British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volumen48


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Página 285 - A SYSTEM of SURGERY, Theoretical and Practical. In Treatises by Various Authors.
Página 73 - Physiology when it imports into its interpretations a psychical factor — a factor which no physical research whatever can disclose, or identify, or get the remotest glimpse of.
Página 304 - According to this hypothesis, every unit or cell of the body throws off gemmules or undeveloped atoms, which are transmitted to the offspring of both sexes, and are multiplied by selfdivision. They may remain undeveloped during the early years of life or during successive generations; and their development into units or cells, like those from which they were derived, depends on their affinity for, and union with other units or cells previously developed in the due order of growth.
Página 427 - THE CHANGE OF LIFE IN HEALTH AND DISEASE: a Practical Treatise on the Nervous and other Affections incidental to Women at the Decline of Life. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 6s.
Página 446 - We strongly recommend the original article to the attention of those of our readers who are interested in the subject.
Página 21 - Analogue, a part or organ in one animal which has the same function as another part or organ in a different animal.

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