Historical Tales, the Romance of Reality: American

J.B. Lippincott, 1898 - 328 páginas

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Página 228 - OUR band is few but true and tried, Our leader frank and bold; The British soldier trembles When Marion's name is told.
Página 228 - Well knows the fair and friendly moon The band that Marion leads,— The glitter of their rifles, The scampering of their steeds.
Página 86 - Drum, drum, I say,' and turning to his excellency, said, 'If I am interrupted again I will make the sun shine through you in a moment.
Página 96 - But the Great Being above allowed it to be a place of residence for us ; so, fathers, I desire you to withdraw, as I have done our brothers the English ; for I will keep you at arm's length.
Página 88 - I set out however in a boat for Amboy, leaving my chest and things to follow me round by sea. In crossing the bay, we met with a squall that tore our rotten sails to pieces, prevented our getting into the Kill, and drove us upon Long Island.
Página 96 - Fathers, you, in former days, set a silver basin before us, wherein there was the leg of a beaver, and desired all the nations to come and eat of it, — to eat in peace and plenty, and not to be churlish to one another ; and that if any such person should be found to be a disturber, I here lay down by the edge of the dish a rod, which you must scourge them with ; and if your...
Página 90 - By this means he set many of the facts in a very ridiculous light, and might have hurt weak minds if his work had been published; but it never was. At his house I lay that night, and the next morning reach'd Burlington, but had the mortification to find that the regular boats were gone a little before my coming, and no other expected to go before Tuesday, this being Saturday...
Página 205 - in the expectation that you have some one in your corps, who is willing to undertake a delicate and hazardous project. Whoever comes forward will confer great obligations upon me personally, and, in behalf of the United States, I will reward him amply. No time is to be lost ; he must proceed, if possible, to-night. I intend to seize Arnold, and save Andre.
Página 90 - They took me in, and, as there was no wind, we row'd all the way ; and about midnight, not having yet seen the city, some of the company were confident we must have passed it, and would row no farther...
Página 149 - Two darling sons, and a brother, have I lost by savage hands, which have also taken from me forty valuable horses, and abundance of cattle. Many dark and sleepless nights have I been companion for owls, separated from the cheerful society of men, scorched by the summer's sun, and pinched by the Winter's cold, an instrument ordained to settle the wilderness.

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