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or work itself, nor do any of the letters preserved allude to any such modifications.

We must therefore judge them by their intrinsic merit, and by this criterion we can only decide that they cannot be attributed to Colden.

Dr. Colden extended the Introduction, but, as will be seen by the few annexed notices of alterations, elsewhere the work was retrenched. This would not be naturally the course of the author, and on examination these retrenchments are chiefly offIndian names, speeches and the like. Dr. Colden would not exclude names, which gave his history accuracy, exactness and point, nor omit the speeches to which he refers so diftinctly in his preface; but we can well imagine that the London publisher, beginning with a view to economize, would propose to reduce speeches, in which he could see no remarkable beauty, or omit names which he could not pronounce.

The following are some of the changes made:

In the Preface, p. vii, the words "and my endeavoring” to tħe close of the first

paragraph are omitted.

" And this collection” down to “will be,” omitted and altered.


The first sentence in the third para

graph altered. P. viii. “I must confess” to “designedly,"

omitted. ix. “For the Indians,” altered and not im


“The History of Indians,” altered. x. “Various” changed to “curious.”

“this first Attempt of the Kind in this Country, with more than usually favorable allowances,” altered to “this first Attempt of this Kind, with more than usual allowances.'

“The first part” to the end, with the

signature, omitted. xi. “By the Dutch living in the Province

of New York,” omitted. xii. “But the French,” &c., omitted. The

remark is, however, valuable as showing how, while the French had begun to confound Wyandot and Teonontate, the distinction between the two was observed at New York.

In the Indian name for Lake Huron the word Quatoghe is omitted after Car matare, making it nonsense.

“The Island,” &c., note after New York omitted.

“Nadouesliaux-Naduisseks,” omitted.

" Onnontio

“Onnontio-Yonnondio,” &c., omitted.

“The Dutch of this place,” &c.

Note on Albany omitted. xiii. “Under this,” &c., omitted.

Wagunhas altered to “ Dewagunhas,” and rest of note omitted.

The note at the foot of the vocabulary on the dialects and French and

English notation, omitted. xiv. Verbal alterations in first paragraph. xv. “But it is probable" to "theirs,” omit

ted. It is important as showing early English knowledge of the mode in which the League grew up;

After “ Sachems,” the words “ “or old men,” are incorrectly introduced.

After “Republick, by itself,” several

words are introduced. xvi. “If they should once,” omitted, and

the two following paragraphs transferred so as to follow the citation from De la Potherie, and a statement inserted as to the Creeks.

“As I am fond "-whole paragraph omitted, and new matter introduced, ex

tending to several pages. 1. The opening paragraph is altered, the opening being changed, the Indian

name of the League omitted : “the Dutch

settled much

settled New York,” altered to “pofsessessed themselves of New Netherlands,

now called New York.” 3, 4, 5. These pages are almost entirely

omitted, and the brief statement less

accurate than the original. 6. Retired to the south of Cadarackui

Lake,” altered to “fly to the Banks of the Lakes.” New matter is intro

duced into the London edition. 7. The account of Champlain's battle on

Lake Champlain is altered,
abridged, and errors introduced. The
original has, “Mr. Champlain made
his men keep their Canoes at some dif-
tance,” &c., showing that he and his
allies remained on the lake, which agrees
with Champlain, while the London edi-
tion says incorrectly “both sides went

ashoar." 10. The sentence beginning “ It has been,”

entirely omitted. 11. Indian words are omitted as Saffakue, p.

11, or misspelt as Wabmache, given as Wabmake ; Yonnondio, as Yonnendio; Utawawas, as Atawawas; Saguenay, as Saquenay; to cite the errors that catch the eye on one single page (29) of the London edition.

On the next page, Ilinois becomes Hinois; p. 27, Mahikanders becomes Mahikindars; p. 31, Susquehanna becomes Sulguehana; p.


57, Odianne, Cadianne. 24. "This Expedition.” This whole para

graph is entirely altered. 28. The sentence beginning “In the year

1667" is in part omitted, and the whole matter concerning La Salle on pages

28, 29 is omitted. 31. After the word “ Calamity,” nearly half a

page is introduced in the English edition. 32–35. The speech of Swerisse is omitted

and a brief abstract only given. 36–37: Speech omitted and substance only

given. 40. The important clause “Corlaer's Lim

its,” omitted, and several others. 41. The names of Jehonongera and Kanoh.

guage omitted.

43-47. Speeches given only in abstract. 58. “Let the river be secure,” &c., omitted.

Affarigoa is substituted for My Lord, throughout. These few references will convince the reader that the original edition of Colden has no little value, and in the grave

doubt that must exist as to the extent in which Dr. Colden contributed to the alterations which appear in the London edition must rank as vastly superior to it.


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