reflection, Quotations of Maxims, Metaphors, Counsels, Cautions, Proverbs, Aphorisms, &c. &c. In Prose and Verse. Compiled from the Great Writers of all Ages and Countries.
Página 106 - CONTENTS. — Old English Manners, Ceremonies, and Customs ; Meals and Housewifery; Herbs and Fruit. Punch and Judy, Old Plays, Pageants, and Music. Laws, Legal Customs, Privileges, and Dignities. Money. Weights, and Measures. Home Proverbs, Sayings, and Phrases. Phenomena of 'Life and Death. Funeral Ceremonies. A Chapter of Weather- Wisdom. Pictures, and the C»re of them. Domestic Science, &c. Curiosities Of London ; with nearly Fifty Tears
Página 106 - Popular Work on Painting. PAINTING POPULARLY EXPLAINED; with Historical Sketches of the Progress of the Art. By THOMAS JOHN GULLICK, Painter, and JOHN TIMES, FSA Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged.
Página 107 - The Philosophy of William Shakespeare ; delineating, in Seven Hundred and Fifty Passages selected from his Plays, the Multiform Phases of the Human Mind. With Index and References. Collated, Elucidated, and Alphabetically arranged, by the Editors of 'Truths Illustrated by Great Authors.
Página 107 - Beauties," or any other volume of Shakespearian selections. Songs of the Soul during its Pilgrimage Heavenward : being a New Collection of Poetry, illustrative of the Power of the Christian Faith ; selected from the Works of the most eminent British, Foreign, and American Writers, Ancient and Modern, Original and Translated. By the Editors of " Truths Illustrated by Great Authors,

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